Building Systems

Susquehanna Health Grows While Cutting Energy Costs

Carl Weinschenk

Susquehanna Health cut its utility costs 36 percent per square-foot compared to 2009, according to Susquehanna’s Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s campus has grown by half since 2010, but the actual cost of heating and cooling have decreased by eight percent on an apples-to-apples basis. The strategy to achieve the comparative gains include the deployment of   …Continue Reading

Gensets in Demand Response Programs Generate Revenue, Decrease Outages

Jennifer Hermes

This article is sponsored by ConEdison Solutions. Utilizing distributed generation (DG) assets such as standby generators (gensets) can be one of the most effective and easy ways for building owners and operators to curb electricity load during demand response events, whether using existing gensets or other equipment. Distributed generation offers building owners a number of unique advantages, including resiliency   …Continue Reading

Hilton Upgrades LightStay to Better Track Energy Use

Carl Weinschenk

Hilton Worldwide said this week that it is upgrading LightStay, its corporate responsibility measurement platform used in its properties worldwide. The press release says that the next-generation of LightStay tracks historical energy and weather forecasts to predict needs going forward and predict impacts on cost and consumption. LightStay will provide a three-month forecast of energy and water   …Continue Reading

Standard Chartered Bank Slashes Energy Use

Carl Weinschenk

Smart technology retrofit into the Standard Chartered Bank’s offices in Singapore in 2013 and 2014 have achieve energy savings of 60 percent and reduced lighting fixtures by six percent, according to a story in the South China Morning Post. The Redwood Building Intelligence Platform is from CommScope, a U.S. company.  initially addressed lighting control. The energy   …Continue Reading

LEDs Save Tulsa Water Treatment Plant $22K Annually

Carl Weinschenk

The A.B. Jewell Water Treatment Plant in Tulsa has cut its energy bill by $22,000 annually and kept employees happy by updating its lighting, according to a Dialight case study posted at Water Online. The story suggests that the driver wasn’t economics, but the inconvenience of keeping 350 metal halide, high pressure sodium and T12 fluorescents   …Continue Reading

Leviton’s Omnistat 3 Checks Into Hotels to Control Room Energy Waste

Carl Weinschenk

Leviton has introduced the Omnistat 3 Hospitality Thermostat, which is customized for guest room energy management. The device has a capacitive touch face and, when paired with the Leviton Lumina RF load controls and sensors, provides guest room control for hospitality rooms and suites. There is a lot of opportunity to save energy in hotel   …Continue Reading

Supermarkets Can Cut Energy Costs By Almost Half

Carl Weinschenk

A dollar saved in electricity has the same impact on the bottom line as an $18 increase in sales, according to U.S. Department of Energy figures cited in a feature at Supermarket News.   Average usage for a supermarket is 51.5 kilowatt-hours per square foot, which sets the average expenditure on refrigeration, lighting and HVAC in a   …Continue Reading

ADATA Launches High-Efficiency LED Lighting in HK

Karen Henry

ADATA Lighting will unveil high efficiency T8 LED tubes and bulbs, high color rendering index (CRI) Linear Lights, MR16 lights, advanced LED ceiling lights with remote motion sensing technology, and modular outdoor lighting at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. The ADATA Linear Light LED with CRI 95 and the MR16 (CRI 90) provide natural,   …Continue Reading

Boulder Mandating Energy Efficiency Reports, Upgrades

Carl Weinschenk

The Boulder (CO) City Council approved an ordinance this week requiring commercial and industrial property owners to rate and report the energy efficiency of their buildings, according to The Daily Camera. The owners also must disclose those ratings beginning in two years. The ordinance requires one-time lighting upgrades and, every ten years, energy-efficiency improvements with   …Continue Reading

New Approach Incrementally Cools Data Centers

Carl Weinschenk

Technology from Inertech is enabling sister company Aligned Data Centers to add or reduce cooling capacity in 300 kW increments. A feature at Data Center Knowledge starts with a description of the challenge: Firms want the ability to scale data center capacity up and down at will. This can be done by using a public   …Continue Reading