From Coal Plant to Battery Storage Facility

Carl Weinschenk

Duke Energy, LG Chem, Greensmith and Parker Hannifin are re-purposing the W.C. Beckjord coal plant, which is in New Richmond, OH, to be a battery-based storage facility, according to Clean Technica. The re-purposed facility, which will store 2 MW of energy, will be a fast-response energy storage system for PJM. The story says that PJM   …Continue Reading

Two Laws Set an Aggressive Energy Course for California

Carl Weinschenk

California is a bellwether state in environmental and energy matters. The most recent illustration is the promulgation of Assembly Bill 802 and The Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015. The impact will be felt on two deeply related fronts: The laws mean that the amount of electricity generated from renewables will accelerate more   …Continue Reading

Daikin Takes a Minority Stake in Riptide IO

Carl Weinschenk

Daikin Applied Americas has taken a minority stake in Riptide IO, a company that connects, manages and automates building equipment via the Internet of Things (IoT). Terms of the deal, including the size the share being taken by Daikin, were not disclosed. The press release says that the two partnered in the development of Daiken   …Continue Reading

Connecticut, The Microgrid State

Carl Weinschenk

Hurricanes Sandy and Irene and a number of lower profile emergencies have had a great impact on Connecticut. Instead of just nervously watching The Weather Channel, the state is taking action. The latest example of efforts to ensure that key functions kept operating in emergency – and to give a boost to the traditional grid in the   …Continue Reading

More Large Green Buildings, Still Few Small Ones

Carl Weinschenk

The World Green Buildings 2016 report found that green buildings are doubling every three years and that the strongest growth is in emerging economies. The report – from Dodge Data & Analytics – was funded by United Technologies and is based on a survey of more than 1,000 architects, engineers, contractors, owners, specialists and consultants   …Continue Reading

OSI and Cascade Cut Energy Use in Food Processing Facilities

Carl Weinschenk

OSI, a food industry company, has saved more than 7,255,000 kWh in its facilities since May, 2013, according to project partner Cascade Energy. Savings of $500,000 will be realized by the end of the year. Cascade’s release says that the initial pilot program at the Oakland, IA plant included steps such as establishing measurement, tracking,   …Continue Reading

Data Center Energy Savings: Start with the Servers

Carl Weinschenk

Efforts to manage energy use in data centers generally focus on improving the efficiency of HVAC systems, innovative architectural approaches (such as modularity) and adding solar, hydro and other alternative sources of energy. Those are great ways to drive efficiency, of course. What may sometimes be overlooked – because it is an approach rooted in   …Continue Reading

Overcoming Skepticism about Energy Upgrades

Marc Karell

In my practice, the most difficult problem I face is the skepticism of property owners and managers when it comes to the savings potential of energy upgrades. When dealing with fellow engineers and scientists, simply explaining the options and benefits is enough for them to have confidence that the technology will work. But the real   …Continue Reading

Green Building Boom Is Pumping Billions into US Economy, Retrofits Are Fueling the Trend

Ellen Bell

To understand what a significant economic impact green buildings have on our economy today, consider this: Over the next three years, new LEED-certified construction will contribute more than $303 billion to the United States’ economy, a recent study concluded. This year alone, the industry will generate 2.3 million jobs. By 2018, this new construction is expected to   …Continue Reading

Intel Drives Energy Gains in New Data Center

Carl Weinschenk

Intel is using architectural, software and “some well-placed fans” to control energy usage in its new data facility in Santa Clara, CA, according to The Wall Street Journal. The data center, which is used in the design of chips, has harnessed the improvements to cut 12 weeks off its design cycle. The story says that   …Continue Reading