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Don’t Miss Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Lacey Miller

Remember when energy efficiency was just a whisper? No, you probably don’t, because that was decades ago! Energy efficiency is not a new concept; it’s not a new idea that you get to use to “disrupt” the built environment. Building energy efficiency is a well-seasoned concept…now, somewhere along the way we decided that efficient meant   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency: the Hidden Benefits

Marc Karell

I was fortunate to have been the construction and environmental manager for the largest conversion from No. 6 oil to natural gas so far in NYC. Three large boilers, providing heat and domestic hot water for 8 high-rise apartment buildings and other areas, were upgraded in preparation for the fuel switch. It is now two   …Continue Reading

Financing Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings: Creative Options

Martin Flusberg

Energy efficiency has become a proven way of reducing costs and improving profits in commercial facilities. From lighting retrofits –including the rapid adoption of LED lighting – to HVAC upgrades to window replacements, energy efficiency improvements often pay for themselves fairly quickly. The issue is that you need to pay for these projects before they   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Finance in Plain English: An Intro to Leases

Michael Park

According to our most recent survey of C&I energy efficiency professionals, the most cited barrier to energy efficiency project approval is the lack of budget. Whether upgrading a chiller, installing solar, or bundling projects under a whole-building retrofit, energy efficiency projects require large upfront investments, which many building owners have not budgeted. As a result,   …Continue Reading

Optimal Monitoring: ESOS Provides Wake-up Call for UK Energy Management

Duncan Everett

Indifference to energy monitoring and inconsequential reporting of data can no longer be excused in present day UK businesses. With the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), the current hot topic, companies and their energy managers must respond now by providing upfront investment of time, money and technology to achieve, or go beyond, their corporate and   …Continue Reading

Natural Gas Consumption Analysis Reveals Savings Opportunities

Anatoli Naoumov

Can a bakery burn less gas with the same equipment? Statistical analysis of consumption data may provide an answer. The good news is that bakers do not need to do it themselves. “We couldn’t explain a ‘hiccup’ in sub-metering data from our bread oven in our Sudbury bakery,” says Darren Borden, Energy Management Engineer at   …Continue Reading

Finding the True Energy Ecosystem

Vic Shao

As the lights from 4th of July fireworks fade to distant memory and as today more than 3.2 billion viewers tuned in to watch the grand finale 2014 FIFA World Cup, it’s worth considering what exactly we were celebrating in between the beers and BBQs. The 4th represents more than just the declaration of independence   …Continue Reading

CA’s Battery Cluster Has Moment in the Sun

Craig R. Horne, Ph.D.

Batteries are having a big moment. The reason: a couple of major trends are reshaping the way we use our available energy resources. Their impact on our electrical power grid is driving energy storage to the top of innovators’ minds. The first big trend: we are moving away from fossil fuels for power generation. The   …Continue Reading

Don’t Do Audits – Yet

Jason Putnam

I recently had a conversation with a company that is starting to understand the struggle in selling efficiency projects. At Noesis, we work with those selling energy efficiency, helping them to increase their proposal win rate. I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO of a midsize firm, who is not only pitching these   …Continue Reading

Lighting Control System Developments Lead to Savings in Outdoor Lighting

Antony Corrie

If you had a 100-dollar bill in your hand, you’d be crazy to let it slip through your fingers and blow away in the breeze. Yet every year – in fact, every night – money evaporates into the atmosphere while most of us sleep in blissful ignorance. Why? The twinkling of numerous pockets of street   …Continue Reading

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