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‘Supercharger’ Makes Heat Pumps Viable for Cold Climes

Linda Hardesty

The US Department of Energy says up until now, heat pumps have only been popular in more mild, Southern regions, and have failed to gain traction in cold climates. This is because as air temperatures drop, air source heat pump performance suffers. However, the DOE has been working with Mechanical Solutions (MSI), a small business   …Continue Reading

ASHRAE Announces Student Design Competition Award Winners

Karen Henry

ASHRAE announced the winners of its 2014 Student Design Competition. This year’s competition focused on designing an energy efficient HVAC system for a two-story office building in New York City with a research and development facility. The University of Central Florida in Orlando took first place in the HVAC Design Calculations category. The team designed   …Continue Reading

4 Guidelines When Designing for Net-Zero Energy

Linda Hardesty

When designing a net-zero energy building that produces all of its own renewable energy onsite, there are four points to consider, according to an article in Autodesk’s blog Line/Shape/Space. 1. Clearly express the end goal from the beginning and make sure all stakeholders are on-board with the energy-performance target. It should be included in all   …Continue Reading

McKinstry Conducts $10M Energy Efficiency Project for CU-Boulder

Linda Hardesty

McKinstry is conducting an energy efficiency project for the University of Colorado Boulder that will save the university an estimated $573,000 annually. Construction of the project began in September and addresses updates to the MacAllister Building. A technical energy audit performed by McKinstry in early 2014 revealed several opportunities for energy saving measures, including new   …Continue Reading

Optimization Strategies for the Chiller Plant

Eric Erpenbeck

Healthcare, commercial, and institutional facilities often use a chiller plant to provide chilled water for air conditioning. It should come as no surprise that chilled water generation is a major contributor to a facility’s utility costs. Organizations are well served to seek ways to optimize their facilities for the best possible performance and energy usage,   …Continue Reading

DOE Wants Less Refrigerants in HVAC

Linda Hardesty

The Energy Department is spending nearly $8 million to support research and development of the next generation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies. The R&D will focus on developing regionally appropriate HVAC to offer more energy savings for new and existing buildings and on developing innovative approaches to replace current vapor compression HVAC   …Continue Reading

Energy Management Saves UTA $3.8M in Utility Costs

Linda Hardesty

TDIndustries’ new energy management program and data tracking technology has enabled The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) to save $3.8 million in utility costs over a 34-month period; beginning March 2011 thru December 2013. UTA engaged TDIndustries to prepare a preliminary energy assessment and a utility assessment to present a business case to The University   …Continue Reading

NexRev Combines HVAC Retrofit, Energy Management

Linda Hardesty

NexRev introduced DrivePak Applied, an engineered energy reduction system that leverages variable flow technology with control and monitoring capabilities to deliver operational cost savings in large applied HVAC systems. DrivePak Applied is a commissioned combination of the company’s two key energy efficiency systems: i) DrivePak, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) upgrade that increases the energy   …Continue Reading

Casino Bets on Rooftop Air Handlers, Centrifugal Chillers for Energy Savings

Karen Henry

Hollywood Casino in Toledo, Ohio, was built with energy savings in mind. To help the two-story 344,000-square-foot building achieve LEED certification, the building owner and design team brought in Daikin Applied to install rooftop air handlers and centrifugal chillers. An article in HPAC Engineering describes the construction project. Daikin installed 21 RoofPak variable-air-volume (VAV) air   …Continue Reading

DOE Recognizes Oregon Cities, Public Schools in Better Buildings Challenge

Karen Henry

The US Department of Energy recognized the cities of Beaverton and Hillsboro, Ore., as well as the Portland Public School District for reducing their energy use. As Better Buildings Challenge partners, they have committed to reduce the energy use in ten million square feet of building space by 20 percent over the next decade. The   …Continue Reading

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