Unlocking the Power of Building Data

Staff Writer

Are you dealing with vast amounts of building data spread across various reports, spreadsheets, and in multiple formats?  Successful building operations requires a keen understanding of all data points, from every source, utility, sensor and occupant. It requires an integrated, centralized, normalized view of data to discover insights and make improvements. Unlocking the power of data gives you the   …Continue Reading

Dissecting the Data Revolution

Carl Weinschenk

Organizations want more data. But why is this, exactly? What are the best ways for energy managers to put the data to work?

Harnessing Big Data Power Promises Greater Rewards for Environment & Businesses

Omkar Gaikwad

More organizations, especially the ones active in the energy sector have reasons more than one to depend on Big Data If you thought Big Data was just as an impressive show of an advance technology, you may be missing out on its capabilities to solve critical problems. In fact, research analysts at Allied Market Research   …Continue Reading

The IBM Watson/ISS Partnership: The Marriage of Big Data and Building Management Continues

Carl Weinschenk

There are a number of offerings in the marketplace that do some variation of what IBM Watson and Current are doing: Taking data from sensors in buildings and applying advanced analytics to generate information and insights that can create efficiencies and cut costs. It is important to look at the nature of the vendor as well as its technology.

CoStar, DoE Making Energy Data More Accessible

Carl Weinschenk

The CoStar Group last week announced a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) that will make far more information about commercial and industrial buildings’ energy efficiency easily accessible.

Turning Data into Knowledge–and Action

Carl Weinschenk

Mountains of data are becoming available to energy managers. The challenge is processing and displaying it all in ways that make the goals – increasing efficiency and saving money – more likely to be realized.

The Key to Efficiency is Good Data–And Challenges Remain

Carl Weinschenk

Good and deep data is the key to energy efficiency. This, in turn, drives savings and is important in creating a better image for the organization. However, it is surprising how manual the billing and energy data processes remain.

Since June 2014, Energy Prices Less. Since March, Oil Prices Up.

Ken Silverstein

Oil and natural gas prices have fallen 1.2 percent since June 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Efficiency Program for Multifamily Housing Offered in CT

Carl Weinschenk

A program aimed at generating energy savings for multifamily housing units in Connecticut–Benchmark CT–has launched. The program currently is available for 1,600 buildings. It is a partnership between the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), the Connecticut Green Bank (CGB) and WegoWise. The latter provides monitoring and analytics that reduces energy and water use in multifamily   …Continue Reading

Oracle and Opower to Team Up to Make Big Data Even Bigger

Ken Silverstein

Oracle will buy Opower for $532 million.