Tidal Energy Generator Unveiled

August 8, 2014 By Karen Henry

DeltaStreamdevice-energy-manageWales’ first full-scale tidal energy generator was unveiled at Pembroke Port.

The DeltaStream device developed by tidal stream technology company Tidal Energy will be installed in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, and will be among the world’s first grid-connected demonstration devices to generate predictable tidal power.

It is the first private marine project to be fully developed in Wales. Tidal Energy has also worked with contractors to install the necessary infrastructure to support the tidal turbine in Wales.

The DeltaStream device combines a freestanding triangular base design with a hydraulics system, which ensures the turbine turns freely to capture the best tidal flow and maximize power generation. The gravitational pull anchors the device in place, eliminating the need for drilling into the seabed.

Tidal Energy’s 150-ton, 400 kW demonstration device includes a number of design features to minimize any potential impact on the surrounding environment. Consequently, DeltaStream is the first project to receive precautionary “deploy and monitor” environmental consent in a designated Marine Special Area of Conservation.

The Welsh government has invested more than $13 million in the project, with matching funds from Welsh renewable energy company, Eco2.

The DeltaStream project marks the first step in the delivery of the Welsh government’s March 2014 Plan for its Low Carbon Transition Strategy in marine renewable generation.

Following a 12-month testing period, Tidal Energy and Eco2 will install up to nine DeltaStream devices off St. Davids Head in Pembrokeshire. These installations will form a 10 MW DeltaStream commercial array.

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