Why the Clean Power Plan Will Survive in Court

Tomás Carbonell

The “Just Say No” campaign fighting the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan is gambling the public will overlook an important detail. Almost all major Clean Air Act rules that have so successfully protected human health and the environment in recent years have undergone intense legal challenges – and most of those challenges have failed. It’s a detail   …Continue Reading

Cities Should Engage with the Clean Power Plan — Here’s How

Kimi Narita

With the final Clean Power Plan rule coming out any day now, many states will soon begin a thorough stakeholder engagement process to build out implementation plans. And there’s a powerful leadership voice we should be paying attention to — the voice of cities. Mayors, city councils, and city staff have critical roles to play   …Continue Reading

Ensuring Renewable Energy Goals Become a Reality in the Caribbean

Al Maiorino

The islands of the Caribbean are not only some of the most popular tourist destinations, but they are also economically and ecologically diverse regions with growing energy needs. The strength of each island’s tourism industry, which comprises a large portion their gross domestic product, is largely supported by the beautiful ecology that attracts visitors to   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending July 24

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends The average price benchmark for Power ($/kWh) virtually treaded water last week, declining by only 0.17 percent from the week before. The big exception to this was Illinois where the benchmark price rose a substantial 3.14 percent week-over-week. Other states that experienced a meaningful movement in power prices last week include   …Continue Reading

Renewable Energy Certificates: Bridge to a Renewable Future

Michael Hartofilis

There has been much confusion in the energy industry and among consumers as to the exact meaning and benefits of renewable energy certificates (RECs). Frankly, my colleagues and I recently spoke to a specialist on RECs, and there was still apparent ambiguity, if not outright contradiction, communicated as to what these certificates represent. That is   …Continue Reading

5 Steps for Guaranteeing the Best Lighting Upgrade in Industrial Facilities

Mike Robinson

Rapid growth in LED technology has brought good news for energy managers in industrial facilities, as they have more options than ever before in planning facility retrofits. Finding high-quality fixtures that reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs is easier today than it was several years ago. The bad news is that this relatively young   …Continue Reading

How to Think about Energy Efficiency

Marc Karell

I recently gave a talk to an engineering society about sustainability, with the emphasis on energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reductions. I discussed “The 9 Purely Business Reasons to Reduce Energy” (see to demonstrate the many purely common sense, financial reasons for companies to invest in energy efficiency. Gosh, give credit to us   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending July 10

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends The average price benchmark for Power ($/kWh) climbed by a quarter percent last week, compared to prices the week before. Only Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York declined last week. The other states posted increases, led by New Jersey (+1.96 percent) and Texas (+1.11 percent). While last week’s power prices reverse   …Continue Reading

New Tariffs on Chinese Solar Cells Could Raise Costs for US Buyers

Sean Windle

In an effort to quell the dumping of Chinese solar products and provide US manufacturers with a more level playing field, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) has imposed new punitive tariffs on Chinese solar product manufacturers. The DOC’s July 8 ruling calls for antidumping duties as high as 259.9 percent and countervailing duties as   …Continue Reading

Ohio Wraps Up its SB 310 ‘Energy Mandates’ Committee

Samantha Williams

It would seem counterintuitive to freeze a state law that has reaped over a billion of dollars in financial rewards for consumers, added thousands of well-paying local jobs to a struggling economy, and protected public health by enabling significant reductions in climate change-causing carbon emissions. But that’s exactly what Ohio did in 2014. Last spring,   …Continue Reading