Smart Lighting in Parking Garage Nets 3 Month ROI

November 20, 2012 By Linda Hardesty

Real estate developer Belz Enterprises is installing vapor tight florescent fixtures equipped with Green Ballast’s patented fluorescent light ballasts in a structured parking garage facility in Memphis, Tenn. The new fixtures will reduce electric lighting usage in the facility by up to 72 percent per year, with Belz receiving a payback on its investment in less than three months for fixtures which have a ten year life expectancy.

The new ballasts are a direct replacement for the existing standard ballasts and adjust power consumption for each lighting fixture, while measuring and harvesting available daylight to calculate and provide only the amount of needed electricity for proper lighting, which is important in parking garages where the lights are on 24/7, and electricity is a major component of the owner or operator’s costs.

Green Ballast’s product is plug and play, with controls in each ballast.

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