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Six Critical Tips to Transform Your Organization’s Energy Management

Micah Remley

It’s mind-boggling to consider that until recently, energy management was one of the last remaining organizational line items tracked by spreadsheets, often treated as an afterthought. The opportunity costs and lost gains from this approach are huge. Consider these data points: $700 million is wasted every year from running unoccupied buildings in “occupied mode” over   …Continue Reading

The Hidden Pitfalls of Natural Gas Cost Savings

Steve Wilhite

I’ll let you in on a secret: Saving on natural gas under the current market conditions is relatively straightforward. Thanks to a precipitous (and ongoing) decline in US natural gas prices (top chart) and a parallel decline-rebound-decline in Europe (middle and bottom charts) over the last 12 months, most suppliers can easily offer buyers year-over-year   …Continue Reading

4 Marijuana Plants Require Huge Amounts of Electricity

Linda Hardesty

A story in the East Oregonian says growing four marijuana plants indoors with lighting, climate control, ventilation and equipment to boost carbon dioxide to improve plant growth “typically uses as much electricity as running 29 new refrigerators, according to one report by a California scientist.” Large grow operations can rival the energy intensity of data centers,   …Continue Reading

ERC: Retail Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending April 24

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark Trends Even though the average price benchmark declined last week by 0.84 percent to $0.0844/kWh, half of the states with deregulated electricity supply posted an increase. The greatest change was in Illinois with a week over week increase of 4.20 percent and a month over month increase of 10.63 percent. Although Rhode   …Continue Reading

Las Vegas Casinos Seek Competitive Power

Josh Kessler

Caesars Entertainment became the fourth major casino corporation that has announced its intention to attempt to leave Nevada Power and seek competitive power supplies, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The casino companies have a collective demand of 370 MW. The casinos, along with data storage company Switch, are relying on a 2001 law that   …Continue Reading

Retail Green Power Purchasing Grows

Josh Kessler

Voluntary green power purchases continue to grow slowly but steadily as a share of US electricity consumption. PowerSource says that in 2013, renewable energy accounted for 1.7 percent of total energy sales by volume. Retail providers have led the charge, offering a wide range of purchasing options with varying percentages of renewable energy content. Competitive   …Continue Reading

International Paper Receives Trucked Compressed Natural Gas

Linda Hardesty

NG Advantage will truck compressed natural gas (CNG) to International Paper’s Ticonderoga, New York, mill. NG Advantage will use its “virtual pipeline,” which consists of compressor stations located on natural gas pipelines, a fleet of specially designed carbon fiber CNG trailers, and off-loading and monitoring equipment, which NG Advantage is installing at the mill. Deliveries   …Continue Reading

Tesla Becoming a Major Player in the Energy Storage Market

Karen Henry

Tesla is quietly but aggressively making inroads into the energy storage market, Bloomberg reports. Tesla accounts for nearly 70 percent of grid-connected Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) storage projects in its home state of California and is on track to receive up to $65 million in SGIP rebates. As part of a pilot program with SolarCity,   …Continue Reading

Corpus Christi Receives Incentive for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Linda Hardesty

The Corpus Christi City Council received a check for $87,071 from the American Electric Power (AEP) Texas CitySmart Program, which offers financial incentives based on the total amount of energy that improvements save. Corpus Christi worked with McKinstry to implement a number of improvements to city buildings as a part of the Corpus Christi Energy   …Continue Reading

Utilitywise Buys t-mac Technologies to Boost Energy Management Offerings

Linda Hardesty

UK Energy consultant Utilitywise acquired t-mac Technologies for an initial investment of $15 million and up to a further $18 million as part of its strategy of broadening its service offering and expanding into energy management systems. Founded in 2004 and based in the UK with 28 employees, t-mac  Technologies services both small- and medium-sized   …Continue Reading