Solar Install Made Challenging by Slate Roof

February 11, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Portland College - EvoEnergy solar installation 2Portland College in the UK has reduced its energy bills by 15 percent with a new 186 kW rooftop solar array installed by EvoEnergy.

The 772-panel system is installed on six rooftops at the college where it will generate an estimated 143,174 kWh per year of the college’s needs for 1.2 million kWh per year.

According to EvoEnergy, the job was quite complex, spread out across six differently sized roofs; each with separate electrical systems. The roofs were covered in a variety of materials including cambrian slate, a notoriously difficult material for PV companies to work with. EvoEnergy’s solution was to cut the cambrians and fit the roof brackets first, before using lead flashing to maintain the water tightness of the roof and avoid any tile damage during the installation.

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