Building Automation

The Dangers of Smart Meters

Carl Weinschenk

Almost nobody will like smart meters if they have a tendency to blow up. That sounds unlikely, but it could happen, according to a researcher. At the 33rd Chaos Communications Congress last month in Hamburg, Germany, researcher Netanel Rubin said that such an outcome is possible, according to PC Authority. Indeed, Rubin said that poor   …Continue Reading

The IoT Opens New Opportunities for Energy Efficient Buildings

Carl Weinschenk

The great potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve energy efficiency in buildings was illustrated during the past week by an introduction and an investment. The problem addressed by the introduction is that the IoT is being deployed before interoperability and other standards and protocols are fully developed and in place. This means   …Continue Reading

Espen Unveils T8 LEDs

Carl Weinschenk

Espen Technology last week announced an extension to its Flex line of AC-Direct double ended LED T8 internal drive lamps. The new LEDs are expected to be available by the end of January. They will come in four configurations: 9W 2-foot; 12W 3-foot and 14W and 18W 4-foot. Both ends of the lamps accept 120   …Continue Reading

Want to Improve Building Efficiencies? Get Peer Reviewed and Employees Engaged

Ken Silverstein

A key step to improving building efficiencies is to have companies visit the sites of others and to learn from their experiences.

Energy Management Systems are Great Tools — If Used Correctly

Carl Weinschenk

EMSes generate a lot of data. That’s great—if they are monitoring the right things and processes are in place to make sense of what is flooding in.

Ameresco, Silver Spring in IoT Street Light Partnership

Carl Weinschenk

Ameresco has entered into a non-exclusive master reseller agreement with Silver Spring Networks. The agreement makes Ameresco a channel partner for Silver Spring’s Internet of Things (IoT) products. The goal of the collaboration is to enable cities and other operators of public lighting to add intelligence to systems and build a foundation for IoT-based services   …Continue Reading

A Deep Retrofit with a Message

Carl Weinschenk

The American Geophysical Union is about to embark on a year-long project. The goals are to make the AGU’s headquarters net-zero–and show other organizations how it’s done.

Retrolux and Lunera Announce Partnership

Carl Weinschenk

Retrolux and Lunera are partnering on smart lighting products. The press release, posted at Solid State Lighting Design, says that Retrolux’s integrated software solutions for the commercial lighting retrofit industry soon will be exclusively featured in Lunera’s smart LED products. The release says that Lunera offers LED replacements for HID lamps and retrofit kits, linear   …Continue Reading

SWAP: The Air Force Academy Versus The Naval Academy

Carl Weinschenk

The two military training institutions face similar problems – and helped each other see where some easy gains can be made.

Wattstopper LED Sensor from Legrande

Carl Weinschenk

Legrand North America’s new Wattstopper DW-311 Dual Technology 0-10V Dimming Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor complies with building and energy codes to provide LED dimming, the company says. The target is medium-sized applications such as rooms with partitions, rest rooms, large offices, conference rooms with cubicles and classrooms, the press release says. Wattstopper technology combines passive   …Continue Reading