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Building Systems

34% of Americans Don’t Know LEDs Save Electricity

Linda Hardesty

Beginning September 1, 2015, IKEA will limit its lighting sales to only LED bulbs in all its stores. The company first announced its all-LED plan in 2012. Since 2013, IKEA US customers have purchased 7.6 million LED bulbs. According to a study conducted by IKEA-US in 2012 and again in 2015, consumers are more open to purchasing   …Continue Reading

Combined Heat and Power: Taking Energy Efficiency to the Next Level

Gary McNeil

Minimizing energy costs, ensuring a reliable energy supply and reducing the impact of energy use on the environment are all important considerations for companies and organizations today. For over a century, organizations across the globe have used combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, as a strategy to provide reliable electricity, steam, hot   …Continue Reading

LG HVAC Installed at LEED-Certified Hampton Inn

Linda Hardesty

The historic Chicago Motor Club building – an Art-Deco landmark built nearly 100 years ago – has been retrofitted as a LEED-certified Hampton Inn hotel. A major challenge in the renovation was to install a heating and air conditioning system that would allow the building to maintain its architectural integrity, while also dealing with challenges   …Continue Reading

DOE Explains its Interior Lighting Campaign

Linda Hardesty

The Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) is a joint effort by the US Department of Energy, the Building Owners and Managers Association International, the International Facility Management Association, and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. The ILC is a recognition and guidance program designed to help facility owners and managers take advantage of savings opportunities   …Continue Reading

Energy Recovery Ventilator Is AHRI Certified

Karen Henry

Greenheck has released a new Model ECV energy recovery ventilator. The ventilator uses a total energy core to provide preconditioned outdoor air for commercial and institutional applications ranging from 500 to 1000 cfm. Applying energy core technology to a building’s ventilation system reduces the building’s heating and cooling loads, which can lead to substantial energy   …Continue Reading

Linear, Low-Bay/High-Bay LEDs Have Greatest Market Potential

Karen Henry

Linear and low-bay/high-bay LEDs are the most fertile ground for future energy savings in lighting, according to a new report from the US Department of Energy (DOE). The report, Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications, investigates the current US market adoption and resulting energy savings of LEDs in 10 common white-light applications: A-type,   …Continue Reading

Seawater Air Conditioning Studied in the Caribbean

Linda Hardesty

Makai Ocean Engineering has completed a feasibility study of a district cooling system that uses deep cold seawater, known as seawater air conditioning (SWAC). The study was commissioned by CAF Development Bank of Latin America, with co-financing from the Agence Française de Développement and used Makai’s recently upgraded district cooling software. Eight locations in the   …Continue Reading

4,300 Solar Streetlights Illuminate Brazilian Highway

Linda Hardesty

Kyocera is completing Brazil’s largest highway solar-lighting project on the Arco Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro, a highway project connecting the five main highways crossing Rio de Janeiro. Slightly more than half of the 145-kilometer highway will be lit at night by stand-alone solar streetlights powered by Kyocera solar modules, installed by Soter over the   …Continue Reading

McKinstry Wins $10.4M Energy Project with Pueblo City Schools

Linda Hardesty

Pueblo City Schools D60 in Colorado, in partnership with McKinstry, has begun implementing energy savings measures. The project will pay for itself over the next 20 years via various incentives and guaranteed energy savings. In November 2014, the district awarded a contract to McKinstry to audit 10 of the 39 district facilities for opportunities to   …Continue Reading

The Thermostat Isn’t Set Too Low for Women, Says ASHRAE

Linda Hardesty

ASHRAE got a little defensive about an article published in Nature Climate Change that suggested its Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy – specified indoor temperatures that were comfortable for men but were too chilly for many women. “Keeping building occupants comfortable while minimizing energy use is a balancing act for engineers   …Continue Reading