Energy Efficiency

Four Utility Trends to Watch as Alternative Energy Solutions Gain Traction

Swapnil Shah

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama underscored the mounting prevalence of a full portfolio of energy solutions including alternative energy, like solar. In view of the diversification of consumer energy options, the utility industry finds itself at a pivotal inflection point and we are beginning to see major shifts in how   …Continue Reading

Reducing Standby Mode for Elevators Saves Energy

Linda Hardesty

Elevators and escalators use only 2-5 percent of the energy in most buildings, but can reach as high as 50 percent during peak operational times, according to a new study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The “Advancing Elevator Energy Efficiency” report was published with the support of UTC Building & Industrial   …Continue Reading

Roanoke Achieves 16% Energy Savings Since 2009

Linda Hardesty

The city of Roanoke, Va., through the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge, has committed to 20 percent savings by 2020 across more than 25 buildings, covering one million square feet. Roanoke has already achieved 16 percent energy savings since 2009, and its Better Buildings Challenge showcase project, a retrofit of the Berglund Center, is expected to   …Continue Reading

NutriLED Helps Plants Thrive, Saves Energy

Linda Hardesty

Hubbell Lighting’s NutriLED provides spectrally-tuned light to optimize growth and germination for indoor horticulture operations. Plants only absorb the blue wavelength and red wavelength portion of light, not utilizing any of the other wavelengths. NutriLED’s blend of red and blue wavelengths and light intensities for chlorophyll absorption means there is virtually no wasted energy producing   …Continue Reading

New Technology Saves Water, Generates Energy

Karen Henry

The University of Arizona (UA), in collaboration with RePower Design, has developed a new technology that slows the evaporation of water from mining tailings ponds and reservoirs, while simultaneously generating solar energy, reports Mining Innovation News. Called Hexocover, the technology consists of modular floating hexagonal plastic panels that can be linked together to cover over   …Continue Reading

Rockstart Selects 2015 Smart Energy Accelerator Startups

Karen Henry

Rockstart has selected the following nine startups for its 2015 Smart Energy Accelerator program, a 180-day intensive program designed to help early stage smart energy companies go to market faster by providing funding, mentorship and investment connections: P3 makes it easier for people to generate energy within their own communities. The UK-based startup makes it possible   …Continue Reading

Utilities Encourage Energy Efficiency, Engagement, Collaboration via Social Media

Sapna Maniar

Have you considered how your utility’s reputation and brand are perceived and influenced by your customers’ online social media interactions? A JD Power report from 2013 found that utility customers today consult social media channels prior to making equipment purchase decisions. Social media is reshaping energy consumption and behavior patterns as utility customers spend more time on   …Continue Reading

County in Ohio Takes Energy Efficiency into Its Own Hands

Karen Henry

At a time when the state of Ohio is rolling back energy-efficiency standards, a group of community governments in southeast Ohio have formed the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC), Athens News reports. The group has drafted a plan to lower electricity prices and produce more renewable energy for Athens County. In June 2014, Ohio Governor   …Continue Reading

Tankless Hot Water Heater for Commercial Applications

Linda Hardesty

Intellihot rolled out the iQ1501 – a new product in its line of tankless hot water heaters. The iQ1501 delivers 1.5 million BTUs (British Thermal Units) with no storage tanks required for high-cycle commercial applications. The iQ1501 offers 50 percent increased capacity from the iQ1000 model, in a compact unit weighing 680 lbs. and 30” wide,   …Continue Reading

Ingersoll Rand Offers Greener Refrigerant-Bearing Products

Linda Hardesty

Ingersoll Rand has created the EcoWise portfolio for its climate and industrial refrigerant-bearing products that are designed to lower environmental impact with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and energy efficient operation. Two of the first products to earn the EcoWise endorsement are: Trane Sintesis air-cooled chiller offers customers the choice of operating with a   …Continue Reading