Terawatt Assures 8% Savings on Electricity with its Software

September 18, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

terawatt energy manageTeraWatt Solutions says it assures at least 8 percent savings on electricity bills with its energy management software. TeraWatt is a division of the NJ based energy conservation group Tera Holdings.

“We promise our distributors a premium turnkey energy management platform that will effectively control motors thermostats and lighting to lessen demand and kilowatt hours with 8-15 percent savings on their utility bills,” said TeraWatt President Paul Pape.

The TeraWatt system is designed to regulate, interact, monitor, measure, report, control, communicate and sub-meter water and electricity usage of a building. It is also capable of alerting and correcting any possible anomalies in the system.

The system can monitor and control from smartphones or computers. It can also be used with existent building automation systems that are Modbus or Bachnet compliant.

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