Energy Efficiency

Smart Computer Use Hikes Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

The facility manager’s job, of course, is to improve energy efficiency. In most cases, this involves HVAC and other elements relating directly to the operation of the building. But the specific activities going on within the building are vital as well — and the potential source of great gains in efficiency. The advent of the Internet   …Continue Reading

LED Projects Must Be Carefully Planned

Carl Weinschenk

Experts peg the changeover to LEDs as perhaps the most dramatic way to improve energy efficiency. It is the “killer app.” It therefore is no surprise that projects are announced on an almost daily basis. There extravagant claims about energy and cost savings, better quality light and longer operational life of the LEDs generally are true.   …Continue Reading

Energy Managers Buoyed By Supreme Court’s Demand Response Decision

Ken Silverstein

Just after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal regulators can remove barriers to demand response programs, energy managers sprung to life. Why? Corporate energy managers will now have more insight into their business operations and thereby greater certainty about their decisions and their investments. At issue is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order   …Continue Reading

Datacenters Underestimating Coal Use

Carl Weinschenk

Datacenters use tools that are obsolete for measuring their emissions, according Lux Research. The story on the research at Penn Energy said that Lux’s data scientists found a way to improve carbon reporting by a factor of 80. The results, the researchers said, is that datacenters rely much more heavily on coal than claimed by   …Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Datacenters and the Deep Blue Sea

Carl Weinschenk

It’s not often that datacenter cooling is big news in the consumer media. But it was yesterday: Microsoft introduced Project Natick, which focuses on the placement of a datacenter on the ocean floor. The story was covered everywhere. The initial research vessel is named the Leona Philpot, a character from the Halo video game. It   …Continue Reading

NY State Sets Student Energy Contest

Carl Weinschenk

New York State has launched the “Energy to Lead Competition.” It is aimed at teams of students from the state’s colleges and universities who are being encouraged to develop campus and community clean energy projects, according to the press release. The competition is part of the Reforming the Energy Vision’s (REV) Campus Challenge. The goal   …Continue Reading

JM Family Enterprises Goes Big with cr360

Carl Weinschenk

JM Family Enterprises, which is 21st on Forbes’ list of America’s largest private companies, is using sustainable software from cr360 to cut costs and increase efficiency, according to a press release posted at Environmental Experts. The release says that JM, which among other holdings own subsidiaries that distribute Toyota and Scion vehicles, is using cr360   …Continue Reading

2015 for PV: It Was a Very Good Year

Carl Weinschenk

GTM Research reported this week that its preliminary numbers show that solar photo voltaic installations in last year outstripped the 2014 total by 34 percent. The story at Clean Technica said that the decision at the end of 2015 by Congress to extend the investment tax credit is evidence of the importance of governmental actions.   …Continue Reading

Salesforce Buys More Wind Power

Carl Weinschenk has agreed to buy 24 MW of wind-generated power from EDF Renewable Energy, according to Bloomberg. The Salt Fork Wind project in Texas will be completed this year. The deal, the story says, follows an agreement last month in which agreed to by 40 MW of power from a wind farm in West   …Continue Reading

10 Things Companies Should Know about the Changing Electric Grid

Liz Delaney

How the Low-Carbon Electricity Revolution Affects the Grid’s Biggest Customers The electricity grid of the United States is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Coal-fired and nuclear power plants are closing their doors, renewable energy from wind and solar energy is gaining market share and natural gas has become the dominant source of grid electricity in many   …Continue Reading