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Eliminating Uncertainties with Calibrated Energy Modeling

Evan Lubofsky

Building energy models (BEMs), which simulate the view of energy use in a building, have been playing a more important role in building performance evaluation over the past few decades. While commonly used in building design, they can be particularly important in retrofit projects, where energy savings need to be identified and energy conservation measures   …Continue Reading

Four Utility Trends to Watch as Alternative Energy Solutions Gain Traction

Swapnil Shah

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama underscored the mounting prevalence of a full portfolio of energy solutions including alternative energy, like solar. In view of the diversification of consumer energy options, the utility industry finds itself at a pivotal inflection point and we are beginning to see major shifts in how   …Continue Reading

Utilities Encourage Energy Efficiency, Engagement, Collaboration via Social Media

Sapna Maniar

Have you considered how your utility’s reputation and brand are perceived and influenced by your customers’ online social media interactions? A JD Power report from 2013 found that utility customers today consult social media channels prior to making equipment purchase decisions. Social media is reshaping energy consumption and behavior patterns as utility customers spend more time on   …Continue Reading

Clean Energy on the Rise in 2015

Benjamin Schneider

With a new year comes new promises and new opportunities – and that also goes for the United States and China, the world’s biggest climate polluters. The good news is, both nations appear ready to embrace solar and other renewables, investments that will cement their recent, bilateral agreement to tackle climate change. Here are five signs renewables   …Continue Reading

Governor Brown’s ‘Big Ideas’ for Energy & Climate

Jon Costantino

Governor Brown was sworn into office earlier this month and gave his fourth inaugural address, which also doubled as his State of the State (a rare double feature). Though he touched on a variety of other proposals, the Governor kept his laser focused on climate and energy issues. He proposed three carefully worded, but ambitious,   …Continue Reading

Energy Saving Tactics for Restaurants

Mark Masterson

The ice machine is a standard piece of equipment in restaurants, but it can also be a money drain. Bad filters, age, and even the type of machine can be a cause of inefficiency.  Switching your ice machine over to an energy efficient Energy Star machine and adopting energy conscious systems may be a solution   …Continue Reading

How to Measure Energy Efficiency Improvements

Graziella Siciliano

Credible data are the foundation of smart decision-making. They can encourage investment in energy efficiency improvements projects by building investor confidence. However, energy data in the buildings and industrial sectors are of limited availability and, often, poor quality. According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) 2014 Tracking Clean Energy Progress report, this insufficiency is an ongoing obstacle   …Continue Reading

Smart Building Predictions for 2015

Jim Sinopoli

Over the last few years companies have developed and demonstrated driverless car technology; Google, Audi, BMW and dozens of other companies and universities have been involved. With the use of cameras, sensors, “decision and driving strategy and logic,” traffic sign recognition, pedestrian spotting and lane departure warnings, many but not all of the technical aspects have been   …Continue Reading

Clean Energy Banks Could Foster Private Investment

Matt Frades

The electric vehicle (EV) market got a jolt of good news this fall with the announcement that dozens of non-profits, schools, and utilities are purchasing electric fleets and installing workplace charging stations. The challenge is to encourage more fleet operators – and the general public — to adopt EVs on a similar scale. And that’s not likely without more   …Continue Reading

Office Buildings and Schools to Save $15B with New DOE Standards

Noah Horowitz

On the very last day of 2014, the Department of Energy (DOE) released new energy efficiency standards for linear fluorescent lights that will lower the electric bills of virtually every office building, school, and hospital across the country by $15 billion through 2030. The new DOE standards are a big deal as there are billions   …Continue Reading

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