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OSRAM SYLVANIA Creates Wireless Version of its Lighting Management System

Linda Hardesty

OSRAM SYLVANIA has launched a wireless version of its Encelium Energy Management System, designed to expand lighting control to hard-to-reach locations. The lighting control system is based on the ZigBee Pro network stack and includes wireless managers, sensors, control modules for attaching to light fixtures, and wallstations. The wireless EMS is being installed at the   …Continue Reading

Cree Debuts LED for Rural Applications

Linda Hardesty

Cree introduced the LED Rural Utility Light (RUL) Series to accelerate adoption of LED lighting across rural areas in North America – an estimated 10 to 13 million rural street and area light fixtures are installed. Featuring elements of Cree’s SC5 Technology Platform, the LED Rural Utility Light is designed to replace incumbent High Pressure   …Continue Reading

Noribachi Intros New Highbay LED Fixtures

Linda Hardesty

LED manufacturer Noribachi announced the addition of the HIGHBAY.A, HIGHBAY.C, and HIGHBAY.N to its Highbay LED lighting fixture series for industrial and commercial applications. The HIGHBAY.A is an energy-efficient LED lighting fixture that can deliver 17,724 lumens and function as a 525W replacement, using only 126W. The HIGHBAY.A is available with multiple options including fixture   …Continue Reading

RTI Creates Two-Way Driver for Cool Automation HVAC Bridges

Linda Hardesty

Remote Technologies (RTI) has created a two-way driver for Cool Automation‘s CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet universal HVAC bridges. Remote Technologies’ controls integrate and communicate with major HVAC systems based on variable refrigerant volume or variable refrigerant flow (VRV/VRF) inverter technologies, easing the installation process by eliminating the need to set up complex communication protocols. The CoolMasterNet   …Continue Reading

LG Innotek, Daintree Create Embedded Wireless Drivers for LEDs

Linda Hardesty

Daintree Networks and LG Innotek have collaborated to create a line of LED lighting drivers with embedded wireless communication capability. The drivers are available to fixture manufacturers to integrate into their LED troffers and retrofit kits. With embedded wireless LED drivers, customers can eliminate the cost and installation challenges associated with implementations that require a   …Continue Reading

Are You Waiting for Your HVAC Equipment to Fail?

Martin Flusberg

We talk to many facility managers – and in our case these are managers responsible for tens if not hundreds of small facilities – who lament their official corporate policy of “run to fail,” or replacing HVAC equipment only when it breaks. This approach appears to have become the rule rather than the exception in   …Continue Reading

Aerosol-Based Duct Sealing Reduces Energy Use

Linda Hardesty

A new technology, called aeroseal, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding from the EPA and the US Department of Energy among others, provides a new way to seal leaky air ducts. JMD Corporation recently purchased the exclusive rights to the duct sealing technology and formed Aeroseal, a company that will sell the duct   …Continue Reading

Individualized Lighting May Increase Workplace Productivity

Karen Henry

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the European standard EN12464-1:2011 Lighting of Indoor Workplaces recommends around 500-lx (50-fc) for workplace task lighting. LEDs Magazine reports that Philips Lighting has developed an interactive Facebook widget that allows office workers to test the light level in their office space. Required ranges in office lighting can   …Continue Reading

BuildingIQ Uses MathWorks to Develop Energy Optimization Algorithms

Linda Hardesty

BuildingIQ engineers have developed Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO), a cloud-based software platform that reduces HVAC energy consumption in large-scale buildings by 10-25 percent during normal operation, according to the company. BuildingIQ used data analytics capabilities from MathWorks for its proactive, predictive algorithms for HVAC energy optimization. The BuildingIQ team used MathWorks MATLAB algorithms integrated in a production   …Continue Reading

AT&T Upgrades Lighting at 20 Million Square Feet

Linda Hardesty

Enlighted has retrofitted about 20 million square feet of AT&T’s facilities with LED lighting in an on-going business relationship that could see AT&T retrofitting all 120 million square feet of its real estate, as long as the business model continues to make sense for the telecommunications company. Zach Gentry, vice president of business development at   …Continue Reading

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