Data Centers

Protecting Power in the Data Center

Carl Weinschenk

The modern data center is changing rapidly due to the emergence of the Internet of Things and related fundamental and structural changes in telecommunications and IT. However, the ability to monitor and manage the power infrastructure running mission-critical and other systems is not as comprehensive as it should be, according to IoT Evolution. No single   …Continue Reading

Lightening Power Grid Hits Lead to Google Data Loss

Carl Weinschenk

CRN reports that in mid-August four lightning bolts hit the power grid supplying Google’s “ultra-energy-efficient” data center outside of St. Ghislain, Belgium. The hits caused data loss on “a tiny fraction” of data. Google said that virtually all of the data was restored. The story did not say that the restoration of total. The story   …Continue Reading

How Microsoft Secured 285 MW of Wind Energy in 2 Years

Karen Henry

In just two years, Microsoft was able to contract for 285 MW of renewable power from two off-site wind energy projects, according to a post on the Rocky Mountain Institute blog RMI Outlet. While off-site renewable energy transactions often require one to two years to complete, Microsoft completed its first transaction in six months, and its   …Continue Reading

High Performance UPS Targeted for Large Data Centers

Linda Hardesty

Eaton launched a new high performance model of its Power Xpert 9395 uninterruptible power system (UPS) for the Americas. The new UPS model provides scalable battery runtimes for large data centers, light industrial applications and multi-tenant data centers. The new UPS builds upon the technology of the existing Power Xpert 9395 UPS, delivering a unity   …Continue Reading

Server Virtualization Requires More Thought for Energy Use

Linda Hardesty

With many organizations choosing virtualization for their IT systems, there are more considerations for data center managers to find a balance between energy efficiency and performance. A single server may host a number of virtualization clients with loads increasing and decreasing sporadically. According to an article in CIO Asia, metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness   …Continue Reading

IBM Tests Heat-Pump Cooling of Data Centers

Linda Hardesty

IBM is working on a data center cooling system dubbed Thrive, which relies on a heat pump. The aim of the Thrive Project is to identify application scenarios for thermally driven heat pumps for heating and cooling in Switzerland. It will also develop heat pump technology with minimal electricity requirements designed for these scenarios, and   …Continue Reading

Schneider Uniflair LE Room Cooling Series Receives DOE Certification for Energy Efficiency

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric’s Uniflair LE Room Cooling series for data centers has received the Department of Energy’s certification for energy efficiency. The Uniflair LE uses highly efficient electronically commutated (EC) fans, intelligent controls and optimization during part-load operation. The Uniflair LE perimeter units provide efficient cooling for any data center environment. And the Uniflair LE Precision   …Continue Reading

Energy Awards Offers 7 Entry Tips from Judges

Jennifer Hermes

Early Bird Deadline for the energy awards from Energy Manager Today arrives July 29. Awards prove to potential customers, existing clients, investors and other stakeholders the worth of your product or the project you implemented. Writing a tight, informative entry for the energy awards, being precise about why your product or project deserves recognition as   …Continue Reading

800W DC-DC Converter Boosts Power Density

Linda Hardesty

GE’s Critical Power business introduced the Barracuda-series DC-DC converter, providing up to 800 watts of 12-volt DC output power from an input voltage range of 40 to 60 volts, providing higher power density for 12-volt solutions. The Barracuda-series QBVE067A0B converters feature an industry-standard, DOSA-compliant quarter-brick footprint, measuring 58.4 by 36.8 by 10.7 millimeters. Previously, two   …Continue Reading

H5 Data Centers Deploys Eaton UPS

Linda Hardesty

Eaton will deliver integrated power management to H5 Data Centers’ high-efficiency colocation facility in Denver. The data center will deploy Eaton’s Power Xpert 9395 uninterruptible power systems (UPS), busway and switchgear for the 300,000-sq-foot colocation campus. H5 Data Centers will use Eaton’s power management and distribution systems as part of its overall efficiency upgrades due   …Continue Reading