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A Clean Energy Future in Sight

Sara Gutterman

President Obama sees the pathway to a clean energy future and confronts fossil fuel interests that are blocking progress and stifling free markets. With the Paris Climate COP only months away, the heat is on world leaders to back big talk with viable plans for future climate action. Earlier this week, President Obama, at the   …Continue Reading

Bridgewater, MA, Gets $231,000 Efficiency Grant

Carl Weinschenk

The town of Bridgewater, MA, has been awarded a $231,000 Green Communities Grant. The grant will pay for efficiency improvements leading to estimated annual savings of $55,000, according to The Raynham Call. The town is part of the Green Community state program that has a stated goal of reducing energy use by 20 percent over five   …Continue Reading

Failure to Build Energy Infrastructure Could Cost New England $5.4B

Karen Henry

Failure to expand New England’s energy infrastructure will lead to $5.4 billion more in energy costs for households and businesses, according to a study commissioned by the New England Coalition for Affordable Energy. These impacts would ramp up from 2016 through 2020, with similar or larger impacts expected beyond that timeframe if infrastructure is not added.   …Continue Reading

Lime Energy to Provide Clean Energy Tech to 1,000 Small Businesses

Carl Weinschenk

In response to President Obama’s call to make renewable energy more accessible to home owners, The Lime Energy Co. will provide clean energy technology to 1,000 small businesses in low and moderate income communities across the country. Lime provides energy services to utilities and their commercial customers. The energy savings generated by the offers will amount to more   …Continue Reading

ERC: Electricity Price Trends for the Week Ending August 21

Jim Moore

Short-Term Price Benchmark* Trends This week’s average price benchmarks for commercial power are based on the prompt month of October 2015. The shift is based on the fact that a number of suppliers have already stopped pricing September contracts in their weekly matrix prices. This changes the trend curve from prices based on a September   …Continue Reading

Prices and Reliability Up, with PJM’s First Capacity Performance Auction

Cheryl Kaften

The first PJM Interconnection capacity auction to include the new Capacity Performance requirement attracted a strong response from resources prepared to meet the new pay-for-performance standards, the regional transmission operator reported on August 21. Under Capacity Performance, generators that pledge to make their capacity available during peak-demand periods will receive higher payouts than others –   …Continue Reading

NRG Gripes That Few ISOs/RTOs Are Complying with FERC Order 809

Cheryl Kaften

NRG Energy filed a protest with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on August 18 – arguing that all independent system operators/regional transmission organizations (ISOs/RTOs) that have not changed their Day-Ahead Schedules in compliance with the commission’s Order 809 should be required to do so. Otherwise, the company said, generators will not have sufficient time   …Continue Reading

Connecticut PURA Seeks to Simplify Switch to Fixed Electric Rates

Cheryl Kaften

On August 19, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) published a request for comments on Public Act 15-90 – a bill enacted in June that bars electric suppliers from charging variable rates to residential customers as of October 1. The Act also instructed PURA to develop recommendations on or before the effective date of   …Continue Reading

Pennsylvania PUC Requires Supplier Summary on Gas Bills

Cheryl Kaften

Power customers in Pennsylvania soon will be able to find out more about their natural gas providers by looking at their monthly utility bills. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) voted 5-0 on August 20 to approve changes proposed by its own Office of Competitive Market Oversight (OCMO), which will provide for a more supplier-oriented,   …Continue Reading

In Oklahoma, a Utility Files to ‘Make Hay While the Sun Shines’

Cheryl Kaften

Back in April 2014, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) signed Senate Bill 1456, a measure that scrapped the state’s ban on recovery of fixed costs from residential electric customers with distributed energy resources (DERs). The bill also mandated that other utility ratepayers should not be asked to subsidize such fixed costs. Now, Oklahoma Gas &   …Continue Reading

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