Data Centers

Datacenters Underestimating Coal Use

Carl Weinschenk

Datacenters use tools that are obsolete for measuring their emissions, according Lux Research. The story on the research at Penn Energy said that Lux’s data scientists found a way to improve carbon reporting by a factor of 80. The results, the researchers said, is that datacenters rely much more heavily on coal than claimed by   …Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Datacenters and the Deep Blue Sea

Carl Weinschenk

It’s not often that datacenter cooling is big news in the consumer media. But it was yesterday: Microsoft introduced Project Natick, which focuses on the placement of a datacenter on the ocean floor. The story was covered everywhere. The initial research vessel is named the Leona Philpot, a character from the Halo video game. It   …Continue Reading

Facebook Building Data Center in Ireland

Carl Weinschenk

Facebook said last week that it is building a data center in the small Irish village of Clonee, which is near Dublin.   The story at Venture Beat says that the facility, which will be located on a 227-acre site, will be entirely powered by renewables. In July, Facebook said it is building a data   …Continue Reading

For Datacenters, Indirect Evaporative Cooling is a Cool Idea

Carl Weinschenk

Cooling datacenters is one of the big issues of the times: There are more datacenters and they are getting bigger. Keeping the servers and other equipment cool is paramount – and extraordinarily expensive. EnergyBiz this week posted a feature on indirect evaporative cooling, one of the main approaches to cooling. Bruce Baccei – the Project   …Continue Reading

Salesforce Buys More Wind Power

Carl Weinschenk has agreed to buy 24 MW of wind-generated power from EDF Renewable Energy, according to Bloomberg. The Salt Fork Wind project in Texas will be completed this year. The deal, the story says, follows an agreement last month in which agreed to by 40 MW of power from a wind farm in West   …Continue Reading

Switch SUPERNAP Data Centers Go With Renewable Power

Carl Weinschenk

Switch said that as of the first day of the year all of its SUPENAP data centers – and the 1,000 customers they serve – were completely powered by renewable energy, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The story says that Switch uses power generated at Switch Station 1 and Switch Station 2, which are   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Goal for 2016: Bridge the Knowledge Gap

Carl Weinschenk

The high level takeaway from research conducted by Digital Lumens and Peerless Research Group is that facility managers understand how important efficiency efforts are and have a good idea of what they want to accomplish – but haven’t yet figured out how to achieve those goals. There always is a gap between the time that an   …Continue Reading

Data Center Energy Demand: Is the Grid Overmatched?

Carl Weinschenk

A report from Northbridge Energy Partners examines the increasing demands of data centers and the limitations of power grids. The report, which was written by Peter Kelly-Detwiler, says that demand is growing both in terms of storage and processing. This has led to more super computer data center and high performance computers. Indeed, the amount   …Continue Reading

Five Questions You Should Ask About PUE

Srikanth Murugan

Developed by The Green Grid, power usage effectiveness (PUE) is a very useful metric for measuring the energy efficiency of a data center. PUE is calculated by dividing the overall power entering the facility by the power consumed by the IT load within it — the target being to get as close as possible to   …Continue Reading

Google Signs for 842 MW of Wind and Solar Power

Carl Weinschenk

Google this week said it will nearly double the amount of renewable energy used to drive its data centers, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The commitment, the site says, is for as much as 842 MW of power from six wind and solar facilities, according to the site. The farms are in the United   …Continue Reading