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Westerly, RI, Making Moves to Improve Municipal Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

Westerly, RI, is using $1.6 million in low interest state loans to transition to LED streetlights and make energy efficiency upgrades to the town hall, the police station and department of public works complex. The Westerly Sun reports that the loans are from the Infrastructure Bank Efficient Building Loan Fund. The fund is administered by the Clean Water   …Continue Reading

Cogeneration Platform Saves Money, Adds Reliability for Brooklyn Beer Distributor

Carl Weinschenk

On the picturesque Brooklyn, NY, waterfront, an increasingly common alternative to traditional powering — cogeneration — is working, and working well. In fact, the only time it stopped was when the equipment was partially submerged during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Manhattan Beer Distributors – formerly Phoenix Beverages – has tremendous power needs. Keeping beer cool is   …Continue Reading

Analyzing Buildings for Energy Efficient Retrofits Can be Practical, MIT Says

Ken Silverstein

Want to know which buildings will get the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to retrofitting for energy efficiencies? Some MIT professors think they have the right tool, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Marta González and Franz-Josef Ulm are MIT professors of civil and environmental engineering, as well as Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini   …Continue Reading

What is a Smart Thermostat? Algorithms

Paige Leuschner

There is no clear definition of a smart thermostat. In fact, as more offerings have entered the market, the definition of a smart thermostat has become more misunderstood. Some consider a thermostat “smart” if it has two-way communications (i.e., you can view and change settings on your smartphone). However, this is simply inaccurate. This type   …Continue Reading

Lunera Shines a Light on the IoT

Carl Weinschenk

Two ongoing parallel technology transitions are the switch to LED lighting and the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT). The two are very much connected. LEDs, of course, are much more efficient, last longer, are less expensive over the life of the product and produce better light. The IoT will automate how myriad small   …Continue Reading

ACHRI Asks DOE to Suspend Boiler Efficiency Rulemaking

Carl Weinschenk

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (ACHRI) trade group is not happy with the approach the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is taking to initiatives aimed at updating efficiency standards and testing procedures for commercial boilers. Upgrading testing and energy efficiency standards are deeply related but separate undertakings. The issue is that the DOE is doing both at   …Continue Reading

Colbert County, AL, Upgrading for Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

Commissioners in Colbert County, AL, voted 5-1 this week to approve $2 million for an energy efficiency project. The TimesDaily says that the dissenting vote was caused by concerns of one commissioner that information on an addition to the project, a $299,000 replacement boiler for the courthouse, was incomplete. Siemens, which is the contractor for the   …Continue Reading

Worldwide Heat Exchanger Market Growing

Carl Weinschenk

The value of the worldwide heat exchanger market will reach $19.14 billion and have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2 percent between last year and 2021, according to a report being distributed by ReportsnReports. HVACR will register the highest C AGR of during the period. This, the report says, is due to growing   …Continue Reading

Schneider Contributes to New T-Mobile Arena

Carl Weinschenk

Schneider Electric this week detailed its work on the 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, which is officially opening today. The company said that it helped design and install a building management system that makes the venue – which is a joint venture between AEG and MGM Resorts International – highly automated and energy efficient.   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Touted As Cheaper and Better Than Building New Power Plants

Ken Silverstein

Dubbed as a low-hanging fruit, it appears that energy efficiency has yet to be fully picked, or more accurately, it has yet to become fully ripe as products and services are still getting rolled out. It’s no wonder then that a leading trade group representing such interests is releasing a report saying that it is   …Continue Reading

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