St. Louis University Pledges to Reduce Energy 20%

September 26, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

St. Louis energy manageSt. Louis University has joined the City of St. Louis’ voluntary 25 x 20 Energy Benchmarking Campaign launched by the St. Louis High Performance Building Initiative to benchmark building energy use.

The University has set a goal of a 20 percent reduction in energy intensity (BTU per gross square feet) by 2020 over a 2013 baseline equal to a reduction of over 25,000 BTUs per gross square feet.

The University will track energy use and compare its performance to past years. To achieve its goal, the school’s facility services team is actively formulating strategies and initiatives for the University’s midtown campus as well as the Medical Center on South Grand and Law Center in downtown St. Louis.

One key strategy is to create a dedicated position devoted to managing campus utilities, and the university is currently seeking candidates for this position. The chosen utility engineer will be responsible for the development and oversight of the campus energy management plan and also be able to actively coordinate energy initiatives, monitor and track energy strategies and manage/track building operations to achieve higher efficiencies.

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