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Energy-as-a-Service: Charting a Path Through Complexity

Carl Weinschenk

Energy-as-a-service is growing as an option as organizations seek a way to cut through the intense complexity of energy procurement.

GM’s Renewable Efforts Build from the Ground Up

Carl Weinschenk

Improving energy performance is the responsibility of everyone at General Motors — but a particularly important group for managers to tap into are those closest to the products the company makes, according to Mari Kay Scott, the, Executive Director of GM’s Environmental Compliance and Sustainability.

The Lowest Hanging Fruit: Saving Energy By Finding Easily Fixed Problems

Carl Weinschenk

Organizations interested in the financial and environmental benefits of energy efficiency go to great lengths to reduce consumption. Some approaches – such as LED retrofits – are relatively easy. Others, such as the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) — are more intensive and carry a steeper price tag. What about just turning off and disconnecting the things that shouldn’t be turned on?

Boulder May Have to Give Up its Efforts to Municipalize Xcel’s Operations There

Ken Silverstein

It’s long, hard and expensive fight for any city to takeover their local utilities. Boulder has discovered that as it has sought to municipalize Xcel Energy’s local operations there.

Pittsburgh Excels in the 2030 Challenge

Carl Weinschenk

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city that sits at the confluence of three great rivers. It is home to three storied professional sports teams and several great universities. It also is the leading city in the Green Building Alliance’s 2030 Challenge.

Toyota Tabs MP2 for Renewable Energy

Carl Weinschenk

MP2 Energy will provide renewable energy for a new Toyota plant in Plano, TX.

Radiance Solar Powers Piano Store

Carl Weinschenk

Radiance Solar has finished the installation of a 43kW roof-mounted solar array atop the showroom of Cooper Piano in Atlanta, according to the vendor.

For Kimco Realty, Slow and Steady Wins the Efficiency Game

Carl Weinschenk

Kimco Realty has racked up impressive energy efficiency and usage reduction gains during the past five years. The key message from an executive who helped design and carry out its program: Don’t expect immediate results.

Waste-to-Fuel Technology in the U.K.

Carl Weinschenk

Renovare Fuels, a company in the United Kingdom, has “co-invented” a process by which landfill gas is converted into liquid diesel and gasoline, according to Renewable Energy Focus.

Energy Storage: It’s About the Software

Carl Weinschenk

Renewable initiatives rely on the ability to save the generated energy for a rainy – or windless – day. It follows that the software driving the pivotal task of managing the energy storage system is of paramount importance, says Gabe Schwartz, the Director of Marketing for Stem, which describes itself as an intelligent storage company that combines hardware and software storage platforms.