SunTrac, KMC Form Joint Venture for Solar HVAC

April 18, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

KMC Energy ManageSunTrac Solar and KMC Controls announced a joint venture in which KMC will be the exclusive manufacturer of private-label equipment controls for SunTrac.

SunTrac’s solar-assisted air conditioning uses solar energy to allow air-conditioning systems to operate more efficiently. It combines an A/C system with a solar collector panel system that generates thermal energy, which is used to heat the A/C system’s refrigerant. Using thermal energy decreases the A/C compressor’s workload and reduces by up to 40 percent the electrical power consumed by a high-efficiency two-stage or variable-speed compressor.

KMC will make customized controllers to optimize the energy efficiency of the entire HVAC unit in conjunction with the SunTrac solar collector system and the likely inclusion of a variable-capacity compressor from Danfoss. Danfoss will be the second compressor manufacturer that has validated KMC’s direct variable-capacity compressor control and safety protection algorithms with their equipment.

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