Energy R&D

Battery Storage Giving Businesses a Break

Ken Silverstein

Battery storage is helping utilities do their jobs. And by extension, it will — in time — help energy managers. Just off the lot: a 8.75 megawatt project that captures and reuses energy created by braking subway cars along two subway lines. It’s now one of the nation’s largest customer-sited battery storage networks that will   …Continue Reading

Solar Power Breakthrough Near?

Carl Weinschenk

Popular Mechanics writes that researchers are close to a breakthrough that could have significant ramifications for solar power. The story – which is based on a paper published in ACS Central Science – looks at research from the University of California, Berkeley. Today, solar panels store power in batteries. The research is aimed at enabling   …Continue Reading

NY State Sets Student Energy Contest

Carl Weinschenk

New York State has launched the “Energy to Lead Competition.” It is aimed at teams of students from the state’s colleges and universities who are being encouraged to develop campus and community clean energy projects, according to the press release. The competition is part of the Reforming the Energy Vision’s (REV) Campus Challenge. The goal   …Continue Reading

The Insulation Sector: Growth and Innovation

Carl Weinschenk

Insulation is a huge factor in energy efficiency efforts and, consequently, on the amount of money an organization spends on heating and cooling. The news seems to be good in this sector on a couple of fronts: Two research projects – one focused on premise interiors and one on exteriors — are showing results in Europe.   …Continue Reading

Temperature Impacts Workers Comfort, Productivity

Carl Weinschenk

CareerBuilder has released a survey that found that 23 percent of employees say that their office is too cold and 25 percent say it is too hot. One in five workers reported getting into arguments about office temperature. The results showed a gender bias: 13 percent of men were too cold and 28 percent too hot,   …Continue Reading

Could GaAs Be a Game Changer for the Solar Cell Market?

Vidur Raj

Theoretically, renewable energy sources seem to be the most sustainable alternative route to concurrently address energy security and climate change problems. Increasing advances in solar cell efficiency and cost-reduction endeavors, along with clean energy initiatives are the primary factors for the impetus in solar energy production to date. At least 40 GW of PV systems   …Continue Reading

Is the Relationship Between EMS and BEMS Changing?

Carl Weinschenk

New reports from Navigant Research and Grand View Research raise two interesting questions: What is the relationship between energy management systems and building energy management systems (EMS and BEMS)? How are the definitions of these two terms changing as technology evolves and energy efficiency becomes a priority? The Navigant research predicts that the global building   …Continue Reading

Bill Gates-Led Group, India Establishing Energy Funds

Carl Weinschenk

Some of the richest people in the world have pledged a collective $2 billion to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, which aims to eliminate the cost premium for eliminating carbon emissions. The group, which is comprised of 27 private investors and the University of California, is being led by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, according to Bloomberg.   …Continue Reading

Supply Chains in Transition

Carl Weinschenk

Cutting energy and introducing renewables into the supply chain saves money, increases profits, improves the images of the companies involved and helps the environment. It sounds like a strategic direction in which any company would want to move. Companies say that they do, indeed, want to wring energy costs out of their supply chains. It   …Continue Reading

New Façade OKed for Real World Test in Spain

Carl Weinschenk

A new approach to façades that provides both improved insulation and the solar energy collection capabilities is ready for real world testing in Merida, Span.   A consortium has developed a retrofit façade that is appropriate for different types of buildings, according to The façade passed testing of its fire, water, wind, impact, acoustic and permeability   …Continue Reading