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Clean Energy Commitment in the Corporate and Local Small Business Sphere

Steve Constable

Forward thinking businesses such as Google Inc are leading the charge in the use of renewable energy in the corporate sphere. They power 100% of their operations with renewable energy.

Fulham Retrofit Kits EPA Approved

Carl Weinschenk

The Fulham Co.’s ThoroLED LED Retrofit kits are Energy Star Luminaire 2.0-complaint. The AC LED retrofit kits are aimed at ceiling and wall luminaires and are available in 10 watt, 15 watt and 25 watt models. The units, the company says, are optimal to replacelamps in wall sconces and common ceiling lights in the field or   …Continue Reading

Delta Introduces Wall-Mounted String Inverter

Carl Weinschenk

Delta has introduced the M80U photovoltaic inverter, which it says is the first wall-mounted 80kW string inverter available. The M80U is a grid-tied, 3-phase and transformer-less device that converts the direct current output from a photovoltaic system to alternating current (AC). It offers 98.8 percent efficiency that enables the electricity to be used seamlessly within   …Continue Reading

Report: Aircraft Lighting Segment to Grow

Carl Weinschenk

A MarketsandMarkets report says the global aircraft lighting sector will expand at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.08 percent and reach a total value of $2.55 billion by 2021. The report says that several factors will drive the market going forward. These include growth in the number of aircraft built, increase in low cost carriers the   …Continue Reading

GSA: Lunera LEDs Beat CFLs

Carl Weinschenk

A report from the U.S. General Services Administration’s Green Proving Ground program backs plug-and-play LEDs downlight lamps as replacements for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), according to the Lunera. The release says that it provided the LEDs that were tested. They saved 40 percent to 50 percent with matching quality and light levels to the CFLs, the   …Continue Reading

Boston Sports Clubs Chooses ThinkLite LEDs

Carl Weinschenk

The Boston Sports Clubs has selected ThinkLite for its LED retrofit. The first location for the ThinkLite LEDs is the 22,000 square-foot facility in the Prudential Center. The company replaced T8 fluorescents with ThinkLite’s 18-watt, 4-foot and 12-watt 3-foot LEDs which, according to the press release, offer more light at less than half the wattage.   …Continue Reading

Investing in Energy Efficiency for Buildings is Smart, says World Resources Institute

Ken Silverstein

Want to cut energy cost while reducing carbon emissions? Building efficiency provides the “most bang for the buck,” according to the World Resources Institute.

Illumitex White Paper: Our LEDs Have Fast ROI

Carl Weinschenk

Illumitex has released a white paper comparing the payback period between its LEDs and 1,000W high pressure sodium lighting. The paper includes steps for calculating return-on-investment (ROI) across different parameters of two LEDs from the company. The result – as determined by Rebecca Knight, a Ph.D, is that the Power Harvest has a payback period   …Continue Reading

Making the IoT Work for Building Managers

Carl Weinschenk

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is perhaps the biggest telecommunications and information technology story of the decade. Suddenly, it is possible to measure and control processes and procedures at a granular level unheard of in the past. It is, for better or worse, revolutionary. It is also difficult to implement. Slapping a   …Continue Reading

Want a Green and Energy Conscious Business? Try These Ideas

Ken Silverstein

Companies intent on going green and saving energy should look to their leaders — the ones who are at the top of the organization and who send off signals to both their employees and the general public by the things they do. That’s according to Environmental Protection, an online publication, which says that chief executives   …Continue Reading

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