Three NJ Communities Say No to School HVAC System Upgrades

September 30, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

schoolHVAC upgrades were the victims of no votes in three municipal proposals before voters in New Jersey, according to The Asbury Park Press.

Voters in Manasquan defeated a referendum on school facility upgrades. The $11 million plan included $625,000 for a new HVAC system. It would have added $333 to school taxes to a home with an assessed value of $488,900, which is average for the area.

Eagleswood voted no on a proposal that would have upgraded the elementary school’s HVAC system. The cost of the referendum would have been $2.96 million. Tax payers would have paid $1.69 million out of the $2.82 million cost of the new system.

Finally, Island Heights’ voters defeated a $4.03 million spending plan. Among other things, the plan would replace the HVAC system of the borough’s elementary school. It would have raised school taxes by $192 on an average home assessed at $382,223.

A school HVAC system project also is having a hard time in Boyertown, PA. The Mercury reports that a crowd at a school board meeting this week was “unruly” in its opposition to the plan. Despite that reaction, the board voted to allow companies to conduct audits and otherwise approach the project.

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