SMA Offers Free Module-Level Monitoring for Micro Inverter

September 26, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

sunny boy energy manageSMA is now offering free monitoring for life for its Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters purchased during 2014 in North America. The offer is active for the inverter’s entire lifecycle. This monitoring package includes the Sunny Multigate-US and Sunny Portal.

The Sunny Multigate-US provides reliable, distortion-free communication between the Sunny Boy 240-US and Sunny Portal by keeping the powerline communications on a private band. This allows the Sunny Portal web-based PV monitoring platform to provide real-time data. Advances in module-level monitoring data provide a granular look at system performance and allows swift correction should there be an issue with an individual panel.

SMA says some other manufacturers charge upwards of $249 for module-level monitoring.

The Sunny Boy 240-US is ideal for systems and rooftops with complex, shaded situations, providing improved cabling that eliminates the need for a trunk and branch cabling scheme.

Photo courtesy of SMA America and SMA Canada

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