Energy R&D

$5M Available to 5 NY Municipalities for Energy Projects

Carl Weinschenk

The state of New York is offering as much as $5 million in funding for “forward thinking” energy efficiency projects in Yonkers, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Buffalo, according to Westfair Business Publications. The story says that the funding will come from the Five Cities Energy Plans initiative, which was created last year. The goal is to encourage   …Continue Reading

Occupancy Sensors and LEDs Evolve in Unison

Carl Weinschenk

The switch to LEDs and the increasing sophistication of occupancy sensors can generate big benefits – especially if the two steps are strategically coordinated.

Multiple Drivers Accelerating Storage Growth

Carl Weinschenk

A number of trends are pushing the sector, including government mandates that the technology must be implemented.

Vendors, Air Force Researching Remote Power

Carl Weinschenk

Ideal Power, EnerDel, the University of Dayton Research Institute and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory are researching ways to reduce the amount of diesel fuel used by forward operating bases (FOBs). Ideal is a developer of power conversion systems, which are being used in the project. It is being paired with lithium-ion battery manufacturer   …Continue Reading

DoE Consortium Goal: Improve PV Modules

Carl Weinschenk

Solar power is an increasingly vital part of America’s energy profile. However, the photovoltaic modules that collect the light are inefficient. The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) is looking to help change that. The DoE’s initiative will be funded at more than $30 million for five years, subject to appropriations, according to the press release.   …Continue Reading

Renewable Storage Battery Being Developed at UTSA

Carl Weinschenk

A team at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is testing a battery that can store renewable energy. One of the challenges to renewable energy is that it is inconsistent. Solar power, for instance, can’t be produced efficiently at night or during rainstorms. Thus, finding ways to store the energy is a priority.   …Continue Reading

Humber College Gets Big Energy Research Funding Infusion

Carl Weinschenk

Humber College in Toronto is receiving $24.98 million in funding for the study of energy efficiency-related issues. InsideToronto says the money is coming through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund. The source of the funding will be the federal government ($21.68 million) and the province ($3.3 million). The story says that $15.49 million will fund a   …Continue Reading

Tracking the Exciting World of Solar Energy Research

Carl Weinschenk

Technologies scientists and engineers are developing today won’t have an immediate impact. But energy managers should understand that big changes are not too far off.

LEDs are Good. Smart Lights are Better

Carl Weinschenk

Smart lighting goes way beyond simple LEDs by providing actionable data on building performance. The next step is for facilities to use the technology to deeply integrate with the municipal and residential sectors.

Tesla’s Success Would Mean Success for Many in the Battery Storage Business

Ken Silverstein

Everyone already knows the big news this week was that Tesla Motors will buy SolarCity Corp. for $2.6 billion — a move that helps Tesla improve its economies of scale when it comes to manufacturing battery storage for both cars and energy. It’s a move that, generally, has positive implications for the development of battery storage across the board.