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Microgrids Create Safe Alternative Power Option with Energy Storage on Alcatraz

Darren Hammell

Recent events like Hurricane Sandy and others have shown that the electrical grid is not resilient under all circumstances and that electrical power distribution can fail for larger periods of time. It is therefore of vital importance to provide solutions for emergency power generation and power distribution to at least sections of the electrical grid   …Continue Reading

Demystifying PACE

Michael Park

Only about 1% of the building stock in the United States is new, making the opportunity for efficiency projects in aging, energy-hog facilities an obvious opportunity. Yet, the problem with traditional financing is its lack of consideration of the actual financial impact of an efficiency project. Standard corporate loans are the antithesis of energy efficiency,   …Continue Reading

Energy Practices And Results Watched By Outsiders

Marc Karell

Buildings in NYC and elsewhere have undergone a “complete 360” when it comes to energy practices, costs, and usage. It used to be that buildings had no motivation to be more energy efficient; costs were just spread out to tenants who just accepted and paid the expenses as part of their rent or lease agreement.   …Continue Reading

CA Clean Energy Bill Likely to Help Small Business

Rachel Neil

Governor Brown has the opportunity to make energy-saving upgrades possible for families and small business owners by signing Assembly Bill 1883 (Nancy Skinner- Berkeley). This bill would significantly lower the cost of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a tool which enables property owners to take advantage of energy efficiency and rooftop solar PV for their   …Continue Reading

Power Prices Likely to be Lower this Winter

John Moore

The federal government has confirmed what many consumers already know – their electricity costs rose in the first six months of this year compared to last year. But the report left unsaid what was the primary reason for the price spike: the Polar Vortex and an otherwise harsh winter, which caught utilities and grid planners   …Continue Reading

Implementing LED Lighting in Your Facility: What to Consider

Stuart Simpson

For many buildings, switching to more efficient lighting is one of the “low hanging fruit” for improving energy efficiency. Facility managers are increasingly turning to LED lighting technology to meet their energy efficiency goals. LED bulbs top the lighting charts in energy efficiency and longevity, and frequently represent a payback of three years or less.   …Continue Reading

Distributed Energy Resources in NY: Evaluating Costs & Benefits

Beia Spiller

New York is changing how it evaluates and compensates electric utilities. One goal of this change is increased consumer engagement, which makes customers allies in the development of a more reliable, resilient, and smart electric grid. Many customers have begun taking advantage of new energy technologies and their falling prices by turning to community microgrids,   …Continue Reading

Energy Management Insights… Inspired by Thoreau

Gary Brooks

Henry David Thoreau wasn’t sitting on the shore of Walden Pond thinking about energy management when he said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” But when it comes to energy management, “what you look at” is critically important to “what you see.” You can’t manage what you can’t measure,   …Continue Reading

Clean Energy Solutions & Efficiency Unlocked with Upholding of FERC Order 1000

Michael Panfil

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed an important Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order, giving the agency a big win and aiding in the promise of a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient power grid. By upholding FERC’s Order 1000, the court confirmed what many think is common sense: Because the power grid crosses   …Continue Reading

Increase Water Management, Decrease Costs

Bob Zak

There’s no denying it – water is increasingly becoming an important issue. California is currently experiencing an unprecedented drought, and new studies suggest there will be a worldwide water shortage by 2040. As water becomes scarcer, prices will continue to skyrocket. Already, water prices have increased by 30 percent since 2008. From office buildings to   …Continue Reading

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