StatWeather Forecasts Heavy Tropical Storm Season

June 24, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

hurricane energy managerContrary to government predictions, StatWeather is forecasting above normal tropical storm activity for the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season, with the following key target areas: South Florida, the Louisiana Gulf Coast and the North Carolina coast. StatWeather predicts the South Florida coast as having the greatest likelihood of tropical storm and hurricane activity, which could cause electrical outages for businesses.

Last fall, StatWeather correctly forecasted an extremely cold, stormy winter for the Midwest.

Unlike traditional meteorology, which looks at present conditions and uses radar and other technologies to predict a short-term forecast, StatWeather uses 120 years of historical data and algorithms to analyze big patterns and deliver a probability-based forecast. It’s a science that converges meteorology and math known as statistical climatology.

Ria Persad, president and CEO of StatWeather, is again predicting a different forecast for the summer season than traditional meteorologists, which are calling for a less active hurricane season and calm Atlantic activity. Persad says these are the same agencies and vendors who called for an active season in 2013, which never occurred. StatWeather last year correctly called for a more inactive hurricane season, going against the grain.

Photo: Hurricane via Shutterstock

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