Chicago Releases Third Year Energy Benchmarking Results

Carl Weinschenk

This week, Chicago officials released a progress report on its three-year-old energy benchmarking project. The executive summary of the report says that almost 2,700 building are in the program. Of those, more than 1,200 properties have been tracked for either two consecutive or all three years. These buildings have saved about $17.8 million in energy spending.   …Continue Reading

The IoT Opens New Opportunities for Energy Efficient Buildings

Carl Weinschenk

The great potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve energy efficiency in buildings was illustrated during the past week by an introduction and an investment. The problem addressed by the introduction is that the IoT is being deployed before interoperability and other standards and protocols are fully developed and in place. This means   …Continue Reading

Energy Management Systems are Great Tools — If Used Correctly

Carl Weinschenk

EMSes generate a lot of data. That’s great—if they are monitoring the right things and processes are in place to make sense of what is flooding in.

Evanston, IL, Aldermen Vote for Benchmarking

Carl Weinschenk

Large buildings in Evanston, IL, will be required to benchmark energy performance, according to the Daily Northwestern. The newspaper of Northwestern University, which is in Evanston, reported that aldermen voted 7-2 this week to compel buildings of more than 200,00 square feet to benchmark. More than 550 buildings in the city will be impacted, the   …Continue Reading

IMT: Apartments Can Save $3.4B Annually

Carl Weinschenk

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) says that energy efficiency efforts in multifamily buildings potentially can save almost $3.4 billion annually. The report is entitled “Catalyzing Efficiency: Unlocking Energy Information and Value in Apartment Buildings.” The press release says that almost 38 million people live in buildings containing five or more units in the United   …Continue Reading

Urjanet and THG Link

Carl Weinschenk

Urjanet and THG Energy Solutions have announced a partnership. The deal will combine Urjanet’s automated and standardized utility data with THG’s Web-based energy management platform. More specifically, Urjanet will provide customer utility data to THG. That data, the press release says, will be imported into its Energy Intelligence Suite. THG provides utility bill management services   …Continue Reading

Unlocking the Power of Building Data

Staff Writer

Are you dealing with vast amounts of building data spread across various reports, spreadsheets, and in multiple formats?  Successful building operations requires a keen understanding of all data points, from every source, utility, sensor and occupant. It requires an integrated, centralized, normalized view of data to discover insights and make improvements. Unlocking the power of data gives you the   …Continue Reading

Dissecting the Data Revolution

Carl Weinschenk

Organizations want more data. But why is this, exactly? What are the best ways for energy managers to put the data to work?

Harnessing Big Data Power Promises Greater Rewards for Environment & Businesses

Omkar Gaikwad

More organizations, especially the ones active in the energy sector have reasons more than one to depend on Big Data If you thought Big Data was just as an impressive show of an advance technology, you may be missing out on its capabilities to solve critical problems. In fact, research analysts at Allied Market Research   …Continue Reading

The IBM Watson/ISS Partnership: The Marriage of Big Data and Building Management Continues

Carl Weinschenk

There are a number of offerings in the marketplace that do some variation of what IBM Watson and Current are doing: Taking data from sensors in buildings and applying advanced analytics to generate information and insights that can create efficiencies and cut costs. It is important to look at the nature of the vendor as well as its technology.