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Building Systems

Eco-Shift Power Buys Lighting Retrofit Company

Linda Hardesty

Canada-based Eco-Shift Power signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Sun & Sun Industries (Sun), a lighting retrofit specialist headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif. Eco-Shift says the acquisition will combine its LED high bay fixture and wireless light management system with Sun’s $10 million annual revenue stream and OEM distribution channel. Sun has completed over   …Continue Reading

Chimney Enables Free-Air Cooling for Data Centers

Linda Hardesty

Cannon T4 says its new Cocooning Chimney works as part of a free-air cooling system, which uses ambient air to remove the heat from a data center. Cannon says a key challenge is providing the correct balance between cold aisle temperature, IT equipment fan speed and hot air return temperature. Cocooning via a vertical chimney   …Continue Reading

Ford Spends $25M on LEDs at Factories

Linda Hardesty

Ford Motor Company is beginning to install $25 million of LED lighting at its manufacturing facilities across the globe. The 25,000 new LED fixtures will replace traditional high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lights, and are expected to reduce Ford’s energy use at manufacturing facilities by 56 million kWh annually, equating to an up to 70 percent   …Continue Reading

Air Force Academy Pushes Energy Efficiency

Linda Hardesty

From August 2013 to August 2014 the US Air Force Academy reduced its electrical use by 3.3 million kWh. The Academy invested in high efficiency lighting, installing about 1,250 LEDs throughout the base. The LEDs consume 40 percent less electricity at the same or higher lighting levels than high-pressure sodium fixtures. The Academy is in   …Continue Reading

Top Five Energy Traps Every Customer Should Know About

Swapnil Shah

There’s an interesting shift happening in the energy industry today that’s opening the door for innovative technologies. Utility companies are changing their ways by moving beyond simply sending bills to customers, and instead fostering two-way conversations: engaging customers by providing insight into their energy usage, and building applications that help consumers make more informed choices   …Continue Reading

LED Security Light Replaces HIDs

Linda Hardesty

GE says its Evolve LED security light provides an energy-efficient alternative to traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) security lights. The LED has a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours and is designed for such applications as outdoor work yards, commercial and roadside establishments, and roadway lighting in rural areas. The light provides similar durability as traditional security   …Continue Reading

Technology Hub to Be Training Ground for Next Generation of Energy Professionals

Karen Henry

OnForce Solar is partnering with Bronx Community College on a technology hub designed to spur job growth in the area by creating tax-free business zones at designated colleges and universities, the New York Times reports. The hub will be an extension of Bronx Community College and will be housed in a 23,000-sq-foot former machine shop   …Continue Reading

Walmart Donates Microturbines to Denver Zoo

Karen Henry

Walmart is donating six microturbines from its experimental store in Aurora, Colo., to the Denver Zoo to help further its waste-to-energy system—a process that will convert the zoo’s animal waste and human trash into usable energy and heat. Walmart has been utilizing the energy generating units since 2005 as an experimental project to understand the   …Continue Reading

Countries Commit to Energy Efficiency

Linda Hardesty

At the UN Climate Summit, a new Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform was launched under the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. One of the initiative’s primary goals is doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030. The Platform includes five energy efficiency sector initiatives: vehicles, lighting, appliances, buildings and district energy systems.   …Continue Reading

Health Center Saves $150,000 Annually via ESPC

Linda Hardesty

SourceOne, an energy management firm managed by Veolia North America, completed a boiler decentralization project for The Dimock Center, a non-profit community health services organization located in Roxbury, Mass. SourceOne first conducted a campus-wide energy audit. After identifying the existing central steam plant as a strategic energy and cost saving opportunity, SourceOne presented several options   …Continue Reading

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