ZBB Unveils EMS for C&I Buildings

Karen Henry

ZBB Energy has introduced the Matrix Energy Management System, an energy synchronization system that enables a reduction in the cost of electricity and increases the financial returns of building distributed generation systems. The Matrix system enables commercial and industrial (C&I) building owners to monetize as many energy management functions and applications as possible by actively synchronizing   …Continue Reading

PowerWise Offers Web Controls for Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Linda Hardesty

PowerWise has created smartphone and web controls for mini-split heat pump combined cooling and heating devices. Mini-split users can now control temperature settings online, as part of an energy management dashboard. Users can set up to eight heating and cooling periods. Commercial customers can also apply thermostat templates to multiple locations. PowerWise says it expanded   …Continue Reading

Getting Serious About Energy Metrics

Pieter Noordam

Bridging the gap between collecting data and really knowing what you’re paying for. As energy costs continue to rise and the pressure to become more environmentally friendly continues to mount, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to use energy more efficiently, lower carbon impact and reduce energy spending. Traditional methods for understanding a company’s energy   …Continue Reading

Honeywell Smart Building Technology Uses ‘Tablet-Like’ Visualization

Linda Hardesty

Honeywell’s next generation of smart building technology, Command and Control Suite, turns complex facility data into recommendations. All components of the Command and Control Suite were built with the intuitive simplicity of tablets to make the technology accessible to both a facility manager and a chief operating officer. The Command Wall, the core of the   …Continue Reading

Framingham Saves $380,000 per Year with ESPC

Linda Hardesty

The Town of Framingham, Massachusetts, is partnering with Ameresco on a comprehensive $6 million energy savings performance contract (ESPC) to improve town buildings. The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016. The project includes energy efficiency measures that will save $380,000 annually. The ESPC is a central tool to the town’s commitment to   …Continue Reading

EU Smart Campus Pilot Achieves 30% Energy Savings

Linda Hardesty

A three-year Europe-wide Smart Campus project targeted energy efficiency in non-residential university buildings and reached a 30 percent energy savings. Smart Campus was funded by the European Commission, and used Enoro’s centralized meter data management Generis to collect the energy consumption data from the pilot campuses, validate it and provide the campuses with feedback on   …Continue Reading

SustainCo Wins $575,000 Contract for Energy Management Controls

Linda Hardesty

SustainCo, through its operating group VCI Controls, has been awarded a contract worth over $575,000 by Dependable Mechanical Systems. Work has commenced for energy management controls for Phase II of the redevelopment of Kipling Acres Homes for the Aged, a City of Toronto property. SustainCo had previously completed work on Phase I and has been   …Continue Reading

Urjanet Accelerates International Expansion

Karen Henry

Urjanet has continued its international expansion into the European and Asian markets. The utility data provider has already launched in 13 countries outside of North America, including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, with plans to expand to an additional 30 countries by the end of the year. Urjanet’s expansion is being driven   …Continue Reading

ComEd, Schneider Electric Help Commercial Customers Use Green Button for Energy Savings

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric is helping ComEd commercial customers to save energy via Green Button Connect My Data in northern Illinois. The Green Button functionality allows customers to authorize third-party service providers to receive direct access to their energy usage data. ComEd offers Energy Insights Online, a free web-based energy analysis service that interfaces with Green Button.   …Continue Reading

Raritan Does Hotel Energy Management via Data Center

Karen Henry

Raritan has helped Choice Hotels, the parent company of Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Sleep Inn, EconoLodge and Cambria Suites, transition to a “lights out” data center. Raritan was charged with creating a data center management system that could be deployed with no disruption to Choice Hotel’s 24-hour reservation systems, provide reliable power delivery and include an easy-to-use,   …Continue Reading