The Importance of Energy Storage System Software

Carl Weinschenk

David Miller, the Director of Business Development for Greensmith, describes the importance of software to energy storage systems in a commentary at Clean Technica. The proper software optimizes system performance, runs complex applications and future-proofs systems as technology shifts. There are important elements to consider during the design, integration and operational phases. Overall maintenance also is   …Continue Reading

Embue Tops in Z-Wave Labs Program

Carl Weinschenk

The Z-Wave Alliance – an open consortium aimed at pushing the Z-Wave wireless communications protocol – announced that Embue is the summer winner of its Z-Wave Labs program. Z-Wave is an automation protocol for homes. Embue, which released its product last year, is developing technology that will enable multifamily property managers to reduce energy and   …Continue Reading

Refrigerator Monitors Temperatures for Pharmacy Products

Linda Hardesty

Phononic introduced SilverPoint a Wi-Fi enabled temperature monitoring system, which is embedded in Phononic’s Evolve family of cold storage products: a compact refrigerator (1.8 cu. ft.); a freezer (1.8 cu. ft.); and an undercounter refrigerator (5.5 cu. ft.). In addition to the embedded firmware, cloud-based software connected via Wi-Fi provides advanced temperature monitoring options. The   …Continue Reading

Wireless Sensors Monitor Temp, Humidity, Lighting

Linda Hardesty

Paragon Robotics data loggers use wireless sensors to access office building information from HVAC systems, allowing users to view gas, water and energy usage or lighting and occupancy. The sensor information, accessed locally or remotely, can be used to track individual suite performance and tenant usage. Paragon wireless dataloggers can be installed in individual office   …Continue Reading

Arizona City Selects EnergyCAP for Utility Tracking

Linda Hardesty

The City of Chandler, Arizona, has selected EnergyCAP software for its new utility tracking system after a formal competitive bid process. With EnergyCAP, the City will improve bill-processing efficiency, manage and analyze utility data, identify energy and cost savings, and document the benefits of energy conservation efforts. In addition to tracking 2,300 electric, gas and   …Continue Reading

Truly Transparent Benchmarking Data

Linda Hardesty

Since 2009, New York Local Law 84 mandates that owners of New York City’s large buildings submit benchmarking reports of their energy and water use. Now, the New York City non-profit Urban Green Council is taking the city’s energy benchmarking data and organizing it into a user-friendly website – Metered New York. Although the benchmarking   …Continue Reading

It’s Going to Take Time to Implement Tenant Star

Linda Hardesty

In April President Obama signed Senate Bill 535 – the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act – which, among other things, establishes a voluntary Tenant Star program to promote energy efficiency in rental property. Mahesh Tharoor, VP of Energy and Sustainability with Transwestern Sustainability Services, describes the process for Tenant Star to get off the ground. First, the Department   …Continue Reading

13 Companies Each Earn ENERGY STAR for 150 Buildings

Linda Hardesty

The US Environmental Protection Agency recognized 13 companies that each earned ENERGY STAR certification for at least 150 facilities last year. Collectively, these 13 ENERGY STAR Top Certifiers saved $562 million on their utility bills. The ENERGY STAR Top Certifiers with number of buildings certified in 2014 are: Cenergistic, 490 CBRE, 420 Goby, 346 Target   …Continue Reading

NYC Apartments Slash Energy Costs 15%

Linda Hardesty

Property management company New Holland Residences (NHR) used WegoWise software to cut its New York City properties’ energy costs by 15 percent and water consumption by up to 40 percent. Previously, NHR had to dedicate staff time to manually enter utility data into spreadsheets. Using WegoWise software, NHR automatically collected utility bills from its portfolio   …Continue Reading

Triacta Submeters Approved for NYC Multifamily Buildings

Linda Hardesty

The New York Public Service Commission approved the use of the PowerHawk 6312 high-density meter, manufactured by Triacta Power Technologies, for submetering electricity in multi-unit residential buildings. In New York, multi-family building owners and management companies are required to install and use approved submeters or risk penalties. Triacta meters’ testing at Met Labs resulted in   …Continue Reading

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