Temperature Impacts Workers Comfort, Productivity

December 22, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

officeCareerBuilder has released a survey that found that 23 percent of employees say that their office is too cold and 25 percent say it is too hot.

One in five workers reported getting into arguments about office temperature. The results showed a gender bias: 13 percent of men were too cold and 28 percent too hot, while 31 percent of women were too cold and 22 percent too hot.

The temperature in an office has an impact on productivity: 71 percent of employees said that an overly warm office impacts their work. Fifty-three percent said the same for an office that is too cold.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s “Comfort Suite” is a test bed in which various technologies are being assessed to try to simultaneously increase worker comfort and drive energy efficiency, according to Wired.

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