Data Centers

Data Center Energy Savings: Start with the Servers

Carl Weinschenk

Efforts to manage energy use in data centers generally focus on improving the efficiency of HVAC systems, innovative architectural approaches (such as modularity) and adding solar, hydro and other alternative sources of energy. Those are great ways to drive efficiency, of course. What may sometimes be overlooked – because it is an approach rooted in   …Continue Reading

Intel Drives Energy Gains in New Data Center

Carl Weinschenk

Intel is using architectural, software and “some well-placed fans” to control energy usage in its new data facility in Santa Clara, CA, according to The Wall Street Journal. The data center, which is used in the design of chips, has harnessed the improvements to cut 12 weeks off its design cycle. The story says that   …Continue Reading

Modular Data Centers are Putting it All Together

Carl Weinschenk

The acceleration of data usage by businesses and consumers is leading to fast gains in data trafficking, such as new iterations of WiFi, development of 5G cellular and DOCSIS 3.1, the muscular data standard for cable operators. All that data puts a lot of pressure on data centers. While virtualization has increased efficiency by enabling   …Continue Reading

Good Planning Cuts Data Center Energy Costs

Carl Weinschenk

There are three main ways to use solar energy to supplement data center powering, according to Srikanth Murugan, the Global Director Sales Engineering at Flexenclosure. Mururgan writes at Clean Technica that the methods are to buy energy from a local solar utility or build a solar farm as a primary or secondary energy source. Buying solar power would be   …Continue Reading

Intel: Data Center Infrastructure Management Key to Energy, Other Savings

Carl Weinschenk

An Intel white paper maintains that data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can provide valuable information, identify problems and help create a deeper understanding of (and find solutions for) outages and other problems. The paper, which was conducted  for Intel by Redshift Research, is based on a survey of 200 data center managers across the U.S. and   …Continue Reading

Integrated Data Center Is Next Frontier for Intelligent Buildings Market

Karen Henry

The North American integrated data center energy management market is expected to grow from $46.9 million in 2015 to $119.7 million in 2024, according to a new report from Navigant Research. This represents a 43 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The intelligent building is defined by the integration of software and services to maximize   …Continue Reading

Researchers: Graphene Could Slash Data Center Energy Costs

Carl Weinschenk

Stanford University researchers have performed experiments that suggest graphene in computing and telecommunications could radically cut energy consumption, according to Datacenters are growing quickly to keep up with the massive amounts of data being created in the modern world of telecommunications. These data centers are mammouth users of energy.  Silicon now is the main building   …Continue Reading

New Approach Incrementally Cools Data Centers

Carl Weinschenk

Technology from Inertech is enabling sister company Aligned Data Centers to add or reduce cooling capacity in 300 kW increments. A feature at Data Center Knowledge starts with a description of the challenge: Firms want the ability to scale data center capacity up and down at will. This can be done by using a public   …Continue Reading

CEMEX Datacenter Wins CEEDA Gold

Carl Weinschenk

Building materials company CEMEX’s data center was awarded the Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter (CEEDA) Gold Certification which, the company said, is the highest of three levels of recognition for energy efficient datacenter strategy. CEMEX is the first company to win the gold in the Americas and only the fifth in the world. The assessment was   …Continue Reading

Energy a Big Deal at Cable-Tec Expo

Carl Weinschenk

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers will present energy-related special sessions, demos, tours and workshops at Cable-Tec Expo this week in New Orleans. The Energy 2020 program will present “Cable’s Power Innovators,” a look at vendor milestones in energy cost and consumption reductions. Energy 2020 will present a 90-minute session on energy management and offer energy case studies.   …Continue Reading