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Will Utilities Lease Rooftops of Commercial Buildings for Solar Power Generation?

Carl Weinschenk

Third-party leasing of rooftops or other spaces for solar arrays is a growing trend. Last month, for instance, Energy Manager Today posted a blog about a project being run by Soltage, LLC. The company is providing Quinsigamond Community College in West Brookfield, MA with about 2.4 MWh of energy. The 5,800 photovoltaic panels generating the   …Continue Reading

Will Co-Firing Natural Gas and Coal Meet Clean Power Plan Standards?

Ken Silverstein

When it comes to complying with the Clean Power Plan, FirstEnergy Corp. has some interesting thoughts: co-firing natural gas with coal. “Co-firing has several benefits,” says Todd Meyers, FirstEnergy spokesperson. “It provides fuel diversity and ensures our Mon Power coal units can continue to produce low-cost electricity while supporting both the abundant low-cost natural gas   …Continue Reading

Utilities Must Provide C-Level Execs with the Data They Need to Push Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

Energy managers, especially those who work in heavily corporate environments  and support facilities that are served by multiple utilities, have a problem: CEOs and CFOs are reluctant to take steps to increase energy efficiencies and cut costs because utilities are not doing a good job of providing the very specific data upon which decisions are based. The   …Continue Reading

California Mulls Deep Cuts to Tech Energy Use Limits

Carl Weinschenk

Good news for energy managers in California: The state is preparing to radically cut the maximum amount of electricity that can be consumed by computers, monitors and signage. The new rules likely will have impact beyond California. Driving vendors to hit far higher efficiency targets in the huge market could drive many to adopt the limits   …Continue Reading

Brookfield to Power Facebook’s Irish Datacenter

Carl Weinschenk

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners and Facebook have announced a renewable supply agreement. Under the pact, Brookfield will supply all of the wind power used by Facebook’s Clonee, County Meath, Ireland facility. The datacenter now is under construction. The Yahoo story says that Brookfield has more than 465 MW of wind assets in Ireland. The contract, which   …Continue Reading

‘Paradigm Shift’ Propels Edison Energy to Capture Corporate Energy Clientele

Ken Silverstein

The changing energy template is like a game of musical chairs: when the music stops, the players need to have a place to sit or they are out of the game. The same is true now that the electricity suppliers are compelled to become full-service energy consultants — or those who can help their major   …Continue Reading

Navigant: Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Market to Hit $10.8B in 2025

Carl Weinschenk

The commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage market in the United States, led by California, is growing, according to Navigant Research. The firm predicts that the sector will grow from $968.4 million this year to $10.8 billion in 2025. Capacity will expand from 499.4 MW this year to 9.1 GW by the end of the study   …Continue Reading

Energy Aggregation Becomes a Business Option

Carl Weinschenk

Energy aggregator Good Energy says that the concept is growing and will roll out across more states during 2016 and beyond. Aggregation is an approach to energy procurement in which customers in a given community band together to get better deals than they would individually. This approach to date has mostly been used by residential customers.   …Continue Reading

To Thrive, Microgrids Must Help the Macrogrid

Carl Weinschenk

To thrive, localized microgrids and any distributed — or onsite — energy resources (DERs) that they support must provide value to the established energy infrastructure as well as to its local customers. They also must come down in price, says Dirk van Ouwerkerk, the partner for microgrids at Anbaric Transmission. Microgrids are small grids that are parallel   …Continue Reading

Businesses Gradually Embracing Solar Energy

Carl Weinschenk

Last week, National Grid announced that it is establishing an online platform in Rhode Island that will help customers add solar to their energy portfolio. SolarWise Rhode Island, which is part of National Grid’s 2016 Rhode Island Renewable Energy (RE) Growth Program, will be available to residential and business customers when it launches this spring.   …Continue Reading

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