Lux: Google, Amazon Emissions Claims Inaccurate

Carl Weinschenk

Lux Research took a close look at the claims being made about energy usage by owners of big datacenters and found them to be suspect. The problem is that these metrics produce results that allow companies such as Google and Amazon to make claims that do not reflect reality, according to Lux Vice President of   …Continue Reading

Smart Computer Use Hikes Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

The facility manager’s job, of course, is to improve energy efficiency. In most cases, this involves HVAC and other elements relating directly to the operation of the building. But the specific activities going on within the building are vital as well — and the potential source of great gains in efficiency. The advent of the Internet   …Continue Reading

Battery Storage Giving Businesses a Break

Ken Silverstein

Battery storage is helping utilities do their jobs. And by extension, it will — in time — help energy managers. Just off the lot: a 8.75 megawatt project that captures and reuses energy created by braking subway cars along two subway lines. It’s now one of the nation’s largest customer-sited battery storage networks that will   …Continue Reading

LED Projects Must Be Carefully Planned

Carl Weinschenk

Experts peg the changeover to LEDs as perhaps the most dramatic way to improve energy efficiency. It is the “killer app.” It therefore is no surprise that projects are announced on an almost daily basis. There extravagant claims about energy and cost savings, better quality light and longer operational life of the LEDs generally are true.   …Continue Reading

Energy Managers Buoyed By Supreme Court’s Demand Response Decision

Ken Silverstein

Just after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal regulators can remove barriers to demand response programs, energy managers sprung to life. Why? Corporate energy managers will now have more insight into their business operations and thereby greater certainty about their decisions and their investments. At issue is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order   …Continue Reading

Datacenters Underestimating Coal Use

Carl Weinschenk

Datacenters use tools that are obsolete for measuring their emissions, according Lux Research. The story on the research at Penn Energy said that Lux’s data scientists found a way to improve carbon reporting by a factor of 80. The results, the researchers said, is that datacenters rely much more heavily on coal than claimed by   …Continue Reading

Successful Energy Managers Follow these 10 Tactics

Jennifer Hermes

This article is sponsored by EnergyCAP. Energy managers have an exciting job, with a unique opportunity to play a key role in an organization’s success. But a number of difficult challenges can make the job frustrating. The smartest and most successful energy managers have the skills and know-how to avoid obstacles and difficulties to achieve success in energy   …Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Datacenters and the Deep Blue Sea

Carl Weinschenk

It’s not often that datacenter cooling is big news in the consumer media. But it was yesterday: Microsoft introduced Project Natick, which focuses on the placement of a datacenter on the ocean floor. The story was covered everywhere. The initial research vessel is named the Leona Philpot, a character from the Halo video game. It   …Continue Reading

The Smarter the Sensor, the Smarter the Building

Carl Weinschenk

A key reason why the building automation market is growing quickly is that the benefits are broad and all-encompassing. There is far more than a single “killer app.” The key to all this – the most important factor in how smart a building will be — is the sensor. Sensors are, in essence, where the rubber   …Continue Reading

Chicago Archdiocese Out Front in Energy Assessment

Carl Weinschenk

Midwest Energy News reports on efforts to measure energy use in Chicago and two surrounding counties. The story says that the Archdiocese of Chicago was “among the star performers in Chicago’s energy benchmarking program” because it measured energy use in its 2,700 buildings in the city and Cook and Lake counties. The story says that   …Continue Reading