Stanford U. Electricity to be 65% Solar

October 6, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk


Stanford University is nearing completion of a solar facility in Kern County, CA, according to the school’s newspaper.

The Stanford Solar Generating Station is expected to provide about half of the electricity used by the school and likely will be operational by the end of next month. A period of system testing will follow. The school actually will use the energy by the end of the year, the story says.

In a parallel initiative, solar panels are being installed on the rooftops of 16 campus buildings. In all, 65 percent of the school’s power will be solar. The projects are part of the Stanford Energy Systems Innovations. A heat recovery system was installed last year in conjunction with SESI.

In late August, it was report that Humber College in Toronto will receive $24.98 million in funding for the study of energy efficiency-related issues.

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