Behind the Meter Podcast

Behind the Meter Podcast: Keys to Energy Efficient Air Filtration

Carl Weinschenk

Air filters are vital to the well-being and comfort of people in a building. Choosing the right filter is key to getting this job done — and not breaking the bank in the process.

Behind the Meter Podcast: Details Can Make or Break an LED Project

Carl Weinschenk

Attention to detail as well as a good calculator and a good lawyer are the prerequisites for a successful LED project. Last week, Energy Manager Today Managing Editor Carl Weinschenk discussed these issues with Charlie Szoradi, the Chairman and CEO of Independence LED Lighting.

Behind the Meter Podcast: A New Metric for Datacenter Cooling

Carl Weinschenk

Earlier this month, The Green Grid released a datacenter performance metric aimed at enabling energy and facility managers to make more informed cooling decisions. The new metric, according the organization, builds on the success of power usage effective (PUE). PUEr, according to The Green Grid, Future Facilities CTO Mark Seymour, adds IT thermal conformance and resilience to the mix.

Behind the Meter Podcast: Pushing Sustainability, Efficiency with Green Leases

Carl Weinschenk

Leases present a unique set of challenges to energy efficiency and renewable energy proponents. For instance, aligning the beneficiary with the party paying for improvements can be tricky. In the big picture, however, green leases can be a winner all around. Last month, the Institute for Market Transformation and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better   …Continue Reading

Behind the Meter Podcast: Seeing U-Haul’s HQ Parking Structure in a New (LED) Light

Carl Weinschenk

Energy Manager Today discusses Cree’s LED retrofit of U-Haul’s corporate headquarters parking facility in Phoenix.

White House Just Gave Energy Storage a Big Push

Ken Silverstein

President Obama is determined that one of his lasting legacies become the expansion of the New Energy Economy, which includes renewables, microgrids and energy storage. To that end, last week, he launched a new series of executive orders to achieve such measures — with this set focused on energy storage.

Behind the Meter Podcast: Greater Refrigerator Efficiency is a Cool Idea

Carl Weinschenk

Owners and managers of facilities that rely on refrigeration — such as supermarkets and convenience stores — must sigh every time they see a case door open and a customer pause for what probably seems like hours choosing their drink or ice cream flavor. The cold air that is rushing out, after all, is wasted   …Continue Reading

Behind the Meter Podcast: Ryan Rex on Cogeneration

Carl Weinschenk

Cogeneration offers a dual benefit to buildings: It can lower costs and provide the resiliency that Superstorm Sandy and other recent weather events proved is necessary. It can be a hard sell to upper management, however. While the overall business case is strong, capital investments are necessary. Spending first in hopes of benefiting later is   …Continue Reading

Behind the Meter Podcast: Bill Barnes on Vac-Con’s Long Migration to LEDs

Carl Weinschenk

Not all companies move uniformly from one type of legacy lighting to LEDs. For some, it’s a more complex journey. One such company is Vac-Con, which is a Green Grove Springs, FL-based manufacturer of heavy duty, truck-mounted machines. Bill Barnes, the company’s Continuous Improvement Manager, said that the company expanded existing facilities and acquired buildings with   …Continue Reading

Behind the Meter Podcast: Randy Gaines on Hilton’s Better Buildings Challenge SWAP with Whole Foods

Carl Weinschenk

What happens when teams of energy efficiency professionals from completely different industries drop by and check out the energy efficiency the other’s operation? According to Randy Gaines, the Vice President of Operations and New Business Development for Hilton Worldwide, the answer is that plenty of learning goes on. Gaines’ team and its opposite number at   …Continue Reading