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Energy Efficiency

Demystifying PACE

Jennifer Hermes

Only about 1% of the building stock in the United States is new, making the opportunity for efficiency projects in aging, energy-hog facilities an obvious opportunity. Yet, the problem with traditional financing is its lack of consideration of the actual financial impact of an efficiency project. Standard corporate loans are the antithesis of energy efficiency,   …Continue Reading

Germany Uses Economies of Scale to Shape Renewables Market

Karen Henry

In the race for renewable energy adoption, Germany is the clear leader among industrialized nations. Over the last 10 years, it has spent more than $140 billion on its renewable energy program, using guaranteed returns to lure farmers, homeowners, businesses and local cooperatives to install solar panels, wind turbines, biogas plants and other sources of   …Continue Reading

Westinghouse Generators Provide Portable Power for Commercial Tasks

Linda Hardesty

Westinghouse PRO-SERIES Portable Generators for residential and commercial applications – the 8KPRO and 10KPRO – provide power sources with up to 11 hours of run time. The generators offer up to 12,500 starting watts and 10,000 running watts and are rated to work with commercial tools on a job site. The generators’ low-idle control lowers   …Continue Reading

Sleep Mode Helps Schools Save $50 per Computer

Linda Hardesty

The US Environmental Protection Agency is helping schools with its Energy Star Low Carbon IT Campaign – an initiative to manage power for school computers. Via this program, US secondary schools, colleges and universities are on track to save $40 million dollars per school year, says the EPA. Since 2012, schools have been taking steps   …Continue Reading

Big Businesses Address Water Energy Nexus

Karen Henry

Last week’s World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden, put a spotlight on the topic of the water energy nexus, the idea being that since water is energy intensive and energy is water intensive, finding a solution to optimize the water efficiency of energy production and the energy efficiency of water management should be integrated.   …Continue Reading

High Efficiency Space Heater Suits Smaller Commercial Spaces

Linda Hardesty

Expanding its new line of SA-Series space heaters, Cambridge Engineering has added the SA350, capable of delivering 350 MBH (350,000 BTUs per hour) for commercial and industrial applications. The Cambridge SA-Series uses the same technology as the larger ultra high efficiency Cambridge S-Series but is sized for heating and ventilation of smaller spaces. Cambridge’s patented   …Continue Reading

Utah State’s Wayne Estes Center Is Set to Net Big Energy Savings

Karen Henry

Utah State University recently completed construction of its 32,744-sq-foot Wayne Estes Training Center, which houses the campus’ basketball practice facility and 1,400-seat volleyball court. The Center is seeking LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council. Windows line the lobby, allowing plenty of daylight to enter the building and helping the facility to save   …Continue Reading

More than Half of US Companies Project Increased Energy Efficiency Investment in 2015

Karen Henry

Schneider Electric has released the results of a recently commissioned survey of 301 energy leaders across the United States. The results reveal that three quarters of decision-makers at US companies have invested in energy efficiency programs in the past 12 months, and 56 percent project their investment in energy efficiency next year will be more   …Continue Reading

ASHRAE Might Get Involved in Residential

Linda Hardesty

ASHRAE is exploring its role in residential, looking at how it can contribute most effectively to the improvement of the performance of residential buildings. The Society recently released a report, “ASHRAE and the Residential Construction Market,” which contains a series of recommendations to its board of directors. The first recommendation is that ASHRAE establish a   …Continue Reading

Telkonet Creates Mobile Energy Monitoring Apps

Linda Hardesty

Telkonet launched EcoCentral Virtual Engineer mobile applications for iOS and Android phones. The native apps were internally created by Telkonet’s software engineers. The apps enable control of Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform for energy and operational management as well as monitoring and controlling HVAC, plug load and lighting. Version 1.0 of the EcoCentral Virtual Engineer mobile app   …Continue Reading

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