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Don’t Miss Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Jennifer Hermes

Remember when energy efficiency was just a whisper? No, you probably don’t, because that was decades ago! Energy efficiency is not a new concept; it’s not a new idea that you get to use to “disrupt” the built environment. Building energy efficiency is a well-seasoned concept…now, somewhere along the way we decided that efficient meant   …Continue Reading

Direct Energy Expands Energy Services Portfolio

Linda Hardesty

Direct Energy Business has more than 250,000 North American business customers and has been rolling out a portfolio of devices and software to help businesses save energy. Earlier this month, Direct Energy announced a partnership with Nest Labs to offer a Nest thermostat to small businesses in conjunction with a fixed rate for electricity from   …Continue Reading

DOE Invests $6M to Support Building Energy Efficiency

Karen Henry

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $6 million in funding to deploy and demonstrate four emerging energy-saving technologies in commercial buildings across the country. The projects will generate data, case studies and information intended to help commercial building owners adopt new energy efficient technologies, including advanced ventilation, building energy use optimization software,   …Continue Reading

Report Shows How Utilities Stack Up on Energy Efficiency

Karen Henry

With cumulative annual energy efficiency savings equivalent to 16–17 percent of their annual retail electric sales in 2012, PG&E, Edison International and Northeast Utilities topped the list of energy performers in a new report released by Ceres and Clean Edge. “Benchmarking Utility Clean Energy Deployment” assembles data from more than 10 sources and ranks 32   …Continue Reading

Nationwide Energy Partners Saves with Data

Karen Henry

Nationwide Energy Partners is using a proprietary data collection and analytics platform to extend energy efficiency and cost savings to residents and developers of condominiums and multifamily communities. The data collection and analysis program can provide analytics on such things as individual unit energy consumption, common area usage and leak detection. Nationwide Energy Partners analyzes   …Continue Reading

City Reduces Sports Field Lighting Fixtures by 50%

Linda Hardesty

City leaders in Vestavia Hills, Ala., report that replacement of outdated lighting with highly efficient illumination at the city’s sports fields, pool and tennis courts is generating a nearly 50 percent decrease in energy usage. Leaders anticipate that the more efficient lighting systems could potentially reduce maintenance costs by up to $5,000 a month. Prior   …Continue Reading

Obtaining Rebates for Energy Efficiency Projects

Linda Hardesty

RealWinWin is a Philadelphia firm that helps businesses obtain rebates and incentives from utilities in order to conduct energy efficiency projects. In 2003, the company pioneered rebates administration, a service to collect energy-efficiency rebates and incentives. Now, RealWinWin has customers who, collectively, own or manage more than one billion square feet of commercial space. Doug   …Continue Reading

Supermarket Powered by Food Waste Alone

Karen Henry

UK grocery store chain Sainsbury announced that its Cannock store will run on power generated solely from the supermarket’s own food waste. Sainsbury will use waste management company Biffa’s advanced anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities and a unique power link to generate electricity using food waste from Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. The food waste is   …Continue Reading

Wisconsin School District Exceeds Anticipated Energy Savings

Karen Henry

An energy savings project completed at the School District of Osceola, Wis., in 2013 with McKinstry is outperforming the results guaranteed by the company by more than 11 percent in its first year. The school district hired McKinstry in December 2012 under an Act 32 Energy Efficiency Revenue Limit Exemption, which enables school districts to afford   …Continue Reading

NV Energy’s Efficiency Programs Decline in 2013

Karen Henry

NV Energy’s customers are paying higher utility bills due to a lack of state standards and utility incentives for energy efficiency programs in the state. According to two reports released recently by NV Energy, the utility’s customers saved 61 percent less in 2013 than they did as a result of the utility’s programs in 2009.   …Continue Reading

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