Stem Energy Optimization Reduces San Francisco Hotel Energy Bill 15%

November 20, 2012 By Linda Hardesty

Two InterContinental hotels in San Francisco – the InterContinental Mark Hopkins in Nob Hill and the InterContinental San Francisco in SoMa – have deployed energy optimization software from Stem that will make decisions about getting energy from the grid or using battery power to save on peak usage charges. The 85-year old Mark Hopkins, with an average monthly electricity bill of $60,000, expects a 15 percent reduction in its energy bill, according to TriplePundit.

Stem leverages a proprietary combination of big data, predictive analytics and energy storage to intelligently switch between battery power and grid power. The Stem real-time, decision-making engine dynamically stores energy from the electricity grid and discharges energy into business operations, making decisions based on large amounts of data, including historical weather information and industry vertical usage patterns.

The Stem system delivered to the InterContinental Hotels includes a CODA Core of lithium-ion batteries and battery management technology. This foundational CODA Core storage technology also powers the all-electric vehicles manufactured by CODA Automotive, CODA Energy’s sister company, and is designed to maximize available energy and provide a long-lasting, durable solution.

With the Greenbuild conference in San Francisco last week, executives from Stem and the InterContinental led tours showing off the installations in the two hotels.

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