Tiny Data Center Changes Lead to Big Savings

Carl Weinschenk

There are tiny changes going on in energy management. Indeed, these changes – in data centers and elsewhere – are so small that they are impossible to see. However, their impact, already significant, will continue to grow and should be tracked by energy managers.

DOAS: A New Approach to HVAC

Carl Weinschenk

Among new approaches to fulfilling HVAC’s mandate — providing the occupants of a building with a comfortable and healthy environment — is the use of dedicated outside air systems (DOASs).

Innovations In Commercial Duct Sealing

Neal Walsh

Even newly built properties are, more often than not, plagued with leaky ducts – leaks that obstruct ventilation, reduce HVAC efficiency, significantly increase monthly utility bills and, in many cases, jeopardize entire construction projects.

Led by Affordable Housing, Peabody Properties Aims to Cut Energy Spending by 20%

Carl Weinschenk

An active area for energy efficiency is affordable housing. That sounds ironic: How can a sector in which end users are cash-constrained be a hotbed of activity? The answer is simple: The reality that tenants are on a set income makes those that serve them look elsewhere for profits — and energy efficiency is one of those areas.

Ameresco Wins Public Sector Work in the U.K.

Carl Weinschenk

Ameresco UK has gotten a place on four public service “frameworks” in the United Kingdom.

Updating the Army: Retrofitting Energy and Water Systems at the Tobyhanna Depot

Carl Weinschenk

The U.S. Army facility that Honeywell is retrofitting near Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, traces its roots back more than a century. While it is virtually impossible that any energy or water systems – or even the buildings themselves – that were there at the start are in use, the base does still rely in part on Word War II-era infrastructure.

OpTerra Upgrades The City Crescent Building in Baltimore

Carl Weinschenk

OpTerra Energy Services’ Commercial and Industrial Division has completed a project that will significantly reduce energy consumption at the City Crescent Building, a historical structure in Baltimore.

Clean Energy Commitment in the Corporate and Local Small Business Sphere

Steve Constable

Forward thinking businesses such as Google Inc are leading the charge in the use of renewable energy in the corporate sphere. They power 100% of their operations with renewable energy.

Controlling Air Conditioners

Carl Weinschenk

The Nature Remo, from Nature, Inc., is a control system that provides window-mounted and through-wall air conditioners with smart attributes. The company says that it is an Internet of Things (IoT)-controlled device that enables remote control of units. The device facilitates increased energy efficiency along and provides additional benefits. A power plug feature will be introduced later   …Continue Reading

Investing in Energy Efficiency for Buildings is Smart, says World Resources Institute

Ken Silverstein

Want to cut energy cost while reducing carbon emissions? Building efficiency provides the “most bang for the buck,” according to the World Resources Institute.