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Component-Level Benchmarking Could Save Commercial Businesses $60B

Karen Henry

Pathian, an energy consultancy, has developed Component Level Benchmarking (CLB), which it is billing as the world’s first energy benchmarking system that can factor out the impact of weather variations on energy consumption. According to the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance, more than $200 billion is spent each year to power commercial buildings in   …Continue Reading

It’s Hard to Access Utility Data

Linda Hardesty

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will review this summer a request to revise rules that restrict the ability of municipalities and building owners to obtain from utilities the annual energy use data for their commercial and apartment buildings. A group of Colorado cities, counties and advocacy groups supported by the Governor’s Energy Office told   …Continue Reading

Philadelphia HVAC Firm Offers Building Performance Services

Linda Hardesty

Philadelphia-area HVAC firm Burns Mechanical launched a new suite of consulting services for its commercial clients called Building Performance Services. The energy benchmarking, energy monitoring services and full energy auditing capability will provide a measurable return on investment in conjunction with maintenance contracts. According to Burns, about 30 percent of a building’s controllable operating costs   …Continue Reading

Au Bon Pain Deploys SiteSage Energy Management

Linda Hardesty

Powerhouse Dynamics installed its Site Sage enterprise energy and asset management system at additional Au Bon Paincafés in the Boston, New York City and Washington DC metropolitan areas. This is an expansion of a project initiated last year in Rhode Island. SiteSage is designed specifically for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, such as restaurants   …Continue Reading

Montgomery County Enacts Energy Benchmarking

Linda Hardesty

Montgomery County, Md., has become the first county in the United States to require non-residential buildings to benchmark their energy. The county’s legislation requires building owners to measure the energy efficiency of their buildings and make that information public. It is designed to work with the recently passed PACE program passed in Montgomery County. Nine   …Continue Reading

Chicago Approves ASHRAE Certification for Benchmarking Data Verification

Linda Hardesty

The City of Chicago now recognizes the ASHRAE-Certified Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) as a data verifier credential under the city’s new Energy Benchmarking Ordinance. As a result, BEAP credential holders are eligible to provide professional verification of data for the new benchmarking and transparency ordinance. BEAPs can audit and analyze residential, commercial and industrial   …Continue Reading

Private Sector Pressure Threatens to Water Down Md. County Benchmarking Bill

Leon Walker

Concerns voiced about a proposed energy benchmarking bill by the real estate sector in a county in suburban Washington, DC, have led to changes that favor the private sector, reports the Washington Business Journal. Introduced as part of a package of green bills aimed at forcing the private sector in Montgomery County, Md., to reduce   …Continue Reading

Washington DC Buildings Average 77 on Energy Star Scale

Linda Hardesty

Large private commercial buildings in the District of Columbia score, on average, 77 out of 100 on the Energy Star scale, according to published data on the energy and water performance of more than 450 of the city’s largest privately owned buildings, covering over 160 million square feet. The data, which includes energy and water   …Continue Reading

Benchmarking Service Helps NY Multifamily Buildings

Linda Hardesty

WegoWise is working with Steven Winter Associates to offer a new benchmarking service for multifamily buildings in New York. The service combines utility data analysis and auditing to help New York property owners comply with Local Law 84 energy disclosure mandates. In addition, it will also enable owners to tap collected utility data to identify   …Continue Reading

EnTouch Monitors Refrigeration

Linda Hardesty

EnTouch Controls upgraded its energy management system to allow restaurants, convenience stores and retail locations to now monitor refrigeration temperatures and defrost cycles, as well as water and gas usage, allowing business owners to become more energy efficient and detect possible maintenance issues. The new functionality is delivered via the four-port EnTouch Remote Sensor Module,   …Continue Reading

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