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TIPS/TAPS Taps World Energy Solutions as Approved Energy Services Provider

Paul Nastu

Energy Management Services firm World Energy Solutions has been selected by The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) as an approved energy services vendor for its members.

Energy Decision-makers In Emerging Economies Expect Big Changes

Paul Nastu

By 2014, 55 percent of energy decision-makers at large firms operating in emerging economies believe there will be significant to transformative changes in the way their firm manages energy, according to a Verdantix report.

Isaac Pushes Gas Prices Up, Oil Companies Return to Offshore Rigs

Paul Nastu

Most offshore oil and gas operators have returned to platforms and rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, restoring production following Hurricane Isaac, a slow-moving storm that caused more than one million power outages in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, pushed gas prices up more than 20 cents, and brought slight relief to farmers in some drought-stricken areas   …Continue Reading

3Degrees Launches New Renewable Energy Certificates

Jennifer Hermes

3Degrees has launched three new Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) products: Regional Green Power RECs, Catalyst Wind RECs, and Brighter Schools Solar RECs. The REC offerings are certified by Green-e Energy.

FirstEnergy Overpaid by Millions for Renewable Energy Compliance

Jennifer Hermes

Audits show that utility FirstEnergy spent millions of dollars more than it should have to comply with Ohio’s renewable-energy mandates, and passed the cost on to consumers, The Plain Dealer reports.

The IT Energy Bill: Do We Need a New Metric for CIOs?

Alison Rowe

I often hear that IT sustainability — aka green IT initiatives — don’t make it into the top three priorities for a Chief Information Officer (CIO). When I ask why and if they know how much energy IT consumes and how much it costs, I am more often than not met with a muffled response   …Continue Reading

ComEd Launches Data Center Efficiency Program

Jennifer Hermes

ComEd, a unit of Chicago-based Exelon, has introduced an efficiency program aimed at reducing the energy use of data centers.

Hilton DoubleTree Hotel Installs 100kW CHP

Jennifer Hermes

The DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY, has installed a combined heat and power system that is expected to reduce its carbon emissions by about 403 tons per year.