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New York Yankees Pick Major Energy as Retail Energy Supplier

Linda Hardesty

The New York Yankees named Major Energy as the organization’s Official Energy Supply Company. The partnership provides Major Energy with brand integration at Yankee Stadium and expands its in-progress partnership with the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden. Major Energy is an energy supply company serving both residential and commercial customers in the deregulated   …Continue Reading

Program Finances Energy Storage/Solar Combo

Linda Hardesty

ViZn Energy Systems has teamed with LFC Capital to help commercial property owners acquire solar PV systems combined with energy storage. The availability of as much as $5 million per project is expected to accelerate the deployment of ViZn’s Z20 Energy Storage System, a zinc/iron redox flow battery. LFC Capital’s program uses a traditional operating lease   …Continue Reading

Data Center Owner Offers Customers Renewable Energy Option

Karen Henry

IO has announced a renewable energy program for its data center customers. Under an agreement with Arizona Public Service (APS), IO’s Arizona data center customers can purchase 100 percent renewable energy for their data center operations. Through this agreement, customers can opt in to receive access to clean power generated by wind and solar plants   …Continue Reading

Arguing for a Retrofit? Consider a Corporate Energy Fund

Karen Henry

Creating a corporate energy fund dedicated to holistically evaluating and approving renewable energy installations can help organizations find ways to invest in facility upgrades or retrofits that otherwise might not be approved, according to an article on the Greenbiz website. When establishing a corporate energy fund, there are a number of things businesses should consider:   …Continue Reading

Wholesale Electricity Markets Explained

Josh Kessler

Why does wholesale pricing matter to retail buyers? If you are a retail energy buyer, why should you care about wholesale markets? Retail electricity pricing depends heavily on what takes place in wholesale markets. Understanding how wholesale pricing and markets work will give you a much clearer understanding of what drives both short- and long-term price   …Continue Reading

NYISO Proposes Changes to Shortage Pricing

Josh Kessler

The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) created the Fuel Assurance Initiative to address concerns about reduced power reserves and constrained natural gas capacity – and the associated costs and operational risks for New York energy consumers. As part of this initiative, NYISO filed a proposal with FERC to create a Comprehensive Shortage Pricing (CSP) project to   …Continue Reading

IBISWorld Offers Natural Gas Procurement Guide

Josh Kessler

Business intelligence firm IBISWorld released a report last week intended to give natural gas leverage in negotiations with suppliers. The report provides benchmark prices, 3-year price forecasts, supplier intelligence, RFP negotiation guidance, supply chain analysis, and a sample decision scorecard. The report suggests buyers have low negotiating leverage. It suggests that this stems from customers’ limited   …Continue Reading

NYC Explores Municipal Aggregation

Josh Kessler

New York City is exploring Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). On February 17, the City submitted comments with the Public Service Commission on case 14-M-0224, which would create a framework to enable CCA in New York State. In its comments, the city deemed the concept “meritorious and worthy of consideration.” The comments also included three points of   …Continue Reading

Elevated Northeast Energy Prices

Josh Kessler

Last week, we reported on soaring natural gas and electric prices across the Northeast. Spot market prices remained at elevated levels over the past week as a cold air mass settled over the Northeast and Midwest. Highlights: New York: Natural gas prices fluctuated between $17.00 and $35.37 per MBtu, while electricity prices ranged from $163   …Continue Reading

Energy Agenda of the 114th Congress Pros & Cons

June DeHart

The 114th Congress convened January 3 with energy at the top of its agenda.  Both the House and the Senate kicked off the new session with approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  That was just the start.  Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the new Chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, has promised comprehensive energy legislation based   …Continue Reading