U.S. Data Centers Increasing Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

A report from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DoE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says that data centers are doing a good job of conserving energy.

Arby’s Reports on Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Carl Weinschenk

Arby’s restaurants has released the first report highlighting progress in its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Johnson Controls: Interest, Investment in Energy Efficiency Up

Carl Weinschenk

Johnson Controls’ Energy Efficiency Indicator revealed great interest in energy efficiency investment, according to the company.

The Software Solution to Enterprise Efficiency: Don’t Overlook Midsize Buildings

Casey Talon

The brain of the intelligent building, or the building energy management system (BEMS), gives customers the software analytics that translate more data into better information.

Heat Wave Could Leave Southern California Short of Natural Gas and Cause Blackouts

Ken Silverstein

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the California ISO, which orders up generation and schedules its delivery over the transition system, says that natural gas shortages could hit the Los Angeles area and perhaps cause two-weeks worth of electrical blackouts this summer.

Tiny Data Center Changes Lead to Big Savings

Carl Weinschenk

There are tiny changes going on in energy management. Indeed, these changes – in data centers and elsewhere – are so small that they are impossible to see. However, their impact, already significant, will continue to grow and should be tracked by energy managers.

Apple Wants to Take a Bite out of the Wholesale Electricity Market

Ken Silverstein

Apple filed last week for permission with federal regulators to sell electricity to other large consumers or to the power grid. Apple Energy, as it will be known, is mainly intended to feed its energy-started data centers with renewable energy.

Broadening the Acceptance of Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

The good news is that energy executives increasingly are welcomed to the boardroom table. The bad news is that all of them are not accepting the invitation.

Energy Efficiency is Gaining a Seat at the Corporate Table

Carl Weinschenk

The benefits of energy efficiency – and the software that increases effectiveness of such efforts — are obvious. That’s why it seems strange that getting organizations to adopt even simple measures is a struggle.

Demand Response Company Enernoc Says the C-Suite Needs to Get More Involved in Energy Decisions

Ken Silverstein

Ever the entrepreneur, Tim Healy of Boston-based Enernoc has joined forces with PwC to convince the corporate suite that energy management is a financial issue that deserves high-level thinking — not something to be relegated to the technical folks a few floors down. Enernoc is a demand response company. In the past, the company has   …Continue Reading