Energy Management System

OG&E Pays $7.5M in Energy Efficiency Incentives to C&I Customers in 2016

Cheryl Kaften

Oklahoma Gas and Electric had paid businesses of all sizes more than $7.5 million in energy-saving incentives this year, as of December 19, the utility announced. That figure reflects 750 projects among large commercial and industrial facilities, schools and government buildings, and small businesses. Combined energy savings came to more than 80 million kWh.

Report: Global Industrial Energy Efficiency Sector Worth $10.18B in 2020

Carl Weinschenk

The global industrial energy efficiency services market will enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 6 percent during the next four years, according to Technavio. The report, which tracks the market from last year through 2020, says that its value will be $10.18 billion at the end of the study period. The   …Continue Reading

Energy Management Systems are Great Tools — If Used Correctly

Carl Weinschenk

EMSes generate a lot of data. That’s great—if they are monitoring the right things and processes are in place to make sense of what is flooding in.

A Deep Retrofit with a Message

Carl Weinschenk

The American Geophysical Union is about to embark on a year-long project. The goals are to make the AGU’s headquarters net-zero–and show other organizations how it’s done.

The Thread Group Expands to Commercial and Professional Buildings

Carl Weinschenk

The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge potential to benefit commercial structures. It can drive energy efficiency by more closely controlling when systems are on and off and reporting usage in a more granular manner.   Thread is one of the initiatives aimed at creating a networking standards that make these advances possible. Earlier this   …Continue Reading

The Evolution of Whole Building Interval Data

Carl Weinschenk

The data always has been there. New tools – many of them online – are making collection and sophisticated analysis quicker and less expensive.

Energy Management Information System Implementations Must Be Supported, Carefully Planned

Carl Weinschenk

These systems are inherently complex and in many cases expensive. Identifying and working through these issues will make big benefits much more likely.

Schneider Electric Unveils Continuous Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

Schneider Electric today introduced Continuous Efficiency, which it says is a suite of managed services and software that combine onsite and remote tools. The key components of the package include assets aimed at data acquisition and quality; remote analytics and optimization; software visualization and onsite consulting, according to the press release. The release says that   …Continue Reading

Dissecting the Data Revolution

Carl Weinschenk

Organizations want more data. But why is this, exactly? What are the best ways for energy managers to put the data to work?

Zen Ecosystems Introduces Zen HQ

Carl Weinschenk

Zen HQ is an energy management tool aimed at organizations with multiple locations. The platform, which is from Zen Ecosystems, is said by the company to facilitate savings of 30 percent. Elements of the platform are intuitive scheduling, lockout controls, alerting capability and the ability to help organization participate in demand response programs. The press   …Continue Reading