SmartSensor Uses LoRa Long Distance Wireless

October 5, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

smartsensorSmartSensor Labs is offering what it describes as “a highly granular energy management solution” that aims to provide device- and plant-level ROI. The press release says that SmartSensor will provide data on precisely how much energy a device is consuming.

The sensor, the release says, is self-powered by the magnetic field and therefore needs no batteries. It uses LoRa, a long-range wireless technology, to communicate. The press release says that LoRa has a far wider range than the communications technologies with which it competes. The short-term goal is to use the technology in private networks in which a single LoRa gateway covers a number of buildings in a campus environment.

Wireless technology – both short- and long-range – will be a key element of building management systems as Internet of Things (IOT) sensors explode in numbers.

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