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Energy Efficiency

Price of Carbon Credits Rises In Europe, Which is a Good Thing

Ken Silverstein

Whatever your thoughts are on trading carbon credits to reduce the levels of heat-trapping emissions, European leaders think they are making progress. Long criticized as being ineffective because the price of credits was too cheap and the cost of exceeding compliance rates was too low, the program is now evolving. Carbon prices have risen nearly   …Continue Reading

Want a Green and Energy Conscious Business? Try These Ideas

Ken Silverstein

Companies intent on going green and saving energy should look to their leaders — the ones who are at the top of the organization and who send off signals to both their employees and the general public by the things they do. That’s according to Environmental Protection, an online publication, which says that chief executives   …Continue Reading

California is Among the National Leaders in Energy Efficiency and Economic Gains

Ken Silverstein

California is a big state with a huge appetite for energy. But a new report says that despite that size and need, the state compares well to others when it comes to energy efficiency. In fact, its per capita energy consumption is among the lowest in the nation. “While California consumes the second largest amount   …Continue Reading

ASHRAE Looks at Energy Efficiency in a World Without Price Tags

Carl Weinschenk

All of us – including energy managers – live in a world in which decisions are based on multiple variables. Pluses and minuses are compared and contrasted and a final determination is made. ASHRAE has just released news of what seems to be a very valuable exercise that looked at energy efficiency initiatives a bit   …Continue Reading

Non-Profits May Get Energy Efficiency Help

Carl Weinschenk

The Senate has approved – by an 85-12 vote – a bill that would provide energy efficiency grants to non-profit institutions, according to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The story says that The Energy Policy Modernization Act was authored by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Hoeven (R-ND). It grants as much as $200,000 to non-profits – including   …Continue Reading

New Energy Management System Reveals Issues & Opportunities

Jennifer Hermes

This article is sponsored by EnergyCAP. One month before Jason Laros stepped into the post of city energy manager for Tucson, AZ, the city began an energy management software acquisition process. At the time, the city’s energy office was employing interns to help crunch the numbers on the top 20–30 buildings in spreadsheets. Historical utility   …Continue Reading

Can the IoT Power Motor Health and Efficiency?

Carl Weinschenk

ABB Motors and Generators’ Tom Bertheau describes smart sensor platforms that the company is deploying quite simply: They are, he said, “fitbits for motors.” The parallel to fitbits — wearable devices that monitor the amount of energy expended during exercise or daily activities — seems apt. Both are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT),   …Continue Reading

3 Projects at Lawrence Berkeley Lab Could Save $2B Annually

Carl Weinschenk

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory this week announced three research projects that aim to reduce the energy consumption of electrical devices, according to The Daily Californian. The goal of the projects are to increase plug load efficiency which, the story says, represent 25 percent of energy use in California. The projects look at using information   …Continue Reading

California Mulls Deep Cuts to Tech Energy Use Limits

Carl Weinschenk

Good news for energy managers in California: The state is preparing to radically cut the maximum amount of electricity that can be consumed by computers, monitors and signage. The new rules likely will have impact beyond California. Driving vendors to hit far higher efficiency targets in the huge market could drive many to adopt the limits   …Continue Reading

Real Time Data Changing Manufacturing

Carl Weinschenk

There are three ways in which real time big data analytics is changing manufacturing, according to Bill Kenworthy, who is the Director of Business Development for Direct Energy. Kenworthy wrote at Manufacturing Business Technology that one of the changes is using real time big data analytics to create a road map to smarter energy management. It   …Continue Reading

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