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Chevy Crafts Unique Energy Efficiency Funding

Linda Hardesty

Portland State University has been conducing energy efficiency improvements on its campus for more than two years, paying for the improvements with a revolving fund set up at the college. But now, Portland State will receive about $18,000 in extra funds for the efficiency projects from Chevrolet in a unique funding arrangement. Chevrolet worked with   …Continue Reading

Power Assure Goes Belly Up

Linda Hardesty

Power Assure, a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) company, has been dissolved, reports Data Center Knowledge. The Santa Clara, Calif. company ran out of enough liquidity to continue operating, according to the company’s CTO Clemens Pfeiffer. Power Assure focused on monitoring power consumption of individual IT equipment and server racks within data centers. In July,   …Continue Reading

Noribachi Completes Lighting Retrofit for TSA

Linda Hardesty

Noribachi completed one of the largest LED retrofit projects of an existing building in the US for the 29-year-old Transportation Security Administration (TSA) headquarters. The TSA project was a three-year, four-phase project focused on its 550,000-sq-foot building and parking garage. The agency is on track to save $550,000 in 2014 electrical expenses, which exceeds forecasts, due   …Continue Reading

DOE Awards $53M to Cut Solar Cost

Karen Henry

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is investing more than $53 million for 40 research and development projects to drive down the cost of solar energy, addressing key aspects of technology development in order to bring innovative ideas to the market more quickly. These awards upport the development of next-generation PV solar technologies and advanced   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Saves Ohio School District $500K

Karen Henry

The Medina City School District in Ohio has saved more than $500,000 so far this year—or 43 percent over last year—due to its energy conservation program, reports. The school district took advantage of Ohio House Bill 264, which allows school districts to borrow a limited amount of money for energy efficiency improvements without having   …Continue Reading

Energy Systems Group Wins $34.6M Contract

Linda Hardesty

Energy Systems Group (ESG) signed a $34.6 million contract for professional design, construction and consultant services with the State of Michigan for the implementation of energy conservation measures at the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Ionia Complex. Energy Systems Group will implement energy efficiency and facility upgrades with guaranteed energy savings, based on detailed technical   …Continue Reading

Massachusetts Tops Energy Efficiency Scorecard for 4th Consecutive Year

Karen Henry

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has released its eighth annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and for the fourth consecutive year, Massachusetts has claimed top billing as the most energy efficient state in the nation. California ranked second, maintaining the position it has held for the past two years. Rhode Island broke into   …Continue Reading

Enphase Introduces System to Accelerate Mainstream Solar Adoption

Karen Henry

Enphase Energy has introduced a system that enables large-scale implementation of grid-ready solar power. The system integrates solar generation, storage, cloud-connected communications and load management, which allows solar installers and distributors to more easily manage the design, installation and management of solar arrays. The system provides utilities with a higher level of visibility, insight and   …Continue Reading

How a JLL Building Saves Energy, Makes $80K

Sitar Mody

For 10 weeks this summer, EDF Climate Corps fellow Karan Gupta worked for JLL, a commercial real estate firm, to optimize energy use at one of the company’s largest buildings: 77 West Wacker Dr., a 1-million-square-foot commercial office building in downtown Chicago. At the core of Karan’s work was demand response – an energy savings tool that pays people to shift   …Continue Reading

Lifecycle Analysis of Renewables Shows Benefit over Fossil Fuel

Karen Henry

Research shows that when considering lifecycle energy and emission impacts, renewable energy production has solid benefits over fossil fuel energy production. Sustainable Business News reported on research that compares the short- and long-term impacts of wind turbine and solar panel energy production to fossil fuel energy production. Researchers at Oregon State University found that wind   …Continue Reading

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