Solar Systems Shelves Australian CVP Plant

August 20, 2014 By Karen Henry

australia flag-energy-manageQuestions about the Australian government’s commitment to clean energy, along with lower wholesale power prices, have led Solar Systems to scrap its plan to build a 100-MW plant in Victoria, Australia, Bloomberg reports.

The Mildura plant was designed to use concentrating photovoltaic technology (CPV), which concentrates sunlight on solar panels using lenses and mirrors, thereby multiplying the amount of power the panels can generate. It would have been the world’s largest solar power plant of its kind.

Australia’s commitment to clean energy came into question when Dick Warburton, who leads Australia’s clean energy goals, expressed doubts about the human contribution to global warming. In addition, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott asked Warburton to consider doing away with the country’s clean energy target, according to Bloomberg.

Conditional funding of $70 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and $32 million from the Victorian government was also terminated.

A 1.5-MW demonstration project in Mildura began feeding electricity to the grid in June 2013. Solar Systems is exploring alternatives to develop the Mildura site on a smaller scale.

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