Honeywell Upgrading Energy, Water Systems at The University of Mount Olive

Carl Weinschenk

Honeywell Building Solutions is replacing and upgrading equipment at the University of Mount Olive, which is in the North Carolina town of the same name. The project is wide-ranging. Four residence halls will get new HVAC and hot water systems. The academic and administrative buildings will get LEDs and sensors that turn off lights when   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric Working with 3 NJ School Districts

Carl Weinschenk

Schneider Electric has signed energy savings improvement programs with three school districts in New Jersey. The agreements are with the Delran Township School District, Pennsauken Public Schools and the West Deptford School District. In all, 21 facilities are involved. The $4.5 million Delran project will involve multiple projects, including new air conditioning units, lighting retrofits   …Continue Reading

LEDs Light the Way Toward Residential Lighting Controls

Krystal Maxwell

The market share of LEDs continues to grow, both in the commercial and residential sectors.  According to the DOE, in 2015 the installed base of LEDs in the United States was 6.1%, up from 2.9% in 2014.  While the initial steep cost deterred and prevented many residential customers from purchasing the technology, significant price declines   …Continue Reading

Orem, UT Gets an Energy Facelift

Carl Weinschenk

Orem, with a population of almost 90,000 (according to the 2010 census), is the fifth largest city in Utah. An ongoing project has grown from street light replacements to encompass a wide variety of energy upgrades and retrofits. The city’s initial goal was to replace 5,128 street lights. Before the issuance of a request for   …Continue Reading

Upgrades to Three Buildings in St. Paul

Carl Weinschenk

An National Public Radio story posted at the Post-Bulletin describes a retrofit program in downtown St. Paul. The first step is the retrofit of the First National Bank sign, which the story describes as iconic. The next step is to install LEDs in the First National Bank, the U.S. Bank and a third building. All   …Continue Reading

Why LED Lighting is a Popular Choice in the Workplace

Frank Capasso

The importance of lighting in the workplace can be divided into multiple categories, including safety, health, productivity, ergonomics, and personal choice. Among these categories is also corporate social responsibility, which is where the energy saving aspect comes into play.

Trane Upgrading 125 Buildings in Birmingham, AL

Carl Weinschenk

Trane is partnering with Birmingham, AL, to improve energy savings in 125 city structures. The $61.3 million project is aimed at cutting energy and operational costs 30 percent annually and to save more than $100 million during the next twenty years. The press release says that water upgrades will be made in 119 building; HVAC   …Continue Reading

LG Showcases Tech for Compton Community Center

Carl Weinschenk

LG Technologies is using a community center in Compton, CA, as a showcase for its products, including energy efficiency technology. The company says that a modular center will be featured at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo 2016 in Los Angeles. After the expo, the prefabricated modular education and vocation facility will be relocated to   …Continue Reading

Steps to Finding the Right LEDs

Carl Weinschenk

Vendors make extravagant promises about LED performance and lifespan. Only some of them are telling the truth.

Shat-R-Shield Introduces High Bay

Carl Weinschenk

Shat-R-Shield says that it has broadened its line of LED high bay fixtures to include a unit that offers 280 watts and 30,500 lumens. It is designed for ceilings that are more than 30 feet high. The device produces 109 lumens per watt and consumes 40 percent less energy in comparison to its 450 watt metal halide   …Continue Reading