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MA Explores Easier, Cost-Effective Way to Buy Electricity, Natural Gas

Shaun Pandit

The high cost and often-complex process of buying electricity and natural gas is a constant challenge for any industry, but perhaps none more so than manufacturers who deal with energy intensive operations on a daily basis. The best, most affordable market deals aren’t always easy to find, and that’s a large reason why the process   …Continue Reading

Honeywell, Constellation Expand Energy Contract, Thermostat Deal

Linda Hardesty

Honeywell and Constellation are teaming to offer electricity contracts to homeowners and small businesses across 23 states. By enrolling in the plan, customers can receive up to a $400 gift card from Constellation for buying any Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat. The plan builds on the companies’ regional efforts in Texas, where in July, Honeywell and StarTex   …Continue Reading

Knowing Demand Response Capability Improves Procurement Strategy

Linda Hardesty

During last winter’s polar vortex in the northeast, the price spike in the real time electricity market had an interesting impact on peoples’ decisions whether to buy energy in the day ahead or the real time market, said Steve Wemple, VP of Regulatory Affairs with Con Edison Solutions on a recent Energy Manager Today webinar,   …Continue Reading

New Natural Gas Power Plants Help Schools Save Money

Linda Hardesty

Florida’s Sarasota County School District has lowered its electric bills by about $2.4 million since 2009 due to energy efficiency measures and rate reductions, reports the Herald Tribune. Although the school district has added more square footage since 2009, its electricity rate has gone down more than 15 percent, says the newspaper. Florida Power &   …Continue Reading

Maine PUC Warns Businesses to Prepare for High Electric Prices

Linda Hardesty

State energy officials in Maine are encouraging businesses to prepare for a sharp rise in electricity prices this winter. According to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, these price increases will be most pronounced for medium-sized business customers on the standard offer, as well as for customers whose electricity price fluctuates with time of use. For   …Continue Reading

EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook Looks Positive for Winter Electricity, Natural Gas

Linda Hardesty

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) issued its October 2014 Short-Term Energy Outlook, forecasting that temperatures this winter will be warmer than last winter, which will result in less demand for heat. Although electricity prices are expected to be higher this winter, the warmer temperatures and lessened demand will keep costs in check. EIA also   …Continue Reading

Regulatory Complexities, Natural Gas Economics Driving Power Markets

Karen Henry

Regulatory issues surrounding greenhouse gas emissions will continue to boost the natural gas and renewable energy markets, according to ICF International’s ICForecast Energy Outlook for the fourth quarter of 2014. Highlights from the forecast include the following: Regulatory Issues: ICF’s retirement projection for US coal plants leading up to the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics   …Continue Reading

Peak Demand Reductions Critical to Controlling Costs

Marc Karell

Your operations – whether you manage one or several office buildings or industrial facilities – depend on electricity. You don’t have electricity, your company does not function. It’s as simple as that. Whether at home or at work, we are used to paying for electricity by how much we use (kilowatt-hours, kWh). Makes sense; you   …Continue Reading

Phillips Academy Procures Electricity Through World Energy Solutions

Linda Hardesty

World Energy Solutions has helped Phillips Academy, a college preparatory secondary school, to procure over 26 million kWh of electricity to power its campus. Through a series of competitive online auctions run on July 25, 2014 over the cloud-based World Energy Exchange, Phillips Academy tested 12 different terms and products for 80 accounts, including 70   …Continue Reading

EIA: US Marketed Natural Gas Production Hits Record in June

Linda Hardesty

US Energy Information Administration Administrator Adam Sieminski issued the following comments on EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook. “US natural gas production is expected to increase 5.3 percent this year. US marketed natural gas production in June was a record 74.5 billion cubic feet per day. US natural gas production has shown very strong growth in   …Continue Reading

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