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Building Systems

True or False: Saving Energy in the Workplace Automatically Drives Productivity

Bob Best

Short answer: False. Corporate sustainability programs often have a halo effect, perpetuating the myth that green initiatives inherently improve employee engagement. But not all sustainability measures are created equal when it comes to employee impact. Energy savings drawn from reduced heating or cooling requirements can be offset, for example, when employees are too hot or   …Continue Reading

Protect School Air Quality During Energy Efficiency Retrofits, Says EPA

Linda Hardesty

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new guidance to help school districts protect indoor air quality while they conduct energy efficiency upgrades. These renovation and construction activities can create dust, introduce new contaminants and contaminant pathways, create or aggravate moisture problems, and result in inadequate ventilation in occupied spaces. EPA’s Energy Savings Plus Health:   …Continue Reading

‘Supercharger’ Makes Heat Pumps Viable for Cold Climes

Linda Hardesty

The US Department of Energy says up until now, heat pumps have only been popular in more mild, Southern regions, and have failed to gain traction in cold climates. This is because as air temperatures drop, air source heat pump performance suffers. However, the DOE has been working with Mechanical Solutions (MSI), a small business   …Continue Reading

DOE Wants 75% Increase in LED Lumens per Watt

Linda Hardesty

The US Energy Department is offering $10 million to support research, development and manufacturing of solid-state lighting (SSL) technologies, both LED and OLED. Today, available LED technology is about 150 lumens per watt; DOE’s target is 250 lumens per watt – a 75 percent increase. The funding opportunity is open to applications in the following   …Continue Reading

ASHRAE Announces Student Design Competition Award Winners

Karen Henry

ASHRAE announced the winners of its 2014 Student Design Competition. This year’s competition focused on designing an energy efficient HVAC system for a two-story office building in New York City with a research and development facility. The University of Central Florida in Orlando took first place in the HVAC Design Calculations category. The team designed   …Continue Reading

UAE Data Center Hires CommScope

Linda Hardesty

CommScope was chosen to partner with Ooredoo at its Qatar data center in the United Arab Emirates to implement intelligent LED lighting and infrastructure. The Redwood lighting software from CommScope enables Ooredoo to individually address, monitor and manage the lighting of the data center. Redwood fixtures and sensors are individually addressable. This design allows a   …Continue Reading

4 Guidelines When Designing for Net-Zero Energy

Linda Hardesty

When designing a net-zero energy building that produces all of its own renewable energy onsite, there are four points to consider, according to an article in Autodesk’s blog Line/Shape/Space. 1. Clearly express the end goal from the beginning and make sure all stakeholders are on-board with the energy-performance target. It should be included in all   …Continue Reading

McKinstry Conducts $10M Energy Efficiency Project for CU-Boulder

Linda Hardesty

McKinstry is conducting an energy efficiency project for the University of Colorado Boulder that will save the university an estimated $573,000 annually. Construction of the project began in September and addresses updates to the MacAllister Building. A technical energy audit performed by McKinstry in early 2014 revealed several opportunities for energy saving measures, including new   …Continue Reading

Nobel Prize Winner Endorses Nanowire LED Technology

Linda Hardesty

Hiroshi Amano, who recently was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, alongside Shuji Nakamura and Isamu Akasaki for their roles in inventing the blue light emitting diode (LED), has endorsed Aledia’s nanowire LED technology. Amano is a member of Aledia’s Scientific Advisory Board. Aledia is a developer of next-generation LEDs based on its WireLED nanowire   …Continue Reading

Optimization Strategies for the Chiller Plant

Eric Erpenbeck

Healthcare, commercial, and institutional facilities often use a chiller plant to provide chilled water for air conditioning. It should come as no surprise that chilled water generation is a major contributor to a facility’s utility costs. Organizations are well served to seek ways to optimize their facilities for the best possible performance and energy usage,   …Continue Reading

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