ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: September 16, 2016

Jim Moore, PhD

Short-Term Price Benchmark Trends Energy Research Council’s national average benchmark price for retail electricity rose last week by 1.34%, to $0.0740 per kilowatt hour (kWh). With last week’s increase, electricity prices are now only 0.74% higher than this time a month ago. Prices increased most notably last week in Maryland (2.92%), Massachusetts (2.92%), and New   …Continue Reading

Exploring the Energy Information System Value Proposition

Joseph Aamidor

The main value proposition of energy information systems (EIS) is that significant savings can be realized by providing greater visibility into energy and building use. Without such a system, data cannot be centralized and analyzed efficiently. There is reliable research on this topic: according to a 2013 report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL),   …Continue Reading

It’s Time to Take Risks and Embrace our Energy Future

Bert Valdman

We are now at a critical point in our energy system. It’s time to reboot the can-do culture that once animated our energy sector, and should always be at its core. It is time for us to find a better way, as Thomas Edison once challenged his team to do. I see three converging paths   …Continue Reading

Pre-Preparing for Winter Safety

Michael Wilson

As this is being written, it’s about 90 degrees (F) in most of Alabama and few people are giving any thought to  winter. But it will come. Likely this is why the managers of office buildings are meeting now with their custodial crew and janitorial distributor to discuss which measures they should take now to   …Continue Reading

Has the Time Come for Menstrual Equity?

Amy Seretsky

Building owners and managers may – or should – know about a growing movement in the U.S.  It’s called menstrual equity and while so far it has not targeted owners/managers specifically, as more laws and regulations are implemented, they probably will become involved. At this time, menstrual equity does not have a clear-cut definition.  This   …Continue Reading

Assessing Leadership: The Dynamic Building Energy Management Systems Market

Casey Talon

The transformation of a facility into an intelligent building creates lucrative business benefits. The efficiency gains achieved with this kind of optimized building translate into lower operating costs, higher sustainability performance, and greater occupant satisfaction. Intelligent building software, or a building energy management system (BEMS), is the keystone of this transformation—the brains of the intelligent   …Continue Reading

ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: September 9, 2016

Jim Moore, PhD

Short-Term Price Benchmark Trends After rising for three straight weeks, the Energy Research Council national average benchmark price for retail electricity declined last week by -1.84%, to $0.0730 per kilowatt hour (kWh). With last week’s drop, electricity prices are only 0.34% higher than this time one month ago. Prices decreased most notably last week in   …Continue Reading

Shining a Light on LED Technology

Tony Johnson

Remember 2013? Back then, we counseled our lighting retrofit clients and worked closely with utilities nationwide to find that exact “right time” for them to make the jump to LED lighting technology. Fast forward three years and we’re well past that crucial point where LED’s price and performance converged. Today, a variety of affordable, quality   …Continue Reading

For Maximum HVAC Savings, Follow the 3 Laws of Optimization

Alaina Bookstein

Facility executives in charge of demanding environments—hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing and higher education campuses, for example—often are challenged to cut costs and help their organizations meet sustainability goals. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the natural place to look: these systems typically account for 44 percent of commercial buildings’ energy consumption. Commercial buildings also   …Continue Reading

Harnessing Big Data Power Promises Greater Rewards for Environment & Businesses

Omkar Gaikwad

More organizations, especially the ones active in the energy sector have reasons more than one to depend on Big Data If you thought Big Data was just as an impressive show of an advance technology, you may be missing out on its capabilities to solve critical problems. In fact, research analysts at Allied Market Research   …Continue Reading