Building Systems

Behind the Meter Podcast: Seeing U-Haul’s HQ Parking Structure in a New (LED) Light

Carl Weinschenk

Energy Manager Today discusses Cree’s LED retrofit of U-Haul’s corporate headquarters parking facility in Phoenix.

Lunera Intros Pathway and Entryway LED

Carl Weinschenk

Lunera has introduced the HID LED 360 lamp.

Taking Control with Lighting Controls

Carl Weinschenk

Tight control of two main facets of lights – the type and how they are controlled – can lead to great savings for enterprises.

The Software Solution to Enterprise Efficiency: Don’t Overlook Midsize Buildings

Casey Talon

The brain of the intelligent building, or the building energy management system (BEMS), gives customers the software analytics that translate more data into better information.

Siemens, Pioneer Working with the Houston Housing Authority

Carl Weinschenk

Pioneering Technology Corp. and the Building Technologies Division of Siemens are working to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs for the Houston Housing Authority.

The Lowest Hanging Fruit: Saving Energy By Finding Easily Fixed Problems

Carl Weinschenk

Organizations interested in the financial and environmental benefits of energy efficiency go to great lengths to reduce consumption. Some approaches – such as LED retrofits – are relatively easy. Others, such as the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) — are more intensive and carry a steeper price tag. What about just turning off and disconnecting the things that shouldn’t be turned on?

Tiny Data Center Changes Lead to Big Savings

Carl Weinschenk

There are tiny changes going on in energy management. Indeed, these changes – in data centers and elsewhere – are so small that they are impossible to see. However, their impact, already significant, will continue to grow and should be tracked by energy managers.

DOAS: A New Approach to HVAC

Carl Weinschenk

Among new approaches to fulfilling HVAC’s mandate — providing the occupants of a building with a comfortable and healthy environment — is the use of dedicated outside air systems (DOASs).

High Bay Light from GlacialLight

Carl Weinschenk

GlacialLight has introduced the GL-BL 190 High Bay Light.

Revolution Lighting Technologies in NJ, PA Schools

Carl Weinschenk

Revolution Lighting Technologies announced this week that it has been awarded contracts for LED conversions for five school systems in two states.