Software Ensures Emergency Power Works When Needed

July 9, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

MurataMurata Energy Solutions Americas announced its new PowerConnect Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS), developed exclusively for the automated generator and automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitoring and testing market.

As background, emergency onsite generating assets are a critical piece of facility equipment and provide an invaluable service when called upon, but the generators and ATSs need to operate when there is that demand. However, Murata says statistics show that EPSS systems fail to operate in almost 30 percent of these crucial times. PowerConnect EPSS provides users with information regarding generating assets, as well as the ATSs, to improve the reliability of the information and control system.

PowerConnect EPSS combines a cloud-based platform with industrial wireless technology to automate the monitoring and testing of both generators and ATSs. When problems occur, PowerConnect EPSS has the ability to send emails or text messages alerting users of the issue and also has a rules engine that allows users to have the Murata solution send commands to the equipment to stop the generator or switch an ATS to reduce the load.

PowerConnect EPSS also automates, records, and reports tests of the generators and ATSs. The process adheres to the Joint Commission and EPA rules and regulations.

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