Natural Gas

Major Energy Upgrade to Marine’s Camp Lejeune

Carl Weinschenk

Camp Lejeune, a Marine base in Jacksonville, NC, is replacing its steam plant with natural gas boilers, according to JD News. The goal is to decentralize hot water and heat generation. The steam plant that has long provided hot water and heat at full operation uses about 36,000 tons of coal annually. It currently is burning   …Continue Reading

Since June 2014, Energy Prices Less. Since March, Oil Prices Up.

Ken Silverstein

Oil and natural gas prices have fallen 1.2 percent since June 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Will Co-Firing Natural Gas and Coal Meet Clean Power Plan Standards?

Ken Silverstein

When it comes to complying with the Clean Power Plan, FirstEnergy Corp. has some interesting thoughts: co-firing natural gas with coal. “Co-firing has several benefits,” says Todd Meyers, FirstEnergy spokesperson. “It provides fuel diversity and ensures our Mon Power coal units can continue to produce low-cost electricity while supporting both the abundant low-cost natural gas   …Continue Reading

Energy Aggregation Becomes a Business Option

Carl Weinschenk

Energy aggregator Good Energy says that the concept is growing and will roll out across more states during 2016 and beyond. Aggregation is an approach to energy procurement in which customers in a given community band together to get better deals than they would individually. This approach to date has mostly been used by residential customers.   …Continue Reading

Microgrids Positioned for a Bright Future

Carl Weinschenk

Microgrids are popping up in the strangest places – such as a small upstate New York town and a commercial dairy. Earlier this month, the Associated Press profiled the energy activities of Nassau, NY, which is which is near Albany. The town was buffeted by ice storms in 2008 and 2009. The genesis of the   …Continue Reading

Aspen School District’s Energy Cuts Could Help City Win $5M

Carl Weinschenk

The Aspen (CO) School District cut energy use significantly, received a grant – and has a shot at helping the city win a $5 million competition. The Aspen Daily News reported that the district got a $126,000 grand two years ago from Holy Cross Energy to upgrade lighting and HVAC. Among the impacts was a 23   …Continue Reading

Andritz Cuts Energy Consumption at Brazilian Pulp and Paper Mill

Carl Weinschenk

Andritz has increased the efficiency and cut costs at a Brazilian pulp and paper mill for the firm Suzano, which in the São Paulo state of the same name. The project began operations in 2015 and is replacing existing batch digesters and one continuous digester. The new device cuts costs by reducing the amount of natural   …Continue Reading

Connecticut, Michigan Get Big Benefits From Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

A plan detailing how energy efficiency program funding should be spent through the end of 2018 – a plan that consumes 549 pages – has been submitted by Connecticut’s electric and natural gas utilities to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), according to The New Haven Register. The Conservation and Load Management Plan   …Continue Reading

FERC Accuses Total of Manipulating Gas Prices in Southwest USA

Cheryl Kaften

On September 21, the staff of the Office of Enforcement Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) alleged that Total Gas & Power, North America (TGPNA), had manipulated the natural gas market in America’s Southwest between June 2009 and June 2012. TGPNA – a unit of Paris-based Total S.A. – has been engaged in natural gas physical   …Continue Reading

Lumber Company Locates Kilns at Landfill to Use Methane

Carl Weinschenk

Johnson Brothers Lumber, located in Cazenovia, NY, is erecting drying kilns on a landfill in Lincoln that will use methane gas generated from the landfill to fuel the ovens that will dry lumber. The second phase of the Johnson Brothers Lumber project will be to use the moist excess heat from the kiln to heat an   …Continue Reading