A Clean Energy Future in Sight

Sara Gutterman

President Obama sees the pathway to a clean energy future and confronts fossil fuel interests that are blocking progress and stifling free markets. With the Paris Climate COP only months away, the heat is on world leaders to back big talk with viable plans for future climate action. Earlier this week, President Obama, at the   …Continue Reading

Pennsylvania PUC Requires Supplier Summary on Gas Bills

Cheryl Kaften

Power customers in Pennsylvania soon will be able to find out more about their natural gas providers by looking at their monthly utility bills. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) voted 5-0 on August 20 to approve changes proposed by its own Office of Competitive Market Oversight (OCMO), which will provide for a more supplier-oriented,   …Continue Reading

California Could Push Renewable Energy For Businesses

Carl Weinschenk

A pending bill in the California legislature would enable businesses to more freely buy green power, according to a story at SF Gate. Commercial customers in California now are limited in how much green power they can purchase. SB 286 would loosen these rules and make wind, solar and biomass energy more readily available. The   …Continue Reading

Keep the Change with New DOE Proposed Standards for Beverage Vending Machines

Elizabeth Noll

Not only did the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) release the final Clean Power Plan last week — taking the single biggest action to cut carbon pollution from America’s power plants — but the Department of Energy (DOE) also took another step forward toward reaching President Obama’s goal of eliminating 3 billion metric tons of carbon   …Continue Reading

10 Ways the Clean Power Plan Protects Electric Grid Reliability

John Moore

EPA’s just-released Clean Power Plan final standards will cut carbon pollution from our nation’s power plants while protecting grid reliability. EPA’s standards give states the time and the flexibility to design customized plans for emissions reduction, such as increasing the use of wind, solar, and energy efficiency; making changes at existing power plants; and even   …Continue Reading

Solar Is a Serious Threat to Electric Utilities

Karen Henry

Eighty percent of electric utilities believe distributed generation (DG), particularly solar photovoltaic (PV), is a serious challenge to their business, according to the 2015 Strategic Directions: US Electric Industry Report released by Black & Veatch. The global engineering consulting company conducted an industry-wide survey from May 14 through June 5, 2015, to examine how electric utilities balance the   …Continue Reading

EPA Enacts Clean Power Plan, But Delays the Start Date

Linda Hardesty

The Environmental Protection Agency issued its final rule for carbon emissions from the electric power sector known as the Clean Power Plan, but the EPA delayed the start of compliance by two years, until 2022. Under the Clean Power Plan, states must reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of power plants 32 percent by 2030, compared   …Continue Reading

Why the Clean Power Plan Will Survive in Court

Tomás Carbonell

The “Just Say No” campaign fighting the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan is gambling the public will overlook an important detail. Almost all major Clean Air Act rules that have so successfully protected human health and the environment in recent years have undergone intense legal challenges – and most of those challenges have failed. It’s a detail   …Continue Reading

365 Companies Throw Support Behind EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Linda Hardesty

Sustainability advocacy group Ceres obtained signatures from 365 companies and investors for a letter it sent to 29 US governors, voicing support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. The letter comes right before finalization of the rule aimed at reducing US power plant carbon pollution by 30 percent by 2030. Asked why it didn’t   …Continue Reading

Cities Should Engage with the Clean Power Plan — Here’s How

Kimi Narita

With the final Clean Power Plan rule coming out any day now, many states will soon begin a thorough stakeholder engagement process to build out implementation plans. And there’s a powerful leadership voice we should be paying attention to — the voice of cities. Mayors, city councils, and city staff have critical roles to play   …Continue Reading