OG&E Pays $7.5M in Energy Efficiency Incentives to C&I Customers in 2016

Cheryl Kaften

Oklahoma Gas and Electric had paid businesses of all sizes more than $7.5 million in energy-saving incentives this year, as of December 19, the utility announced. That figure reflects 750 projects among large commercial and industrial facilities, schools and government buildings, and small businesses. Combined energy savings came to more than 80 million kWh.

Report: Global Industrial Energy Efficiency Sector Worth $10.18B in 2020

Carl Weinschenk

The global industrial energy efficiency services market will enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 6 percent during the next four years, according to Technavio. The report, which tracks the market from last year through 2020, says that its value will be $10.18 billion at the end of the study period. The   …Continue Reading

Want to Improve Building Efficiencies? Get Peer Reviewed and Employees Engaged

Ken Silverstein

A key step to improving building efficiencies is to have companies visit the sites of others and to learn from their experiences.

NYC Hospitals Reduce Energy Use by 10 Percent

Carl Weinschenk

A number of strategies – including new boilers, deployment of LEDs and new steam traps – have led to significant gains.

Energy Management Systems are Great Tools — If Used Correctly

Carl Weinschenk

EMSes generate a lot of data. That’s great—if they are monitoring the right things and processes are in place to make sense of what is flooding in.

Evanston, IL, Aldermen Vote for Benchmarking

Carl Weinschenk

Large buildings in Evanston, IL, will be required to benchmark energy performance, according to the Daily Northwestern. The newspaper of Northwestern University, which is in Evanston, reported that aldermen voted 7-2 this week to compel buildings of more than 200,00 square feet to benchmark. More than 550 buildings in the city will be impacted, the   …Continue Reading

A Deep Retrofit with a Message

Carl Weinschenk

The American Geophysical Union is about to embark on a year-long project. The goals are to make the AGU’s headquarters net-zero–and show other organizations how it’s done.

The City Energy Project Grows

Carl Weinschenk

A lot of information has been amassed about how communities can cut energy use. Two goals of the CEP are to make sure that data is effectively implemented and shared.

Denver May Track Building Energy Use

Carl Weinschenk

The Denver City Council’s Safety, Housing, Education and Homelessness subcommittee moved forward with an ordinance that would require commercial and multifamily buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to measure and report energy use, according to Denverite. The proposal is slated for a vote of the full city council on Dec. 19. The story says that   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Goes Hand in Hand with Renewable Certification Efforts

Carl Weinschenk

LEED, the WELL Building Standard and BREEAM are important because they save energy, improve owners’ images and allow higher rents to be charged. Energy managers are on the front lines of implementation.