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PACE Financing Sets Its Sights on the Commercial Sector

Carl Weinschenk

This week, The YGRENE Energy Fund was lauded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge for facilitating more than $100 million in commercial energy efficiency projects through Property Assisted Clean Energy (PACE) financing. That’s a lot of money – but just the start of the firm’s involvement with commercial entities, said Louis-Philippe Lalonde, YGRENE’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Lalonde   …Continue Reading

The Microturbine Market Gains Traction

Carl Weinschenk

It’s only May, but it already has been a good year for Capstone Turbine. The company has announced 13 deals, mostly of multiple units. The key element of a turbine is a wheel or rotor. It is made to revolve by an outside force, which could be water, steam, or – in the case of   …Continue Reading

CHP Facility Approved in Springfield, MA

Carl Weinschenk

The Springfield, MA, City Council has approved Baystate Health Systems’ request for a special permit to build a $27 million combined heat and power (CHP) plant, according to MassLive. The vote was unanimous for the plant. The hope is that it will save millions of dollars in energy costs while reducing release of greenhouse gases.   …Continue Reading

Nation is Learning from Flint and Replacing Lead Water Pipes and Boston is an Example

Ken Silverstein

When it comes to lead in city water supplies, the nation is learning from Flint, Mich. In Boston, the mayor is incentivizing commercial and residential businesses to replace private lead water services. “The health and safety of our residents is our top priority and in Boston we are making significant strides towards replacing the remaining   …Continue Reading

Cogeneration Platform Saves Money, Adds Reliability for Brooklyn Beer Distributor

Carl Weinschenk

On the picturesque Brooklyn, NY, waterfront, an increasingly common alternative to traditional powering — cogeneration — is working, and working well. In fact, the only time it stopped was when the equipment was partially submerged during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Manhattan Beer Distributors – formerly Phoenix Beverages – has tremendous power needs. Keeping beer cool is   …Continue Reading

Legrand Unveils Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell From Bloom Energy

Carl Weinschenk

Legrand, a manufacturer of electrical and digital infrastructure equipment, this week unveiled a 500kW solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) from Bloom Energy. The platform has been installed in its headquarters in West Hartford, CT. The company expects the fuel cell to eventually provide 88 percent of the electricity used by the buildings on its 263,000-square-foot campus.   …Continue Reading

Energy Managers: Reach Out to the Finance Department

Carl Weinschenk

Energy managers have a lot of projects that deserve attention. They need to keep things running smoothly, enhance efficiency and institute programs that in other ways save money or improve processes. They can’t do this alone, however. The first thing that the need is money. And, for money, they have to get people from the   …Continue Reading

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to Oconomowoc

Carl Weinschenk

  The city of Oconomowoc, WI, is installing a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging station. The Common Council voted 7-1 to make the move, according to Lake Country Now. The contract will be given to Zef Energy LLC of Minnesota. The charging station will be built in a municipal parking lot. An amendment to what   …Continue Reading

Ohio State Moving Ahead with Energy Plan

Carl Weinschenk

Ohio State University said this week that it is moving ahead with phase three of its Comprehensive Energy Management plan. The goal of the plan is to contract with outside partners who would, according to The Lantern, “manage the maintenance, upkeep and operating responsibilities of the Columbus campus’ energy systems, including electricity, natural gas, chilled-water cooling   …Continue Reading

PACE Loan Providers Aim to Become Mortgage-Friendly

Carl Weinschenk

Though it is concentrated today in the residential sector, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is growing and could eventually be a common vehicle for bankrolling commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects. There is some PACE activity in the commercial sector. For instance, MLive reports that Powers Distributing, a beer distributorship in Orion Township, MI, is   …Continue Reading

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