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ESOS: The Energy Data Clock Is Ticking…

Jennifer Hermes

Remember, remember the 5th of December… The fundamental ESOS question UK businesses and organizations should be asking themselves right now, is not, “Are we ready for December 2015 compliance?” but “Do we have procedures in place to capture 12 months of consecutive energy data before then?” Be warned – the latest date to start measuring   …Continue Reading

EPA Extends Comment Period for Clean Power Plan

Linda Hardesty

The US Environmental Protection Agency is extending the public comment period on the Clean Power Plan an additional 45 days, from Oct. 16 to Dec. 1, 2014. The agency unveiled its plan in June.  The extension comes following an effort from 53 senators who told EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that the previous 120-day comment period   …Continue Reading

SEPA, ScottMadden Partner for Fact Finding in Germany

Linda Hardesty

Consulting firm ScottMadden is joining the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) to lead a group of about 25 US energy executives to Germany to exchange information with electricity and solar market leaders who are adapting to change in a dynamic and controversial environment. The executives have the goal of returning with insights and practical knowledge that can   …Continue Reading

CA Clean Energy Bill Likely to Help Small Business

Jennifer Hermes

Governor Brown has the opportunity to make energy-saving upgrades possible for families and small business owners by signing Assembly Bill 1883 (Nancy Skinner- Berkeley). This bill would significantly lower the cost of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a tool which enables property owners to take advantage of energy efficiency and rooftop solar PV for their   …Continue Reading

Pennsylvania PUC Moves to Restrict Net Metering for Farmers

Linda Hardesty

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is asking the state’s Public Utility Commission to not classify farms as “commercial generating” entities for net metering purposes. The Farm Bureau submitted written comments to the PUC in response to a proposal to revise the regulatory standards for implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004, reports North   …Continue Reading

Delhi India Adopts Solar Net Metering

Linda Hardesty

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission announced rules for a new net-metering program to provide credits for solar energy contributed to the grid. Owners of on-site solar will receive credits for their excess energy, and then their local utility will pay them for their credits at the end of each financial year. The reimbursement prices have   …Continue Reading

Clean Energy Solutions & Efficiency Unlocked with Upholding of FERC Order 1000

Jennifer Hermes

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed an important Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order, giving the agency a big win and aiding in the promise of a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient power grid. By upholding FERC’s Order 1000, the court confirmed what many think is common sense: Because the power grid crosses   …Continue Reading

Are Europe’s Green Energy Rules Driving Businesses Away?

Karen Henry

European Union (EU) laws targeted at energy security and pollution reduction may have cost the UK as much as $155.6 billion, according to As a result of the laws, Business for Britain said in a recent report, companies are seeking out nations with lower energy prices. Business for Britain has launched a national drive   …Continue Reading

Seattle’s Energy Code Bests National Standard

Jennifer Hermes

Energy codes, the complex regulations that limit the energy consumed by new buildings, vary widely between states and even between cities. Not coincidentally, this distribution bears some resemblance to that familiar red state/blue state map from election season. More conservative regions of the country sometimes provide little or no regulation of building energy use, while   …Continue Reading

The CPUC’s Energy Storage Rulemaking: Developing the Bridge to a Renewable Energy Economy

Jennifer Hermes

Energy storage is widely considered to be the missing bridge between today’s electric grid, which is reliant on conventional generation that can be dispatched on demand, and an electric grid reliant on increasing levels intermittent renewable resources such as solar and wind. Unlike water, oil, or natural gas, electric energy on today’s electric grid is   …Continue Reading

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