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Eaton Offers Prefabricated Power Management for Data Centers

Linda Hardesty

Eaton rolled out prefabricated power solutions for data centers in the US. The offering can be customized to meet most data center technical requirements and is engineered to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime through proper coordination of power protective devices. Eaton says the prefabricated options can be installed quickly with pre-tested and pre-wired solutions,   …Continue Reading

GE Introduces Line of High-Power, Space-Saving Rectifiers

Karen Henry

GE’s Critical Power business has introduced its new GP100 line of power rectifiers, providing data- and power-intensive three-phase applications with compact, 1U1, 6-kW 54-volt AC-to-DC power rectifiers. The GP100 line includes GE’s GP100R compact module for data center and telecommunications rack or cabinet mounting and its GP100M for embedded data, networking and industrial power supply solutions.   …Continue Reading

Raritan Switch Provides Outlet-level Metering

Linda Hardesty

Raritan, a provider of data center infrastructure management (DCIM), announced new power management capabilities for its Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch that helps data centers keep equipment operating through power failures and provides insights on energy usage and rack-equipment health. The Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch – which uses a patent-pending hybrid design for load transfers from   …Continue Reading

FieldView’s 2015 DCIM Improves Data Center Resilience

Karen Henry

FieldView Solutions has launched FieldView 2015 DCIM. The new data center infrastructure management software improves data center resilience by capturing, correlating and analyzing massive amounts of live data, enabling simulations of potential failures, contemplated changes and planned maintenance downtime. FieldView 2015 DCIM helps bridge the operational data needs of IT and facilities managers by assembling   …Continue Reading

EcoDataCenter – The World’s Greenest Data Center

Linda Hardesty

EcoDataCenter, located in Sweden, will be the world’s first climate positive data center, meaning emissions are reduced to the extent that EcoDataCenter will have a negative carbon dioxide footprint annually. EcoDataCenter’s energy efficiency also will lower costs to create a competitive advantage. Schneider Electric will deliver energy efficiency solutions and products to the project. The   …Continue Reading

Ericsson, ABB Partner to Combine IT with DCIM for Data Centers

Linda Hardesty

Ericsson signed a strategic alliance agreement with ABB to transform how data center resources are architected, optimized and managed. The alliance will bring together ABB’s Decathlon for Data Centers – a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system – with the Ericsson Cloud System. Data center operators will be able to automate and govern operations across   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric Completes Portable, On-Site Data Center

Linda Hardesty

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Barcelona, Spain, Sagrada Família needed to upgrade its small server room to a more robust data center, allowing site operators to better manage the church’s security and effectively control the millions of visitors that come to the site each year. In addition, Sagrada Família continues a long history   …Continue Reading

Data Centers Don’t Have to Choose between Uptime and Efficiency

Robert Bunger

A 2014 report from the International Energy Agency concluded that energy efficiency investments could potentially create total returns of $18 trillion worldwide. This staggering number – which is roughly the equivalent of all of North America’s economies combined – truly shows the value in adopting energy efficient measures across the consumer and business landscape. Taking   …Continue Reading

Volvo IT’s Data Center Built Underground

Linda Hardesty

Underneath a bird reserve in Gothenburg, Sweden, lies one of Europe’s greenest data centers. Volvo IT’s data center is built below ground and uses seawater for cooling, as well as wind energy for power.

Data Center Connects to Local District Energy System

Linda Hardesty

A “climate positive” data center is being constructed in the city of Falun, Sweden. The initiator of EcoDataCenter is the energy company Falu Energi & Vatten in collaboration with EcoDC AB. Schneider Electric will supply technology that will deliver energy efficient solutions and products to the project. The EcoDataCenter will be connected to the local   …Continue Reading

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