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Energy Efficiency

Capegemini, Siemens Working on Analytics Platform

Carl Weinschenk

Capegemini and Siemens Building Technologies Division are working on a cloud-based services platform that will offer asset management and analytics capabilities. The companies say that the partnership will add the functionality to the Web-based Energy & Sustainability Navigator platform. The press release from Capegemini says that the platform has avoided release of 10.5 million tons   …Continue Reading

Affordable Housing Pushes Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the biggest mover in energy efficiency in the multi-family dwelling unit sector is housing for people with low incomes.

It’s Check-In Time for Hotel Energy and Water Management

Carl Weinschenk

From an energy efficiency standpoint, hotels seem to have much in common with office buildings. And they indeed do: Hotels and office buildings generally are large structures that often are managed in portfolios. Increasing energy efficiency at a hotel involves many of the same technical steps as doing so in an office. But there are significant differences. MACH   …Continue Reading

The World Resources Institute Offers a “Blueprint” for Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

The World Resources Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has released a report – “Accelerating Building Efficiency” – that speaks to a lot of constituencies at a very high level about the advantages of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. It also tells the various stakeholders the best ways to turn that vision into a reality.

Avista Program Helps Small Business Become Energy Efficient

Carl Weinschenk

Seattle PI posted a piece this week about Avista Corp.’s energy efficiency program, which is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses. The dynamics are different at this level, the piece says: There rarely is a person charged with energy efficiency matters, so the responsibility flows to the boss. He or she has little expertise or time to   …Continue Reading

The Microturbine Market Gains Traction

Carl Weinschenk

It’s only May, but it already has been a good year for Capstone Turbine. The company has announced 13 deals, mostly of multiple units. The key element of a turbine is a wheel or rotor. It is made to revolve by an outside force, which could be water, steam, or – in the case of   …Continue Reading

Building a Better Turbine

Carl Weinschenk

Waste gases are a problem. If vented or flared without being properly treated, they contribute to pollution and global warming. Conditioning them to be disposed of properly is expensive, however. The problem would be solved if a way is found to use the dirty and diluted gases to produce the heat that is necessary to generate the   …Continue Reading

Utility Data Aggregation: How to Take the Best Approach

Jennifer Hermes

Energy services and software providers tend to perform a variety of strategic activities, including performing building audits, evaluating peak demand, implementing energy efficiency products for customers, qualifying customers’ risks in deregulated energy markets, creating detailed energy reports, etc. All of these activities have one, rather cumbersome thing in common: they require the aggregation of utility data, and manual approaches are inefficient and   …Continue Reading

Climate and Energy Policies Working

Carl Weinschenk

Proud Green Building today posted a piece on the success of climate and energy policies in commercial and residential buildings in the United States. The post cites estimates from Dr. Margaret Walls, a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future, who found that 15 cities in the United States have benchmarking and disclosure laws. Some   …Continue Reading

Price of Carbon Credits Rises In Europe, Which is a Good Thing

Ken Silverstein

Whatever your thoughts are on trading carbon credits to reduce the levels of heat-trapping emissions, European leaders think they are making progress. Long criticized as being ineffective because the price of credits was too cheap and the cost of exceeding compliance rates was too low, the program is now evolving. Carbon prices have risen nearly   …Continue Reading

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