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Nuclear Giant Exelon Wants to Invest in Wind Energy in Ohio

Ken Silverstein

Exelon Corp is installing wind at a rapid pace, with 47 projects in 10 states — a total of 1,191 megawatts. It’s the 12th largest wind producer in the country, reports the Columbus Business Journal. Nearly 4 percent of its electricity portfolio comes from wind generation, it adds, noting that nuclear makes up two-thirds of it.

White House Just Gave Energy Storage a Big Push

Ken Silverstein

President Obama is determined that one of his lasting legacies become the expansion of the New Energy Economy, which includes renewables, microgrids and energy storage. To that end, last week, he launched a new series of executive orders to achieve such measures — with this set focused on energy storage.

Harvard Law Professor Represents Peabody Energy in Clean Power Plan Case

Ken Silverstein

Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe is moonlighting as a lawyer for Peabody Energy Corp., which is a coal producer now in bankruptcy. His day job is as a Harvard law professor. The pay? $75,000 a month, reports SNL Energy.

Apple Wants to Take a Bite out of the Wholesale Electricity Market

Ken Silverstein

Apple filed last week for permission with federal regulators to sell electricity to other large consumers or to the power grid. Apple Energy, as it will be known, is mainly intended to feed its energy-started data centers with renewable energy.

Boulder May Have to Give Up its Efforts to Municipalize Xcel’s Operations There

Ken Silverstein

It’s long, hard and expensive fight for any city to takeover their local utilities. Boulder has discovered that as it has sought to municipalize Xcel Energy’s local operations there.

NY REV needs California-style energy storage mandates, industry stakeholders say

Sudipta Lahiri

New York has stated goals of 50 percent electricity generation from renewables by 2030 and 80 percent GHG reduction (from 1990’s levels) by 2050. To do this, they’ll need widespread renewable generation, particularly intermittent wind and solar resources, which presently generate only 3.3 percent and 0.5 percent of the state’s energy needs.

Some Insurance Companies Invested Too Heavily in Fossil Fuels, says Ceres

Ken Silverstein

Some insurance companies may be investing to heavily in the fossil fuel sector. That’s according to Ceres, which looked closely at the oil and gas holdings of the top 40 US insurance groups and that collectively hold $459 billion in assets.

Affordable Housing Pushes Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the biggest mover in energy efficiency in the multi-family dwelling unit sector is housing for people with low incomes.

First Quarter 2016: Green Energy Growing Faster than Natural Gas

Ken Silverstein

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which said that it comprised 1,291 megawatts compared to 18 megawatt of new natural gas-fired generation. Altogether, it says that 700 megawatts of wind was added while 500 megawatts of solar came online.

The World Resources Institute Offers a “Blueprint” for Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

The World Resources Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has released a report – “Accelerating Building Efficiency” – that speaks to a lot of constituencies at a very high level about the advantages of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. It also tells the various stakeholders the best ways to turn that vision into a reality.