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Energy R&D

SCTE, ISBE Join Villanova’s RISE Forum

Carl Weinschenk

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and its global arm – the International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE) said today that they are joining Villanova University’s Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering Forum (RISE). RISE, the press release says, aims to advance sustainable enterprises. It says that that mission aligns with the SCTE/ISBE Energy 2020   …Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Project Natick Moves Forward

Carl Weinschenk

Microsoft is set to take the next step with Project Natick, its experiment in efficiently cooling datacenters by submerging them in the ocean. IT Business Edge reports that Ben Cutler, Microsoft’s project manager on the development, said that the submersible used in the next phase of the project will be four times as large and   …Continue Reading

Swedish Firm Claims Photovoltaic Breakthrough

Carl Weinschenk

Sol Voltaics AB, a Swedish firm, claims that it has successfully aligned and oriented nanowires in a thin film. This, the company said, could lead to photovoltaic modules that reach efficiency levels of 27 percent or more, which is about 50 percent more than current modules. Commentary in the press release says that while nanowires show promise   …Continue Reading

Legrand Unveils Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell From Bloom Energy

Carl Weinschenk

Legrand, a manufacturer of electrical and digital infrastructure equipment, this week unveiled a 500kW solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) from Bloom Energy. The platform has been installed in its headquarters in West Hartford, CT. The company expects the fuel cell to eventually provide 88 percent of the electricity used by the buildings on its 263,000-square-foot campus.   …Continue Reading

Can the IoT Power Motor Health and Efficiency?

Carl Weinschenk

ABB Motors and Generators’ Tom Bertheau describes smart sensor platforms that the company is deploying quite simply: They are, he said, “fitbits for motors.” The parallel to fitbits — wearable devices that monitor the amount of energy expended during exercise or daily activities — seems apt. Both are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT),   …Continue Reading

3 Projects at Lawrence Berkeley Lab Could Save $2B Annually

Carl Weinschenk

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory this week announced three research projects that aim to reduce the energy consumption of electrical devices, according to The Daily Californian. The goal of the projects are to increase plug load efficiency which, the story says, represent 25 percent of energy use in California. The projects look at using information   …Continue Reading

Grant Awarded to Create Wave Test Facility

Carl Weinschenk

The Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy at California Polytechnic State University has received a $1.5 million grant to create a facility for testing the efficacy of collecting usable energy from waves. The Tribune in San Louis Obispo reports that the grant was the second round of funding for the project. The goal of   …Continue Reading

Researchers Claim a Major Solar Breakthrough

Carl Weinschenk

Researchers have found what refers to as the “holy grail” of photovoltaics: A semiconductor that can collect energy from the entire spectrum of light. The story says that the news, originally report the Journal of Solar Materials, was accidental. The team stumbled upon a mix of argon and selenium when a cylinder filled with   …Continue Reading

‘Paradigm Shift’ Propels Edison Energy to Capture Corporate Energy Clientele

Ken Silverstein

The changing energy template is like a game of musical chairs: when the music stops, the players need to have a place to sit or they are out of the game. The same is true now that the electricity suppliers are compelled to become full-service energy consultants — or those who can help their major   …Continue Reading

Xerox PARC Working on Cheaper Photovoltaics

Carl Weinschenk

The MIT Technology Review reports that researchers at Xerox PARC are working on a digital printing process that could reduce the cost of mass producing concentrated photovoltaic systems. The process could increase efficiency dramatically by using lenses to concentrate the light onto small cells in the panel. The piece says that prices of photovoltaics have   …Continue Reading

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