Local, State and the Federal Government Excel at Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

It’s interesting that government at the local, state and federal levels do a better job than private industry of driving energy efficiency. The good news is that both sides continue to up their games.

Better Buildings, Better Plants: 12 Success Stories

Carl Weinschenk

The Department of Energy is encouraging industrial plants to be more energy and water efficient — and industry is listening.

Two Critical Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Current Energy Contract

Staff Writer

Take a second and think about the energy buying process at your organization. Maybe you already have a routine in place and sign a new supply agreement when renewal time comes around.

Federal Data Centers, DCOI and DCIM

Carl Weinschenk

The government is demanding big changes to its data center profile – and is mandating the software used to manage the transition.

House of Horrors: Finding Ghost and Comatose Data Center Servers

Carl Weinschenk

The amount of energy wasted by servers that are not doing their jobs is scary. Fixing the problem is a healthy step for the bottom line.

Facebook Building Datacenter in Los Lunas, NM

Carl Weinschenk

Facebook is building a datacenter in Los Lunas, New Mexico, according to the Albuquerque Journal. There could be as many as six phases to the project, which is characterizes as being “massive.” The first phase, which could begin next month, will cost $250 million and create 30 to 50 jobs. The story says that New   …Continue Reading

BoA: Carbon Neutral by 2020

Carl Weinschenk

The Bank of America said that it plans to be carbon neutral by 2020. The company said that it will reduce location-based greenhouse gas emissions by half, energy use by 40 percent and water use by 45 percent in its worldwide operations. The company, in a move similar to one announced last week by General   …Continue Reading

EDF: Energy Efficiency Now Strategic and Central

Carl Weinschenk

The Environmental Defense Fund places graduate fellows in commercial and industrial companies. The news from the front lines is good

GM to Use All Renewable Energy by 2020

Carl Weinschenk

General Motors announced yesterday that it will get its electricity from renewable sources across all of its 350 worldwide operations by 2050. The company said that it also is joining RE100, which is a global collaborative of businesses committed to 100 percent renewable electric power. GM says that it saves $5 million annually from use of renewable   …Continue Reading

Assessing Leadership: The Dynamic Building Energy Management Systems Market

Casey Talon

The transformation of a facility into an intelligent building creates lucrative business benefits. The efficiency gains achieved with this kind of optimized building translate into lower operating costs, higher sustainability performance, and greater occupant satisfaction. Intelligent building software, or a building energy management system (BEMS), is the keystone of this transformation—the brains of the intelligent   …Continue Reading