Solar’s Next Step: Build It In, Don’t Bolt It On

Carl Weinschenk

The goal of integrating solar power into buildings instead of bolting the technology on afterwards has taken a step forward with the announcement that Tesla and Panasonic have expanded their existing relationship to include manufacture of Tesla’s solar roof products. The work will be done at Tesla’s Buffalo, NY, facility. Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity has   …Continue Reading

Trane Upgrading 125 Buildings in Birmingham, AL

Carl Weinschenk

Trane is partnering with Birmingham, AL, to improve energy savings in 125 city structures. The $61.3 million project is aimed at cutting energy and operational costs 30 percent annually and to save more than $100 million during the next twenty years. The press release says that water upgrades will be made in 119 building; HVAC   …Continue Reading

Submissions Now Accepted for Energy Manager Today Awards

Jennifer Hermes

Energy Manager Today has opened its submission period for the 2016 Energy Manager Today Awards. Products that help companies improve energy management are eligible for a Product of the Year Award. Companies that implement projects that successfully improve energy management metrics can submit the project for a Project of the Year Award.   As companies know, the   …Continue Reading

The Advantages of Metal Roofs

Carl Weinschenk

Roofs play into energy efficiency in a number of ways. At the highest level – no pun intended – roofs are the major barrier against hot or cold air entering or escaping the structure. The three key elements controlling this are simply whether there are gaps or holes, the material of which it is made and its color.

St. Cloud, MN, Going Solar

Carl Weinschenk

The tops of some municipal buildings in St. Cloud, MN will be outfitted with solar panels next year, according to the SC Times.

Clean Energy Commitment in the Corporate and Local Small Business Sphere

Steve Constable

Forward thinking businesses such as Google Inc are leading the charge in the use of renewable energy in the corporate sphere. They power 100% of their operations with renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency and Roofs

Carl Weinschenk

Both the quality of an organization and the energy efficiency of the building that houses it start at the top. In one case, it’s the business plan. In the other, it’s the roof.

Investing in Energy Efficiency for Buildings is Smart, says World Resources Institute

Ken Silverstein

Want to cut energy cost while reducing carbon emissions? Building efficiency provides the “most bang for the buck,” according to the World Resources Institute.

DOE’s Building Energy Asset Score Platform: A Useful First Step to Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

A full-blown building energy assessment can lead to great savings. However, the assessment itself is a costly affair. The DOE’s Building Energy Asset Score is a less expensive – as in free – approach that provides usable and relevant data that points management toward steps that should be taken. Two versions of the platform now are available. The   …Continue Reading

Solar Voltaics Growing Rapidly

Carl Weinschenk

A study by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has concluded that almost 40 percent of electricity needed by the United States could come from solar photovoltaics. The study, according to a report on the research at Greentech Media, suggests that 1.118 gigawatts could be produced. That would almost double the last estimate, made in 2008, of   …Continue Reading