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FridgeWize Unveils HVAC EC Motors

Linda Hardesty

FridgeWize is targeting larger hotels, hospitals and office buildings with its new high efficiency HVAC EC motors. Electronically Commutated (EC) motors are brushless DC motors. FridgeWize’s new HVAC EC Motors lineup includes: Eon 42 – Fan Coil Blower Motors. It is a energy efficient solution for retrofitting fan coils and blower decks, saving up to   …Continue Reading

Aztec AMC Modular HVAC system Reduces Data Center Cooling Costs

Linda Hardesty

Mestex’s new HVAC product design, the Aztec AMC, is created to meet more stringent codes and standards for commercial HVAC systems, including data center applications. The new HVAC design combines energy-efficient evaporative cooling technology with an advanced air turnover system. The Aztec system can harness cooler outside air to support indoor cooling and lower power usage   …Continue Reading

Overcoming Obstacles in the Energy Analytics Industry

Matthew Cohen

The energy management software industry has transformed itself from a novelty to a necessity for building owners and managers in the last few years. The energy management software industry is thriving. It is moving quickly to adapt to a market that is experiencing exponential growth and building owners whose need for performance data has increased   …Continue Reading

DOE Invests $8M in Next-Gen HVAC Systems

Karen Henry

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is investing $8 million to advance research and development of next-generation HVAC technologies in the areas of advanced vapor compression technology and non-vapor compression technology. Advanced vapor compression systems projects will use highly efficient versions of the technologies that currently drive HVAC systems but with refrigerants that have a   …Continue Reading

DrivePak HVAC Upgrade Achieves Energy Efficiency Milestone

Linda Hardesty

NexRev says the installed base of its HVAC retrofit product, DrivePak, passed the $1-saved-per-second mark, and at its current pace DrivePak will save NexRev customers over $30 million in 2015. Dollar value calculations are based the US national average electricity price of $0.10 per kWh. DrivePak’s variable frequency drive (VFD) retrofit technology is targeted to   …Continue Reading

Des Moines Gets First Net-Zero Commercial Building

Karen Henry

MODUS, an engineering design firm based in Des Moines, Iowa, has transformed a century-year-old warehouse into the city’s first net-zero office building, reports. The $17 million renovation project includes $2 million in energy efficiency upgrades. The facility, located in the city’s historic Market District, is powered by a 189 kW solar car canopy array   …Continue Reading

New Energy System Will Save Stanford $420M

Karen Henry

Stanford University is building a new energy system that incorporates solar power with heat recovery. The new system, called the Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI), will save the university $420 million in energy costs over 35 years, making Stanford one of the most energy-efficient research universities in the world. The university has also committed to providing   …Continue Reading

NJ School District Hires Honeywell for Energy Upgrades

Linda Hardesty

Lower Cape May Regional School District in New Jersey announced an energy savings improvement program with New Jersey-based Honeywell. The program features a mix of conservation measures and equipment upgrades at the Lower Cape May Regional High School, Richard M. Teitelman Middle School and ancillary district buildings. The program is expected to reduce the district’s   …Continue Reading

Courthouse Replaces Oversized Boiler

Linda Hardesty

McKinstry was named the energy services contractor (ESCO) for Tillamook County, Oregon’s courthouse upgrades. The initial engagement will involve replacement of the county courthouse boiler, which failed in late 2014. During an energy audit analysis conducted following the failure, the 1950s-era boiler was determined to be twice the size needed to efficiently cool and heat   …Continue Reading

Indoor Farming Company Works on HVAC with PUE 1.0

Linda Hardesty

Indoor Harvest, a developer of commercial grade aeroponic and hydroponic fixtures for indoor agriculture, has executed a letter of intent with PUE 1.0 to design and build an engineered HVAC system for use in building integrated agriculture. Indoor Harvest has also signed a letter of intent with the City of Pasadena, Texas, wherein it will   …Continue Reading