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The World is About to See Whether Apple’s Solar Investment Pays Off

Ken Silverstein

Apple Inc. is taking a bigger bite out of the energy market. It will soon begin selling the output from its $850 million investment in a 130-megawatt solar farm in northern California.

Technology Evolves – And So Do Incentive and Grant Programs

Carl Weinschenk

Delaware has upgraded a key energy efficiency grant program. The goals are to increase the sophistication of elements that deal with LEDs and help businesses see the broader energy efficiency landscape.

Zero Net Energy Initiatives Taking Root

Carl Weinschenk

It’s no surprise that California is the leading state in creating buildings that generate as much or more energy than they use. The Golden State is not alone, however.

Major Energy Upgrade to Marine’s Camp Lejeune

Carl Weinschenk

Camp Lejeune, a Marine base in Jacksonville, NC, is replacing its steam plant with natural gas boilers, according to JD News. The goal is to decentralize hot water and heat generation. The steam plant that has long provided hot water and heat at full operation uses about 36,000 tons of coal annually. It currently is burning   …Continue Reading

New York State Aggressive on Renewables

Carl Weinschenk

The New York State Public Service Commission has approved a clean energy standard that requires half of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. The phase-in schedule, which is characterized as “aggressive” in the press release, requires 26.31 percent of energy used to be from renewable resources by 2017 and 30.54 percent by 2021.   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric’s NEO Network: Helping Make Efficiency Projects Real

Carl Weinschenk

Helping organizations get to the point at which they will benefit from emerging energy efficiency and renewable technology is the goal of The NEO Network, an online platform from Schneider Electric.

Maine Businesses Shut Out of Power Program

Carl Weinschenk

The Bangor Daily News reports that businesses in Aroostook and Washington counties won’t get access to a $3 million program aimed at reducing power rates for manufacturers considered to be “energy intensive.” The story reports that regulators decreed that that the program would only be available to the regional ISO-New England grid. McCain Foods had   …Continue Reading

Obama Admin Pushes Solar for Low, Moderate Income Housing

Carl Weinschenk

The Clean Energy Savings for All initiative, which was announced this week by the Obama Administration, aims to increase alternative energy use by low and moderate income families by a factor of ten. The program, according to UPI, will focus on solar energy. The story noted that despite the increase in solar power, current use – about   …Continue Reading

Drama Aside, Tesla’s Acquisition of SolarCity Makes Sense

Carl Weinschenk

Whether it closes or not, Tesla’s proposed acquisition of SolarCity is a tangible example of how technology crosses industry borders. Musk and Tesla, of course, made their biggest mark in the electric vehicle arena, not building energy management. But a key element of Tesla’s portfolio – advanced batteries – is increasingly important in buildings, which seldom go for a Sunday drive.

Energy-as-a-Service: Charting a Path Through Complexity

Carl Weinschenk

Energy-as-a-service is growing as an option as organizations seek a way to cut through the intense complexity of energy procurement.