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Improved Utility Storm Planning Begins Here

Ellen Smith & R.J. Arsenault

Hurricane Sandy made it obvious that electric distribution utilities were ill-prepared to prevent large-scale power outages or quickly restore power to businesses and households. After Sandy, many states and industry groups created special commissions and studies that offered prescriptions to harden the energy infrastructure. However, this past winter’s storms, and the lengthy outages that resulted,   …Continue Reading

Software Defined Power in Load Balanced Web Services Environments

Clemens Pfeiffer

Application load balancing is done by distributing workload across many computer servers.  In the hosting industry, it is commonly used for balancing http(s) traffic over multiple nodes acting together as a web service.  A load balancer will enable users to optimally distribute traffic from a single access point to any number of servers using any number   …Continue Reading

Getting the Most from Every Lighting Retrofit

Danielle Stewart

Performing a lighting retrofit of your facility or building can be a major undertaking. It’s a little-known fact that the majority of energy-efficient lighting retrofits leave significant energy savings on the table. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many businesses could actually cut their lighting electricity costs by as much as 70 percent   …Continue Reading

Logging Occupancy to Optimize Energy Use

Evan Lubofsky

Every occupant in a building creates demand for lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort, and electrical power. Lighting, heating, and cooling unoccupied spaces is a huge source of energy waste in buildings, and many studies have shown that building occupancy profiles have a significant impact on building energy use and operational controls. Closer alignment of occupancy patterns   …Continue Reading

Demand Response the Best Cure for Ailing Grid in Texas

Marita Mirzatuny

The Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has, yet again, kicked the can down the road on securing reliable energy to power the state’s growing population. The PUC, the state agency charged with managing electricity rates, meets to securely plan for the future, yet they continue to delay planning meetings. This will benefit no one in   …Continue Reading

EU’s Wind Energy Potential Stifled by Public Opposition

Al Maiorino

European Union policymakers have put forth an objective that promotes an increase in the use of renewable energy sources to achieve 27 percent renewable generation by 2030. In line with this goal, the EU’s wind industry has grown annually since 1995. However, despite this proposed benchmark for 2030, the EU has not passed any formal   …Continue Reading

Saving Energy by Conserving Water

Klaus Reichardt

A study recently published by researchers at the University of Indiana points out that Americans seem to have a “slippery grasp” of the amount of water consumed for and by different activities. In addition, they are often confused as to ways to conserve water and how water conservation affects energy use. For example, participants with   …Continue Reading

Solar Milestone Reached in CA; to Take Advantage, Grid Must Be Modernized

Peter Miller

California can feel good about the fact that it has more than half of all the solar rooftops in America, but now there’s even more to celebrate – the 100,000th such installation and the commitment it signifies. This milestone demonstrates the substantial opportunity we have to make use of this ample and clean energy source and the importance of   …Continue Reading

Commissioning & Energy Management: Complementary Professions Compound Benefits

Andrew L. Heitman

The benefits of commissioning and energy management for building and facilities owners are not only complementary, when applied in concert, those benefits compound. Today, there is an urgent need for such collaboration. One of the nation’s greatest challenges is meeting its energy needs while balancing a multitude of complex issues that come with that challenge.   …Continue Reading

How Energy Plays a Role in Water Usage

Zbigniew Barwicz

The UN World Water Day aims to raise global awareness of water usage and conservation. As part of #WorldWaterDay, here are some thoughts on the important role energy plays in water usage. Water is required to produce nearly all forms of energy, and energy is needed at all stages of water extraction, treatment and distribution.   …Continue Reading

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