SMA Wins 17.5 MW Inverter Order for Commercial PV Installations

February 5, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Sunny Tripower TL-USSoCore Energy, a solar development company, has selected SMA to supply 17.5 MW of commercial-scale inverters. SoCore chose the Sunny Tripower TL-US three-phase, transformerless inverter for 44 solar PV commercial projects nationwide.

End users include movie theaters, shipping and retail chains. Located in six states across the US, the installations will have an average system size of 410 kW and will be powered by the Sunny Tripower 20000TL-US and 24000TL-US. All of the projects will be online by early this year.

Last week SMA said it is anticipating a difficult fiscal year 2015, a decline in sales and layoffs of about 1,600 employees by June, reports SolarNovus. SMA cited pricing pressure in the global market with a decline in demand in Europe. The company does expect solar markets outside of Europe to continue to grow.

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