Solar Voltaics Growing Rapidly

March 31, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

rooftop solar Energy ManageA study by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has concluded that almost 40 percent of electricity needed by the United States could come from solar photovoltaics.

The study, according to a report on the research at Greentech Media, suggests that 1.118 gigawatts could be produced. That would almost double the last estimate, made in 2008, of 664 GW. The growth, the report says, is due to increased modular density, better data and a firmer grasp of buildings’ ability to accommodate solar. The report only looks at rooftop systems. Other sources, such as ground-based or those mounted on car ports, would add to the total.

The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission has approved an application from National Grid to launch the SolarWise Rhode Island website. It is aimed at enabling customers to research photovoltaics and earn incentive bonuses.

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