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Data Centers

Apple Defends 100% Renewable Energy Claim

Carl Weinschenk

Claims that a company uses 100 percent renewable energy make for good press. It is possible, though, to meet such claims with skepticism. reports that doubt was expressed at such a claim made by Apple, which is building a data center in Athenry, which is in County Galway, Ireleand. The story describes a gathering   …Continue Reading

STULZ, CoolIT Enter Data Center Cooling Pact

Carl Weinschenk

  STULZ Air Technology Systems and CoolIT Systems have entered into a strategic investment and commercial partnership. The goal of the relationship is to cooperate on development and worldwide distribution of chip-to-atmosphere data center technology. The press release says that STULZ –which describes itself as a mission-critical cooling system provider — predicts that chip-to-atmosphere cooling   …Continue Reading

ZTE, Tancent Develop Modular Data Center

Carl Weinschenk

The Asia Nikkei reports that ZTE and Tencent Holdings have developed an environmentally-friendly data center. The Tencent West Lab is a mobile and containerized data center that uses a relatively low level of energy to operate, the story says. Capacity is added in a block-by-block fashion. Such expansions can be accomplished in about two weeks. Indirect   …Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Project Natick Moves Forward

Carl Weinschenk

Microsoft is set to take the next step with Project Natick, its experiment in efficiently cooling datacenters by submerging them in the ocean. IT Business Edge reports that Ben Cutler, Microsoft’s project manager on the development, said that the submersible used in the next phase of the project will be four times as large and   …Continue Reading

Brookfield to Power Facebook’s Irish Datacenter

Carl Weinschenk

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners and Facebook have announced a renewable supply agreement. Under the pact, Brookfield will supply all of the wind power used by Facebook’s Clonee, County Meath, Ireland facility. The datacenter now is under construction. The Yahoo story says that Brookfield has more than 465 MW of wind assets in Ireland. The contract, which   …Continue Reading

How the Green Datacenter Revolution Affects Your Website

John Stevens

How the Green Datacenter Revolution Affects Your Website What increasingly energy efficient datacenter design can mean for you When you hire a company to host your website, you’re basically paying that company to arrange for the code to your website to made available to computers around the world, 24/7/365.  That company may store and run   …Continue Reading

Consolidate Datacenters – Carefully

Carl Weinschenk

There are three steps to successful consolidation of datacenters. Steve Cronin, writing at FCW, points to the need to consolidate datacenters in accordance with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative that began in 2010. The deadline for the initiative was November, 2015. But consolidating – and doing so carefully — remains “incredibly important,” he writes. To   …Continue Reading

Iron Mountain Incorporates Wind Power

Carl Weinschenk

Iron Mountain has signed a 15-year wind power purchase agreement and bought into a wind turbine farm that is being constructed in Ringer Hill, PA. The deal is for 30 percent of the storage and information management firm’s North American footprint. The press release says that Iron Mountain is purchasing two-thirds of the facility. That is   …Continue Reading

Datacenter Monitoring From Upsite

Carl Weinschenk

Upsite Technologies’ wireless EnergyLok EMS 300 Environmental Monitoring System provides facility managers and datacenter operators with important data, according to the company. The firm says that the data from the device can optimize cooling efficiency and prevent downtime. It is scalable system that tracks a variety of variables via as many as 150 wireless sensor   …Continue Reading

The Administration Toughens Datacenter PUE Requirements

Carl Weinschenk

The Obama administration is putting the brakes on datacenters that use too much energy, according to Nextgov. The story says that the White House has set a policy that will block funding for newbuilds or or expansions of existing datacenters until they are approved by the federal chief information officer. The guidelines require agencies to maintain   …Continue Reading

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