Test System for OpenADR Virtual End Nodes

October 14, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

quality logic energy manageQualityLogic has created a cloud-based test system for OpenADR Virtual End Nodes (VENs) or clients. The system will provide users with access to a certified Virtual Top Node (VTN).

The system uses an OpenADR Alliance certified open source VTN released by the Electric Power Research Institute to serve as a reference for testing VENs, as a platform for running small scale pilots, or as a learning tool to increase understanding of the OpenADR technology.

The OpenADR standard facilitates sending and receiving demand response signals from a utility or independent system operator to electric customers. OpenADR signals are transmitted by VTN servers to end devices or other intermediate servers. A VEN is typically a client, such as an energy management system, a thermostat or other end device that accepts the OpenADR signal from a VTN.

Those deploying OpenADR-certified products have been seeking an easy and fast method of configuring and executing interoperability tests between VEN products and a reference VTN implementation, says QualityLogic.

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