Tinker AFB Exceeds Power Reduction Goals

October 13, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

tinkerTinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK, has exceeded the Air Forces’ 3 percent energy reduction goals for October 2014 to September 2015. The story at Air Force Materiel Command says that the base will realize more than a half million dollars in energy and water savings for 2015.

The base uses Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPCs) when it hires private contractors. It contracted with Honeywell, for instance, to replace pipes with direct heating methods, including steam generation, at many locations. That project led to a reduction of natural gas consumption by 30 percent.

New ESPCs are on tap to improve energy efficiency, fix water service and sewer infrastructure problems and implement wind, solar and alternative fuel energy sources.

Military operations in general require a great deal of energy and, therefore, tight energy management. The European Defense Agency said last month that it is inevitable that European armed forces buy into energy issues. An article at Defense News says that steps such as “low-footprint, low-energy camps,” and development of efficient bases are keys. An example of a good practice highlighted in the article is the “Go Green” solar energy project at the Paphos airbase in Cyprus.

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