Time-Variant Electricity Pricing Offers Benefits, So Why Isn’t It Widespread?

Elizabeth Brooke Stein

Today, most residential electricity customers are charged the same price regardless of when the electricity is actually being used. Charging customers a uniform price for electric service looks a bit like buying groceries by the cart instead of by the items purchased (e.g., apples versus filet mignon) – simple, to be sure, but so riddled   …Continue Reading

Data Centers Don’t Have to Choose between Uptime and Efficiency

Robert Bunger

A 2014 report from the International Energy Agency concluded that energy efficiency investments could potentially create total returns of $18 trillion worldwide. This staggering number – which is roughly the equivalent of all of North America’s economies combined – truly shows the value in adopting energy efficient measures across the consumer and business landscape. Taking   …Continue Reading

How Kaiser Permanente’s Efficiency Efforts Earned ROI in Two Years

Steve Ryan

My organization has long recognized the astounding energy use of data centers – everything from server closets to massive Costco-sized server farms – that currently use two percent of the electricity in United States. For the past five years, we have embarked on an effort to certify energy efficient data centers through the Energy Star Buildings program. Kaiser Permanente   …Continue Reading

Energy Agenda of the 114th Congress Pros & Cons

June DeHart

The 114th Congress convened January 3 with energy at the top of its agenda.  Both the House and the Senate kicked off the new session with approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  That was just the start.  Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the new Chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, has promised comprehensive energy legislation based   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Improves with ‘Green Guarding’

Eric Crabb

In the security industry, a key success factor is the ability to sense changing requirements and adapt accordingly. For most security professionals this means recommending the latest access control, visitor management or even secure identity technology. And, this is excellent since there continue to be many advancements in these areas. Often, guards may encourage other   …Continue Reading

President Obama Submits Budget for Energy

Marc Karell

On Feb. 2, President Obama released his fiscal year 2016 budget, including money for his climate change agenda, which includes efforts for the US to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and to manage adaptation efforts to climate change effects. Items include offering incentives for states to reduce their reliance on coal-fired power; $1.29 billion for   …Continue Reading

Raising The Bar for Efficient Buildings with Sustainable Viability

Christopher Gleadle

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” –Churchill It is important, when beginning to understand the sustainable viability of buildings, to see them as an eco-system. All the inputs have an impact on the cost to use, including the materials used in construction and how behavior and business operations can be reengineered to improve use. From   …Continue Reading

Leaks, Venting Significantly Impact Oil & Gas Industry

Peter Zalzal

Scientists David Lyon and Ramón Alvarez contributed to this post. Two studies released this week in the journal Environmental Science and Technology provide new insights into methane emissions from significant sources in the oil and natural gas sector and underscore the urgency of taking action to address pollution from these sources. The studies—focusing on the gathering and processing   …Continue Reading

Salt Lake City Accelerates Energy Efficiency in City Facilities

Kimi Narita

Salt Lake City is on a roll. Back in mid-2014 EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy helped celebrate the launch of Salt Lake City’s Mayor Skyline Challenge, a multi-year competition that encourages building owners to save energy and therefore improve air quality. Then, in December 2014, the White House recognized the city as a Climate Action Champion for showing leadership   …Continue Reading

Making the Case for Offshore Wind in Scotland

Al Maiorino

Renewable energy in Scotland received a positive boost in October 2014 when Scottish Ministers approved plans for four offshore wind farms proposed by Scottish Renewables. The four projects, called Neart Na Geoithe, Inch Cape, Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo, are planned to be positioned east of the Fife Ness coastline and off the Angus coastline.   …Continue Reading