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Energy Management System

Bristol, CT, Installing EMS in City Hall

Carl Weinschenk

Bristol (CT) is installing an energy management system (EMS) next month in City Hall, according to The Bristol Press. The story says that the Budderfly system will monitor usage and enable employees to see usage patterns, including spikes and potentially malfunctioning gear. The story says that a lot of the equipment in the building date   …Continue Reading

Energy Management Gets Granular with the IoT

Carl Weinschenk

The granularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it arguably the most important fundamental change in the energy management landscape in decades. The key is the ability of the IoT — along with the cloud and big data analytics, two other important new fundamental tools – to burrow deep within a building to find inefficiencies   …Continue Reading

Boston University Energy Management Seminar: Intelligent Buildings Vital

Carl Weinschenk

Structuring building electronics in a way that enables hourly measurements of energy use is a key step toward creating intelligent buildings that fight climate change, said a panelist at a seminar this week sponsored by the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE). The report on the seminar at The Daily Free Press – the   …Continue Reading

New Energy Management System Reveals Issues & Opportunities

Jennifer Hermes

This article is sponsored by EnergyCAP. One month before Jason Laros stepped into the post of city energy manager for Tucson, AZ, the city began an energy management software acquisition process. At the time, the city’s energy office was employing interns to help crunch the numbers on the top 20–30 buildings in spreadsheets. Historical utility   …Continue Reading

Can the IoT Power Motor Health and Efficiency?

Carl Weinschenk

ABB Motors and Generators’ Tom Bertheau describes smart sensor platforms that the company is deploying quite simply: They are, he said, “fitbits for motors.” The parallel to fitbits — wearable devices that monitor the amount of energy expended during exercise or daily activities — seems apt. Both are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT),   …Continue Reading

BuildingIQ Acquires NorthWrite Energy Management Software

Carl Weinschenk

Energy management software firm BuildingIQ has acquired NorthWrites Inc.’s Energy WorkSite and Facility WorkSite software applications. BuildingIQ says that the applications, which are cloud-based, will be combined with its packaged monitoring-based commissioning services to create a full suite energy information management system. The president of NorthWrite and seven staffers will join BuildingIQ. BuildingIQ says that   …Continue Reading

How the IoT Is Reshaping Building Automation

Jennifer Hermes

This article is sponsored by Transformative Wave. The Internet of Things (IoT) – a spiderweb of smart devices from phones to washing machines to garage door openers – is already changing lives, and the Building Automation Systems (BAS) industry is not exempt. This disruption – positive in most ways – cannot simply be compartmentalized. In   …Continue Reading

How Valuable Data Can Change the Energy Landscape Status Quo

Mike Carlson

I just had the opportunity to speak at the annual Energy Thought Summit, known as ETS, in Austin, TX. The city is known for its music, barbecue, but more recently, Austin is making its mark with its forward-thinking attitude toward technology and innovation. So, it’s fitting that it was in Austin where many of the   …Continue Reading

Atlanta Airport Earns ISO Certification

Carl Weinschenk

The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is the first in the United States to earn ISO 50001:2011 certification, according to AECOM. The certification is awarded for creating a “systematic framework to manage energy performance and drive continual improvement.” AECOM worked with the Department of Aviation (DOA) and Asset Management and Sustainability (AMS) to ensure that   …Continue Reading

ALDI Grocery Chain Deploys Siemens’ EMS

Carl Weinschenk

Grocery retailer ALDI has deployed Siemens’ Site Controls Energy Management System to almost 1,500 retail locations. Some of the installations were at newly constructed stores, though the lion’s share were at retrofits in which third party EMSes or thermostats were replaced, the press release says. The release says that the EMS will use advanced cloud-based approaches   …Continue Reading

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