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Leidos Awarded $55M Contract to Manage ActOnEnergy Programs

Karen Henry

Leidos was awarded a contract by Ameren Illinois to implement business and residential energy efficiency programs for Ameren Illinois customers. The contract has a three-year period of performance and a total contract value of $55 million. The agreement covers work Leidos will perform to help business and residential customers save energy through Ameren Illinois’s ActOnEnergy   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Prospects Surge for Minnesota Utilities

Jennifer Hermes

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has rejected a nearly two-fold increase in fixed charges for CenterPoint Energy Resource’s residential customers, and ordered a mechanism – decoupling – for the gas utility that’s aimed at encouraging more energy savings for the state’s homes, businesses and industry. Last week’s ruling sets an important precedent for states striving   …Continue Reading

Energy Savings Maximized with Summer Incentive Programs

Jennifer Hermes

In recent years, some electric utilities have had to institute an array of strategies including incentive programs to forcibly reduce load, including rolling brownouts, to avoid damaging disruptions. Last summer, a heat wave in the Northeast required more than 33,000 megawatts of power a day to cool New York City, a staggering number when you   …Continue Reading

Sample ‘Exam’ for Performance Contracting Certification

Jennifer Hermes

This article is a follow-up to Eric Woodroof’s article from April 30. The new certification on Performance Contracting and Energy Project Funding (“PCF”), has created quite a buzz in the industry.  Due to recent articles about this new level of professional distinction, exam-taking candidates often ask: “What does the test cover?”  Below is a small   …Continue Reading

Tax Credits for Energy Storage Would Forward Renewable Energy Tech

Jennifer Hermes

Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered their latest report on the state of our global climate. The report warned that we are already seeing melting glaciers, rising tides, and dying coral reefs, and that the worst is yet to come. But under the doom and gloom was a silver lining: fixing   …Continue Reading

Little Hesitation for Green Energy in the UK

William Opalka

Eight major renewable electricity projects, with a significant emphasis on offshore wind, were awarded contracts in the UK, giving a massive boost to green energy growth. By 2020 the projects could add a further 4.5 GW of low-carbon electricity to Britain’s energy mix (about 4 percent of capacity). They include five offshore wind projects totaling   …Continue Reading

Peak Load Incentives Boosted in New York City

William Opalka

Peak load incentives for the expected surge in electricity demand this summer have been boosted by 60 percent over last year’s level in New York City. Energy services company ConEdison Solutions is telling developers, building owners and institutions to take advantage of major increases in the incentives offered to large energy users. The proposed incentive   …Continue Reading

Detroit Schools Leverage Tax Credits for Energy Upgrades

Linda Hardesty

Detroit Public Schools is utilizing $150,000 of up to $1.8 million in energy tax credits to plan and design energy efficiency projects at 10 schools. Additional schools will be targeted for energy efficiency assessments and upgrades with the remaining tax credits. The projects will include swapping of incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED lighting and   …Continue Reading

Demand Response the Best Cure for Ailing Grid in Texas

Jennifer Hermes

The Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has, yet again, kicked the can down the road on securing reliable energy to power the state’s growing population. The PUC, the state agency charged with managing electricity rates, meets to securely plan for the future, yet they continue to delay planning meetings. This will benefit no one in   …Continue Reading

Wind Subsidies Ended

William Opalka

The wind production tax credit ended on January 1 without Congressional action, along with several other credits that affect various industries. What has become an annual or semi-annual ritual – tax credits expire and Congress either enacts them last minute or revives them retroactively – is now uncertain. A tax reform proposal from Sen. Max   …Continue Reading

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