‘Snap Together’ Solar System Increases Output from Roofs

September 17, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

solarcity energy manageSolarCity unveiled a flat roof solar mounting system – ZS Peak – that it says is twice as fast to install and can generate significantly more solar electricity from commercial rooftops.

Like SolarCity’s Zep residential solar systems, ZS Peak provides a snap-together system to simplify and accelerate installation. SolarCity estimates that ZS Peak can increase generation capacity on flat roof buildings by 20-50 percent per building and do so without requiring any penetrations.

The system’s dense, east-west layout structure will allow SolarCity to fit up to 20 percent more solar panels on standard roofs and up to 50 percent more panels on lightweight roofs, such as those commonly found on warehouses. The increase in panels per roof is particularly valuable in the commercial market, as conventional flat-roof solar systems typically power less than half of a commercial building’s load.

Solar City says ZS Peak’s east-west orientation also captures peak power production throughout a longer period of the day. By lengthening power production time and eliminating the typical mid-day spike of standard solar systems, SolarCity can also make more efficient use of solar inverters to further reduce costs for customers.

ZS Peak also improves on the aerodynamics of conventional systems so that it can be installed as a lightweight system on many roofs that would otherwise require the solar panels to be bolted down.

SolarCity is currently installing its first project with ZS Peak and expects to begin installing the product in volume in January.

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