Energy Intensity

ESP/SurgeX Unveils Remote Diagnostics Suite

Linda Hardesty

ESP/SurgeX offers a Remote Diagnostics Suite to monitor, control, and manage the power protection needs of connected equipment, including printers, PCs, AV racks, servers and copiers. The technology can be integrated into existing OEM platforms and future ESP/SurgeX installations. ESP/SurgeX launched its initial IP-enabled product in 2009 and developed cloud-based capabilities in 2011. Additions to   …Continue Reading

How to Achieve Optimum Light Levels

Karen Henry

Too much or not enough light in a building can cause occupants to suffer from headaches and eyestrain. Before investing in expensive retrofits, an article in Buildings recommends that building owners and facility managers measure their light levels to determine if the problem might be simpler, and less expensive, to solve. A light meter is a   …Continue Reading

Avocado Exporter Installs Demand Management

Linda Hardesty

A global importer, processor and exporter of avocados, Mission Produce, which is based in Oxnard, Calif., is hiring Powerit Solutions to implement its Spara Demand Manager software at a new avocado storage facility in Peru. Spara links industrial facilities to the smart grid, so customers can control energy use. Mission Produce already participates in smart   …Continue Reading

Arc-Flash Mitigation is Top of Mind for Plant Managers

Linda Hardesty

A recent survey conducted by Littelfuse reveals that 85 percent of 825 surveyed plant professionals agree or strongly agree that arc-flash mitigation is important. In addition, 67 percent of respondents reported completing an arc-flash hazard assessment in their facilities. Arc-flash hazard assessments have been used to determine the Hazard Risk Category (HRC) of each piece   …Continue Reading

Arby’s Reduces Energy Intensity 7.6%

Linda Hardesty

Arby’s Restaurant Group announced energy reduction savings as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Arby’s says it achieved a 7.6 percent reduction in energy use intensity as a result of a variety of energy initiatives implemented in 2013 as part of its Efficiency Matters program. Efficiency Matters is a cost-saving energy management platform developed to   …Continue Reading

Led by Constellation, eCurv Raises $2.5M

Linda Hardesty

eCurv closed a $2.5 million Series A round led by Constellation Technology Ventures, the venture capital arm of Exelon Corporation. Other investors include Vodia Ventures and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. The funding will be used to scale eCurv’s operations and hire new employees. eCurv’s Queued Power Access service automatically queues the access of electric loads,   …Continue Reading

Monitor Tracks Power Usage

Linda Hardesty

NK Technologies’ APN-R Series Power Monitor measures the power usage of a single piece of equipment, an extensive machine system, an area of a plant, or an entire facility. The APN-R is equally suited for large scale plant energy management applications, as well as specific equipment monitoring tasks, such as detecting conveyor jams and overloads,   …Continue Reading

Motors@Work Manages Motor-Driven Energy

Linda Hardesty

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) selected Motors@Work to systematically support DMWW in the identification of inefficient or oversized motor-driven non-conformities and operating and design change modifications. Motors@Work will initiate and communicate repair and replacement measures and determine potential savings. It will also monitor power quality and identify anomalies to meet motor-driven systems-rated efficiency and performance levels.   …Continue Reading

Energy Intensity: A Key Energy Management Performance Indicator

Linda Hardesty

While there has been increased adoption of frameworks like ISO 50001 and EN 16001 to better organize and streamline energy management, many manufacturers are still facing challenges taking these programs to the next level in terms of results. One key performance indicator – energy intensity – is a metric that speaks directly to cost savings,   …Continue Reading

Aggregates Producer Earns Energy Star

William Opalka

Lehigh Hanson’s Downingtown, Pa. aggregates plant reduced its energy intensity by 10.7 percent within two years, earning it recognition from the Energy Star Challenge for Industry. The plant is the third Lehigh Hanson aggregates facility to achieve the rating in the past two years, giving the company the unique distinction of being the only aggregates producer to have   …Continue Reading