The Underfloor Heating Market to Grow

August 26, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

A Research and Markets report on underfloor heating projects that on a global basis the category will reach a value of $7.9 billion by 2020, which represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7 percent.

In underfloor heating (UHF) systems, heat is radiated from surface to surface, which turns those surfaces into secondary emitters. This means that lower areas are heated first and more heat subsequently is passed to higher levels. Less heat is used overall.

The growth is due to the need for energy efficient solutions in commercial and residential settings. Another driver is increased automation in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors of developing nations.

Underfloor heating also can be a bonus for retrofit projects. Nu-Heat, which is headquartered in the U.K., offers underfloor heating product customized for retrofits.



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