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Big Energy Savings for Hoke, N.C., Schools

Carl Weinschenk

The Hoke (N.C.) school system had an energy redo this summer. The changes included new chillers at four schools, 161 new water fountains, installation of about 15,000 LEDs (which replaced fluorescents), weatherization of more than 300 corridor doors, digital thermostats and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. The school also installed a web-based system to remotely control, manage   …Continue Reading

Energy Savings Performance Contracts Unlock Deep Savings

Carl Weinschenk

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) are especially attractive to funding-limited governmental bodies because they are financed via savings on energy and water. RMI and the U.S. General Services Administration has conducted a study of these projects and provided best practices. The best practices include setting aggressive long-term goals; engaging and collaborating with diverse stakeholders; establishing a   …Continue Reading

ARPA-E Issues Grants for Solar Modules

Carl Weinschenk

Lowering costs and dramatically increasing system efficiencies and energy yields of solar modules are the goals of a $2.9 million grant to several organizations from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), which is part of the U.S. Department of Energy. The grant was awarded to Semprius, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,   …Continue Reading

Orion Wins School District Contracts, Increases Chances for Incentives

Carl Weinschenk

Several school districts nationwide have recently reduced their maintenance cost and energy use while improving the quality of light in the classroom and becoming eligible for higher rebates and incentives by installing energy efficient retrofit lighting platforms. Orion Energy Systems, a manufacturer of retrofit lighting platforms, says its lighting solutions have been installed in the   …Continue Reading

Study: Smartest ‘Smart Building’ Owners Come from Retail, Manufacturing, Construction

Carl Weinschenk

The most advanced smart building owners are in retail, process manufacturing, and construction, IDC found in a recent survey of 200 business owners, writes Of the smartest building owners identified in the study, about 40% focused on HVAC technology, about 28% on lighting, about 41% on plug loads, and about 21% on distributed energy.   …Continue Reading

Low Cost IoT Solutions, Data Driven Analytics to Propel Energy Mgmt Market

Carl Weinschenk

Smart building solutions are a growing focus for companies as technology innovations create significant changes across the energy management industry landscape, according to a report from Research and Markets. Modular, low-cost IoT solutions will win in the short- to medium-term, while data-driven analytics will continue to propel the energy management market forward. The growth of   …Continue Reading

Rockleigh Borough Installing LEDs, Low Energy AC

Carl Weinschenk

Rockleigh Borough in New Jersey is replacing 200 lightbulbs with LEDs and installing a two-ton air conditioner in the borough hall to improve energy efficiency and cut utility costs, according to The project, which is being done under the aegis of  the New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Direct Install initiative, pays as much as   …Continue Reading

Energy Profile of Commercial Buildings Changing

Carl Weinschenk

The energy profile of commercial buildings is changing, according to participants in a round table conducted by Consulting-Specifying Engineer. Photovoltaics are becoming more common on warehouses and public schools, said to Paul Meyer, a Senior Vice President at WSP USA. Meyer indicated that both types of facilities tend to have extensive roof areas that have very little obstructing equipment.   …Continue Reading

Duke Increasines Chiller Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

Duke Realty Corp. increased capacity of the cooling infrastructure supporting a 19-story office building it owns by upgrading three 360-ton chillers. The project was undertaken because the three units were operating at full speed and wasting energy due to the use of variable-discharge vane throttling, according to a case study at Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine The solution was   …Continue Reading

Energy Savings a Key to Calgary Building Redevelopment

Carl Weinschenk

An office tower in downtown Calgary is getting a face lift in order to attract tenants – and energy savings are a key element in reversing its fortunes. The 11-story 121,000 square foot building is owned by 300 shareholders in a limited partnership, according to The Calgary Herald. The structure, which is the former NC Lavalin building   …Continue Reading

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