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Energy Efficiency

Past Honeywell Energy Savings Finance Future Pa. Retrofit

Leon Walker

The Harrisburg Housing Authority (HHA) in Pennsylvania will help finance the renovation of a vacant housing complex using guaranteed energy savings from previous Honeywell-led improvements at other authority-owned properties. Some $10.8 million of the $21 million needed to renovate the 159-unit Jackson Towers complex will be drawn from previous Honeywell-guaranteed energy savings. Those prior efforts have helped HHA   …Continue Reading

AC Kinetics Releases VSD Motor Control Software

Linda Hardesty

AC Kinetics, a developer of energy efficient motion-control and vibration reduction technology for motors, has released a modular software library for variable speed drives (VSDs) to enable a reduction in the energy used by AC induction motors. AC Kinetics developed several algorithms for electric motor control that reduce energy consumption in large motors, averaging 10   …Continue Reading

Investment in Aging Coal Plants a Losing Proposition

Jennifer Hermes

Across the United States, economics are increasingly favoring investment in renewable energy at the expense of dirty coal energy. As the price of solar dips below coal and even natural gas in some instances, the domestic demand for coal wanes and a growing number of companies are eager to get out of their investments in   …Continue Reading

Best Building Practices Reduce Emissions and Energy Costs

William Opalka

The places to make strides in emissions reductions and energy costs are large institutions and corporate facilities, according to JLL, who says the companies most focused on energy efficiency typically share five strategies: 1)    Keep it simple—at first. Companies need to take small and immediate steps that produce immediate returns. An energy audit will reveal immediate steps that   …Continue Reading

Georgetown Univ. Launches $5M Energy Competition

Linda Hardesty

Georgetown University is hosting a multi-year incentive competition that challenges small- to medium-size US communities to implement creative strategies to increase energy efficiency. Forty-nine communities have signed a letter of intent to compete, so far. Georgetown is using the prize to tap the creativity and spirit of competition between communities across the country to develop   …Continue Reading

Is the Low Hanging Fruit of Energy Efficiency Gone?

Linda Hardesty

Starting today, Colorado’s Public Utility Commission (PUC) is hearing arguments on a proposal initiated by Xcel Energy to roll back the state’s energy efficiency goals. After the hearings, PUC will review all the testimony as well as staff recommendations and make its decision, likely by mid-June. The current energy efficiency goal set by the PUC   …Continue Reading

Data Center Efficiency Parallels Paper Recycling

William Opalka

Mention data center on the first Earth Day 44 years ago today and most people might think of the public library, if they grasped the concept at all. In 1970, much of the concern about the environment included bulging landfills and the more than 44 million tons of paper waste generated annually. Today, much of   …Continue Reading

Louisiana School Wins 2013 Energy Star Building Competition

Linda Hardesty

In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency hosted its fourth season of the Energy Star Battle of the Buildings Competition to see which building could cut its energy use the most. More than 3,200 buildings from all 50 states, two US territories, and the District of Columbia battled to attain top honors. Together they saved more   …Continue Reading

NC Schools Save $687,000 on Energy

Linda Hardesty

The Cabarrus County Schools in Concord, NC, hired Educon – Educational Consulting in 2012 to help several of its schools reduce energy costs. Since implementing Educon’s program, the schools have saved about $687,000 in energy expenses over the past two years – about 10 percent of the school system’s energy budget, reports The Charlotte Observer.   …Continue Reading

Energy Star’s IT Tips

Leon Walker

Putting computers to sleep at the end of the day and buying efficient IT equipment are just two of the ways the Energy Star Low Carbon IT Campaign suggests companies can reduce the impact of their computing. Companies can save between $10 and $50 per computer per year simply by putting them to sleep using computer   …Continue Reading

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