Flint Water Crisis Uncovers Ignoble Decisions and Neglect of Existing Enviro Regs

Sara Gutterman

The Flint water crisis has uncovered the most ignoble aspects of human decision making and a complete indifference to an already marginalized community. It also exposed the blatant neglect of existing environmental regulations—namely, the Federal Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Water Quality Act. If the Flint River had been managed   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending Jan. 29

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends The national average benchmark price for retail electricity held steady last week at $.0729 per kilowatt hour (kWh). While most states saw only marginal price fluctuation from the previous week, this week’s national average price benchmark is almost 4 percent lower than this time last month. The benchmark price for electricity increased last   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending Jan. 22

Jim Moore

  Short-Term Price Benchmark Trends The national average benchmark price for retail electricity decreased last week by -2.3% to $.0732 per kilowatt hour (kWh). The largest price decreases were in Pennsylvania (-4.1%), Texas (-3.6%), and New Jersey (-3.4%). The only deregulated state where prices slightly increased was Massachusetts (1.1%). The latest NOAA weather overview calls for a warming trend to overtake the eastern two-thirds of   …Continue Reading

Maintaining EV Charging Stations Uses Relatively Little Energy

Indy Ratnathicam

The push to cut carbon emissions and make states greener is a top priority for environmental advocates. An important part of the plan to cut carbon emissions is encouraging the spread of electric vehicles (EVs). Consumers today are increasingly looking toward EVs to increase their green efforts, take advantage of government incentives and save some   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending Jan. 15

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark Trends Based on a prompt month (contract start date) of March 2016, the ERC average benchmark price for retail electricity dropped by -1.07% last week to $0.0749 per kilowatt hour. The biggest declines were in Maine, where prices fell by -2.82%, and Rhode Island, where prices dropped by -2.54%. So far in 2016, retail electricity   …Continue Reading

10 Things Companies Should Know about the Changing Electric Grid

Liz Delaney

How the Low-Carbon Electricity Revolution Affects the Grid’s Biggest Customers The electricity grid of the United States is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Coal-fired and nuclear power plants are closing their doors, renewable energy from wind and solar energy is gaining market share and natural gas has become the dominant source of grid electricity in many   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending Jan. 8

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends Last week’s average national benchmark price for retail electricity ($0.0752/kWh) was down a fraction of a percent (-0.19 percent) from the previous week. The only states to see a meaningful change in their retail electricity prices were Texas, with a week-over-week increase of 2.08 percent, and Illinois, with a decline of   …Continue Reading

Five Key Factors to Consider While Developing a Corporate Energy Management Program

Sharon Nolen

With today’s emphasis on sustainability and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), more companies than ever before are interested in energy efficiency programs. In fact, studies have shown that energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond environmental aspects, energy efficiency is not a new concept in the chemical industry or any   …Continue Reading

How a BEMS Partner Can Help Improve Building Performance

Matt Gates

Building owners and facility managers are continually monitoring building conditions while trying to balance performance and occupant comfort with the cost of running a building efficiently. It’s an important balancing act. Efficiency is important but it cannot come at the expense of comfort, which can impact a person’s productivity and health, as well as overall   …Continue Reading

2015 Closes with New Energy Efficiency Standards that will Save Consumers and Businesses Billions

Lauren Urbanek

While many of us were enjoying the December holidays, the Department of Energy (DOE) was hard at work finalizing a wide variety of appliance standards. These new rules cover equipment ranging from residential ceiling fan light kits and boilers to commercial and industrial pumps and rooftop air conditioners, and will save consumers billions of dollars   …Continue Reading