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Schneider Software Prevents Overcooling in Data Centers

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric launched a new software module – Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize – available within its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite StruxureWare. This new capability adds intelligence to existing data center cooling systems. Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize enables data center managers to understand the complexity of airflow within their facilities, including all   …Continue Reading

ComEd, Schneider Electric Help Commercial Customers Use Green Button for Energy Savings

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric is helping ComEd commercial customers to save energy via Green Button Connect My Data in northern Illinois. The Green Button functionality allows customers to authorize third-party service providers to receive direct access to their energy usage data. ComEd offers Energy Insights Online, a free web-based energy analysis service that interfaces with Green Button.   …Continue Reading

Schneider Conducts $9.5M in Energy Upgrades for Columbia Basin College

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric is installing a solar array at Columbia Basin College in Washington State. This project marks the third phase of Schneider Electric’s ongoing partnership with the college to deliver energy efficiency upgrades. Using a $765,188 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce, the college is getting a 100-kW PV array on the roof of its Business   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric Launches PowerLogic PM8000 Line of Meters

Linda Hardesty

Capabilities once reserved for more advanced power and energy meters now come standard in Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic PM8000 series for industrial and critical power facilities. The PowerLogic PM8000 series’ power quality analysis capabilities include EN 50160 compliance, sag/swell detection, waveform capture, disturbance direction detection, automated alarm configuration, trending and forecasting – which help facility managers   …Continue Reading

Schneider Updates StruxureWare Building Operation Software

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric updated its StruxureWare Building Operation software application for the company’s SmartStruxure suite. StruxureWare Building Operation provides integrated monitoring, control and management of energy, lighting, fire safety and HVAC. New features and enhancements available in StruxureWare Building Operation include: Increased scalability offers greater flexibility for larger and distributed site architectures and allows for easier   …Continue Reading

Oncor Microgrid Includes Battery Storage and Onsite Renewables

Linda Hardesty

S&C Electric Company and Schneider Electric completed one of the most advanced microgrids in North America for Oncor, an electric transmission and distribution company serving 10 million customers across Texas. The microgrid will improve energy efficiency and power reliability for Oncor customers while maximizing newly installed energy storage and renewable generation. The state-of-the-art facility also   …Continue Reading

Schneider Helps School Districts Save Millions

Karen Henry

Schneider Electric has executed a 20-year energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with Lawrence Country Schools in Moulton, Alabama, to help the school district fund energy upgrades in its 19 buildings. The upgrades are expected to reduce annual district energy consumption by 25 percent, totaling $11.7 million in energy savings. Among other improvements, the contract will   …Continue Reading

Energy Procurement Training Opportunities

Josh Kessler

There are many training opportunities available to professionals interested in developing their energy buying expertise. Many are free, either online or over the phone. In-person seminars and advisory services are fee-based. Course content can include: Competitive energy market fundamentals Provisions of electricity and gas contracts Procurement and negotiation tactics Specific topics of interest, such as renewables or   …Continue Reading

EcoDataCenter – The World’s Greenest Data Center

Linda Hardesty

EcoDataCenter, located in Sweden, will be the world’s first climate positive data center, meaning emissions are reduced to the extent that EcoDataCenter will have a negative carbon dioxide footprint annually. EcoDataCenter’s energy efficiency also will lower costs to create a competitive advantage. Schneider Electric will deliver energy efficiency solutions and products to the project. The   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric Completes Portable, On-Site Data Center

Linda Hardesty

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Barcelona, Spain, Sagrada Família needed to upgrade its small server room to a more robust data center, allowing site operators to better manage the church’s security and effectively control the millions of visitors that come to the site each year. In addition, Sagrada Família continues a long history   …Continue Reading