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Solite Brings Sunlight to Interior Spaces

February 12, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

With Solite’s patented lighting technology, multi-vessel rooftop arrays gather daylight and transport it directly into building interiors.

The lighting system is designed specifically for commercial, industrial, and institutional interiors. The Solite hybrid technology:

  • Transmits high intensity sunlight to multiple interior light fixtures;
  • Incorporates advanced energy storage with energy management (real-time and historical performance monitoring and over-the-Internet firmware updating from a PC anywhere in the world);
  • Employs non-traditional, tangential utilization of photovoltaics – for specific aspects of systems support –rather than as a primary source of energy generation;
  • Employs low voltage control and DC architecture in switching, dimming, occupancy and daylight-sensing and light-balancing capabilities;
  • Offers interface options for control integration with facilities management software platforms;
  • Powers all interior fixtures with built-in redundancies.

Solite installed its first operational system at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix in 2012, and the company is currently engaging a limited number of diverse clients to participate in the rollout of its 2013 pilot program planned for the second quarter of 2013.

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