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Two Critical Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Current Energy Contract

Staff Writer

Take a second and think about the energy buying process at your organization. Maybe you already have a routine in place and sign a new supply agreement when renewal time comes around.

Assessing Leadership: The Dynamic Building Energy Management Systems Market

Casey Talon

The transformation of a facility into an intelligent building creates lucrative business benefits. The efficiency gains achieved with this kind of optimized building translate into lower operating costs, higher sustainability performance, and greater occupant satisfaction. Intelligent building software, or a building energy management system (BEMS), is the keystone of this transformation—the brains of the intelligent   …Continue Reading

The Next Generation: How Microgrids Are Changing the Business Landscape

Ken Silverstein

College campuses are the epitome of free thinking and where innovation often gets its roots. Burning greener fuel and improving energy management are two sprouting concepts there — ideas that are being facilitated by micro-grids.

AEEE: Efficiency Rising as an Energy Resource

Carl Weinschenk

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to think of energy efficiency as a resource. But the AEEE did just that – and found that it is third in the electric generation segment. And it may top the list in 2030.

Can We Just Use Less AC? And How Buildings are Becoming More Efficient

Ken Silverstein

According to the International Energy Agency in Paris, if the world wants to meet its climate targets set last December, something must be done. To that end, it says that more enforcement of building codes is necessary, which will in turn create more efficient buildings that would require less cooling.

Challenge: Computers Use Far Too Much Energy

Carl Weinschenk

The bad news is that PCs and other computer gear use so much electricity that an energy crisis is not far off. The good news is that progress is being made — and that steps to curb consumption can be implemented immediately.

Tesla’s Takeover: Creating the First Integrated Energy Company

Sara Gutterman

Is Tesla’s recently submitted offer to purchase SolarCity, valued at $2.8 billion, a grand plan to create an integrated energy company, or a last ditch attempt to save an empire deeply in debt?

Energy Efficiency Through Plug Load Control: Not Exciting…But Effective

Carl Weinschenk

Control of plug loads, which is far from the glitziest tools in an energy manager’s tool chest, can be one of the most useful.

The Software Solution to Enterprise Efficiency: Don’t Overlook Midsize Buildings

Casey Talon

The brain of the intelligent building, or the building energy management system (BEMS), gives customers the software analytics that translate more data into better information.

Heat Wave Could Leave Southern California Short of Natural Gas and Cause Blackouts

Ken Silverstein

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the California ISO, which orders up generation and schedules its delivery over the transition system, says that natural gas shortages could hit the Los Angeles area and perhaps cause two-weeks worth of electrical blackouts this summer.