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Building Systems

How Kaiser Permanente’s Efficiency Efforts Earned ROI in Two Years

Steve Ryan

My organization has long recognized the astounding energy use of data centers – everything from server closets to massive Costco-sized server farms – that currently use two percent of the electricity in United States. For the past five years, we have embarked on an effort to certify energy efficient data centers through the Energy Star Buildings program. Kaiser Permanente   …Continue Reading

‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ for Commercial Building Energy Savings

Linda Hardesty

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago (MCA) offers the following simple tips for reducing energy usage in commercial buildings, according to The Chicago Tribune. Turn off office equipment at night. MCA says turning off one computer and monitor will save $60 annually. A study on virtual energy assessments conducted with nine Boston buildings found that   …Continue Reading

LED Specifically Designed for Basketball Arenas

Linda Hardesty

Ephesus Lighting says its new Arena Pro-Court LED light offers multi-purpose basketball venues a single lighting system capable of meeting the stringent and diverse lighting requirements of professional and major college basketball. Ephesus engineered the Arena Pro-Court LED specifically to allow for adjusting the spectrum of light to improve HDTV broadcasting quality. The patent-pending technology   …Continue Reading

Luminaire Level Controls

Linda Hardesty

Daintree Networks Product Manager Aniket Malvankar talks about Luminaire Level Controls.

Arguing for a Retrofit? Consider a Corporate Energy Fund

Karen Henry

Creating a corporate energy fund dedicated to holistically evaluating and approving renewable energy installations can help organizations find ways to invest in facility upgrades or retrofits that otherwise might not be approved, according to an article on the Greenbiz website. When establishing a corporate energy fund, there are a number of things businesses should consider:   …Continue Reading

‘Disaster-Proof’ Factory Features GE Products

Karen Henry

GE Japan is participating in the “Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan,” a disaster preparedness project being undertaken by Sekisui House’s Tohoku Factory. The Sekisui House facility is designed to be eco-friendly during normal times, durable during disasters and safe and secure for local communities and companies. To achieve cuts in peak electricity usage during normal periods   …Continue Reading

Landmark Building in Manhattan Installs Tri-Generation System

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold a tri-generation energy system to a Beaux Art-style bank building located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The NYC Landmark building is undergoing an extensive restoration and conversion to an upscale hotel. The tri-generation energy system includes two INV-100 Ultra InVerde CHP units, providing electricity as well as hot water for space heating and domestic   …Continue Reading

Noribachi Outfits Soccer Center with LEDs

Linda Hardesty

Noribachi supplied its custom indoor sports LED lighting solution for the new Outbreak Soccer Center in Signal Hill, Calif. The facility was a former industrial warehouse that was converted to an indoor soccer center. For the project, Noribachi engineered 16 custom indoor LED lighting fixtures to replace the existing warehouse metal halide lighting. Each proprietary   …Continue Reading

Lighter Colored Flooring Can Create More Energy Efficient Classrooms

Karen Henry

Boosting the reflective value of flooring will enable more light — from artificial or natural sources — to bounce off the floor and illuminate a room more efficiently, according to a white paper, “Daylighting and Flooring: Don’t Overlook the Issue of Reflectivity,” issued by Armstrong Commercial Flooring. The white paper explains that a key strategy in   …Continue Reading

Linear LED Luminaire Illuminates Open Ceiling Environments

Karen Henry

Eaton has introduced the Corelite RZL LED suspended luminaire. The linear direct/indirect LED continuous row system for large open ceiling environments offers up to 55 percent in energy savings over fluorescent luminaires. The industrial-styled RZL luminaire is offered in five shielding variations and five light level options ranging from 3,000 lumens (30 watts) to over   …Continue Reading