Switchgear is Enclosed in Pre-Assembled Modules

June 23, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

SchneiderSchneider Electric launched its 38kV gas-insulated switchgear – GHA and CBGS-0 – to address the growing need for medium voltage gas-insulated switchgear for the US market.

To help facilities and plants that are constrained by limited space, Schneider Electric’s metal-enclosed, gas-insulated switchgear is built into compact, pre-assembled switchgear modules, helping to reduce equipment footprint up to 75 percent.

The technology incorporates arc resistant designs tested per both the IEEE and IEC standards to help mitigate faults and provide worker safety. The design utilizes sealed-for-life switchgear technology, eliminating gas handling on-site during installation, expansion or routine maintenance. The SF6 tank in each bay is filled and sealed before final assembly and testing in the factory.

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