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The CPUC’s Energy Storage Rulemaking: Developing the Bridge to a Renewable Energy Economy

Jennifer Hermes

Energy storage is widely considered to be the missing bridge between today’s electric grid, which is reliant on conventional generation that can be dispatched on demand, and an electric grid reliant on increasing levels intermittent renewable resources such as solar and wind. Unlike water, oil, or natural gas, electric energy on today’s electric grid is   …Continue Reading

Opposition to Clean Power Plan Plan ‘Ironic’

Linda Hardesty

The New York Times ran a story suggesting that in some states, politicians who oppose the Clean Power Plan may be shooting themselves (or their states) in the foot. A study conducted by the research groups Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Rhodium Group, (see video) found that the new EPA regulations governing   …Continue Reading

Solar Trade War Escalates

Linda Hardesty

The US Commerce Department has determined that some Chinese solar manufacturers are getting around trade policies by locating their factories in Taiwan, and the agency has proposed expanding its penalties on selling solar modules at unfairly low prices, reports Bloomberg. The Commerce Department could institute duties as high as 165 percent for some Chinese manufacturers   …Continue Reading

Studying Impacts of the Clean Power Plan

Linda Hardesty

The CSIS Energy and National Security Program and the Rhodium Group (RHG) release the preliminary results from their study on the economic and energy system impacts of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed 111(d) rule – the Clean Power Plan

NV Energy’s Efficiency Programs Decline in 2013

Karen Henry

NV Energy’s customers are paying higher utility bills due to a lack of state standards and utility incentives for energy efficiency programs in the state. According to two reports released recently by NV Energy, the utility’s customers saved 61 percent less in 2013 than they did as a result of the utility’s programs in 2009.   …Continue Reading

European Commission Proposes 30% Energy-Savings Target for 2030

Karen Henry

The European Commission has proposed a three-pronged energy and climate strategy for European Union (EU) nations. Under the proposed strategy, EU nations would adopt goals to increase energy savings by 30 percent by 2030, reduce greenhouse gases by 40 percent and increase the amount of renewable energy consumption to 27 percent, Bloomberg reports. The proposal   …Continue Reading

Florida Utilities Want to Drastically Scale Back Energy Efficiency Programs

Linda Hardesty

Florida’s big utilities want the state’s regulators to let them scale back energy-efficiency programs over the next five years, reports Florida Today. Executives from Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric, Gulf Power and JEA have been testifying before the Florida Public Service Commission this week. The utilities claim demand for energy efficiency   …Continue Reading

Solar Industry Gets Boost in Iowa

Karen Henry

A divided Iowa Supreme Court ruled that Eagle Point Solar would not violate Iowa law by selling energy it generates through a solar panel installation on the roof of a city building to the city of Dubuque, according to an article in the Des Moines Register. Solar industry leaders celebrated the victory, calling such power   …Continue Reading

US Puts Forward Legislation to Support Power Africa Initiative

Karen Henry

As of 2010, 68 percent of the sub-Saharan Africa population did not have access to power. For the majority of people who do have access to power, services are highly unreliable and remain at least twice as expensive compared to other emerging regions. In June 2013, President Obama announced Power Africa—an initiative to double the   …Continue Reading

AEMA: States, Consumers, Industry Rally for Demand Response Appeal

Karen Henry

In response to a US Circuit Court decision to vacate Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 745, state utility regulators, electric grid operators, demand response providers, industrial consumers and consumer advocates all filed a request for a rehearing en banc, expressing strong support for all types of demand response as a valuable resource to the   …Continue Reading

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