Don’t Write Off Energy Efficiency. It’s Just about to Have Its Day.

Matt Golden

About a week ago, economists from the University of Chicago and the University of California, Berkeley released a study that called into question the cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency. The study was based on the team’s analysis of energy savings shortfalls in the Michigan low income Weatherization Assistance Program. Since then, a host of articles have used the   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending June 19

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends The average price benchmark for power remained relatively unchanged last week in most states. This marks the second consecutive week in which power prices have trended flat. Both New Jersey (2.93 percent) and Texas (2.06 percent) posted notable increases, but most of the other states experienced very slight variation from prices   …Continue Reading

The Common Goals of the Pope and Clean Energy

Paul Stinson

Pope Francis turned a keen eye toward the environment and the problem of climate change with his encyclical,“Laudato Si” (“Praised Be”). As a clean energy advocate, I’m heartened that Pope Francis recognizes the need to transform our energy system. He writes not as a scientist or politician, but as a pastor and spiritual leader. He offers   …Continue Reading

Missing Insulation and Steam Trap Failures: The Hidden Fires that Need to Be Doused!

Suzanne Rowe Barrett

The energy industry is booming. It still surprises me when I hear the phrase, “I can’t worry about insulating — I have too many fires that have to be put out.” If I told you tomorrow that after a comprehensive survey of your facility, you were losing $50K a month in energy dollars, would you   …Continue Reading

Eliminate Compliance Concerns to Maximize Surplus Asset Recovery

Jill Williamson

New developments in the energy sector are impacting organizations throughout the world. According to the US Energy Information Administration’s International Energy Outlook report, world markets for petroleum and other liquid fuels have entered a period of dynamic change — in both supply and demand. The potential for growth in demand for liquid fuels is focused   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending June 12

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends The average price benchmark for power showed little change from the previous week in most states. The exception to this was Maine, which had a 2.85 percent increase in the average price benchmark. Rhode Island and Texas also had an increase of 1.47 percent and 1.20 percent respectively. A contract term   …Continue Reading

What It Takes to Become an Energy Efficient Business

Mark Masterson

What really makes a business “green”? What is green to one person may not be green enough to another, so there’s a whiff of marketing around the term. A business can call itself green all it wants, but for people who care about what makes a company green, that’s not enough. Green businesses prove their   …Continue Reading

Microgrid Power Struggle Tests Century-Old Monopolies

Dick Munson

Microgrids that can disconnect from a centralized electric grid and operate independently are sizzling hot these days. Cities vulnerable to storms want them. Neighborhoods interested in renewable energy and lower power bills want them. And now, traditional utilities want them to make their systems more reliable and to expand their business. So when will microgrids dot American   …Continue Reading

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly When Oil Giants Shift to Natural Gas

Ben Ratner

Six large European oil and gas companies recently announced a commitment to engage on climate policy, calling for a price on carbon. The now-emerging picture of their coordinated corporate talking points, however, leaves no doubt that promotion of natural gas is a core part of the group’s position. Is this development a beneficial push to help   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending June 5

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends ERC’s average power price benchmarks declined steeply last week across all deregulated states. This marks the second week in a row prices have fallen. Connecticut and Rhode Island had the steepest declines, dropping by approximately 3.5 percent from the previous week. Once again, a 24-month contract term continues to have the   …Continue Reading