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Where Solar Energy Meets Energy Storage

Michael C. Polentz

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the installation of solar photovoltaics in the United States increased by more than 400% from 2010 to 2014.  Looking towards 2015 and beyond, industry analysts continue to be bullish on solar’s continued growth in residential, commercial and utility scale projects stemming in large part from the drop in   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Talent Trends for 2015

Matthew Cohen

What will be the emerging talent and hiring trends in the energy efficiency workplace for 2015? One major trend is that the demand for energy engineers, project developers and managers, sales managers and program directors is on the rise. As an executive recruiter in the Energy Efficiency and Building Technologies space, I see several trends that have   …Continue Reading

How Will the Clean Power Plan Benefit Small Business?

Marc Karell

This will likely go down as a banner year as the USEPA proposed, for the first time, national standards to limit emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from existing power plants: the Clean Power Plan. However this turns out in terms of the legislative process in Washington, the federal government has certainly provided the signals that clean   …Continue Reading

The Right HVAC Equipment and Efficiency for Your Commercial Building

Sophia Moore

Each year approximately 170,000 commercial buildings constructed and 44,000 demolished and nearly 4.9 million office buildings already existed back in 2003 in the US alone. With our new and growing social expectance of energy and efficiency, it’s no surprise why there is so much attention in improving the energy ratings for big commercial and office   …Continue Reading

Energy and Water Benchmarking Professionals Get New National Standard

Lauren Zullo

The Center for Building Knowledge at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), in collaboration with the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI), has launched the Certificate of Proficiency in Benchmarking, a national, online, interactive training and certificate program for building energy and water benchmarking professionals.  The program is designed to educate users through a no-cost online training component on how to   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency in Facilities: Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Dan Probst

It’s one thing to say you’re going to go net-zero energy in your corporate portfolio—it’s another to understand the energy efficiency steps you’ll take in order to get there. Last year, corporate real estate leaders united by CoreNet Global called for companies to strive for net zero energy in their facilities. And this year, CoreNet Global and   …Continue Reading

Property Owners Reduce Financial Risk, Raise Property Value with Energy Upgrades

Chrissa Pagitsas

Did you know that the least energy efficient multifamily property may spend $165,000 more annually than the most energy efficient? When a property uses more energy and water, it means lower net operating income for owners and higher housing costs for tenants. How much energy is your property using in comparison to comparable properties? Up   …Continue Reading

5 Trends Disrupting the Global Energy Landscape

Matt Smith

At a time of high uncertainty in energy markets, a few trends and issues are changing the world and disrupting the global landscape. Geopolitical factors are influencing the oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets. Many countries have introduced new carbon schemes to reduce emissions, while the European Union is overhauling its plan and Australia   …Continue Reading

Cost of Energy Efficiency Is under Half the Cost of Building Coal Power Plants

Merrian Borgeson

After mining the results of energy efficiency programs representing every US region, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) researchers have reported the initial result that the average total cost of saved energy is only  4.4 cents per kilowatt hour. This means that smarter uses of energy can replace dirty coal at a fraction of the cost of building   …Continue Reading

Using Detailed Data in Green and Productive Operations

David Dornfeld

Show me some numbers!At the end of the last posting the statement was made that it is necessary to address green manufacturing and the role of digital enterprises in the context of informing the customers each enterprise serves as well as those to whom the enterprise appears as the customer. Importantly, this has to be   …Continue Reading

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